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Spine Pillows

In addition, there are standard high pillow for those who like to sleep on two pillows, standard low, children, teenagers and others. The thickness of the mattress made of natural latex varies from 5 cm to 15. Mattress 15 cm can be put on the floor or bed, not using additional mattresses, but ortopediteskie properties begin to appear already at 5 cm for the latex mattress is better to put on the ordinary. The dimensions of natural latex mattresses start at 100×100 cm – for the crib, and to double bed size 180×200 cm, for children are offered sets of mattress and four pillows and cushions, fun toys in the shape of elephants, bears and rabbits. And for the adults – a convenient roll which can be used during sleep to unloading of the spine or when reading or watching a movie under his head. Natural latex combines all the best properties of synthetic and natural materials. 1.

Thanks to the antibacterial properties of latex in the products of He did not get turned microorganisms and saprophytes, which reduces the risk of allergic and respiratory diseases. Therefore, pillows are recommended for people prone to allergies and respiratory diseases, as well as children. 2. Through special forms, which are used for making pillows and mattresses, porous structure is formed with openings communicating. The respiratory capillaries provide excellent air circulation, keeping cool in summer and warm in winter. On these pillows and mattresses body 'breathe', and the person does not sweat. You are guaranteed a good night's sleep without wet hair in the morning and no itchy redness.

Employee Office

This office furniture contributes to productive work of employees, while maintaining their health. Ergonomic desks create the most comfortable jobs. Tables with adjustable support. Employee work space is equipped with light his individual needs. Computer desks can easily fit into any office interior, account for almost little space, can accommodate a large number of office equipment. Tables ergonomic, very comfortable. Chair for employees selected on the basis of such factors as ease of planting. Source: Cincinnati Reds.

Chair for an employee, of course, more comfortable with an active ergonomics to employee could change the body position during work. Ergonomic chair easily adapts to the individual parameters of the employee. The design of the chair has everything that an employee in the course of the day could keep the right landing performance. The chair is equipped with technical perfection adjustments. This, ultimately, saves energy employees, increases productivity. Essential attribute of the modern workplace, along with a table and chair, a cabinet office.

This built-in cabinet desks, floor stand, stand Withdrawable on roller bearings. On the kind of furniture installed in the office, productivity depends on the mood of staff and their willingness to work. It is very important to emphasize: It is not that kind of work performed by the staff, what is important – as he does. NOTES – a breaking of old habits formed, stereotypes at work. A good furniture for the staff – a pledge of effective work. Innovative design furniture creates a working environment a positive effect on mood and progress.


The average height of the pillow should be between 15 to 16 centimeters. The wider your shoulders, the higher should be your pillow. Those who sleep on their backs fit lower pillow. Well, if you sleep on your side, you have to choose the pillow higher. If you have a bed mattress is soft, it is desirable to use a low pillow.

A solid mat, use the higher. What filler in pillows Matramaks today? Next to the usual fillers for pillows of down and feather, you can choose for themselves and everyone else's. Modern fillings for pillows production Matramaks well retain their shape. Most of the fillers have an orthopedic effect. Most importantly, modern fillers Matramax pillows do not cause allergic reactions. One of the fillers – sheep wool.

Cushion containing such a filler is very convenient. This pillow is rarely may cause allergies. But she has a unique disadvantage. A few months after the use of such pillows, wool filler may be matted. In this case, you have to change your pillow. Synthetic fillers for pillows production Matramaks. Sinteponovye or komforelevye fibers with special processing gain protection against various bacteria. Pillow with such fillings can easily be washed in the machine. This pillow is as good at trapping heat. Fillers do not cause allergic reactions. Such products are perfectly retain their shape and volume. Today, of foam rubber is made of natural latex. This natural filler for pillows are very popular. This material is not of cheap. And today it is mainly used for the manufacture of orthopedic pillows. Another species of the filler cushions Matramaks – a buckwheat husks. Buckwheat husk – a natural filler. Above all else, have This filler, there are aromatherapy properties. They help with insomnia. Buckwheat husk is light massage effect. Massage relieves pain in the cervical spine. Pillows filled with such easily follows the shape of the head. It provides a secure base. Buckwheat husk does not cause allergies and also absorbs moisture. Pick the most suitable for you filler for pillows, and pleasant dreams.