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How much: 2-3 sets of 8-12 repetitions. Sport In bodybuilding on the platform used for increasing the volume of the thigh muscles and to practice their definitions (a distinct separation of the quadriceps, muscles of the back thigh and gluteal muscles together). Regularly performing upgrades, you'll improve your strength performance in squat and deadlift, jolts and jerks rod. Coherence and strength of extensor muscles of hip and knee is extremely important in athletics (high jump and long), in baseball, basketball, rugby, soccer and even scuba diving. 4. All the muscles of the thigh, back, shoulders / Basic exercise for the legs and back / Explosive force and mass Technique Take a bar grip on the top shoulder width apart. Straighten and slightly bend your knees. Hold the light deflection in the back, bend your torso forward to an angle of 45 to the horizontal (neck rod just above the knee).

Hands are straight, the chest is expanded, the view directed straight ahead and your shoulders, neck bar shoes and socks are in the same vertical plane. Take a deep breath and holding his breath, gather the forces. Sharp elastic movement repel heels off the floor (Stand on toes), and just jumping at the same time: straighten your legs (just throwing knees and feet apart), lift the torso from the slope (even slightly bend it back) and pull the bar to the chin. The higher the bar, the greater the elbows are turned down and the higher the rise the shoulders.

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