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Occupational Therapy

E to leave some ideas in open as sketch to think the politics of mental health. Capszao I believe that in the theoretical conception of the CAPS it has perhaps not previsible vieses in the theory, but that they go if becoming evidentes in the practical one. In the CAPS-AD they had been capszao . The institution works as a hospital day, where the patients, in accordance with the program of treatment considered for each one, can pass the day and come back at night toward the house. During the day, they participate of activities of Occupational Therapy, Workshops of Art, Groups of Therapy, Games, and Consultations.

The problem is that the criteria to define which patient ones go to frequentar such activities and in which days many times something is subjective. Many patients if accomodate, if they accustom, they start to like to frequentar the CAPS daily, after all, they take coffee, they lunch, they take snack, they practise sport, they participate of workshops, they receive attention and, while they are under treatment, generally they obtain removal of the work. It is much more convenient to continue moved away and to participate of all the activities of the CAPS of what> back in the patio they talk as to obtain removal or retirement . This comodismo harms the devotion of the patient to the treatment that, in secret, continues drinking, frequentando the CAPS and moved away from the work. A dependence of the CAPS is created. The criteria for high also are subjective. However, if the patient still drinks or uses drugs and has partner-familiar difficulties, the trend of the team is to keep it in the treatment program, which turns a vicious circle. He wants to say: the patient never receives high and if cronifica in the CAPS.

Fibromialgia Staple

The electrodes are placed in the surface of the skin, and the transmitted impulses of cutaneous form stimulate staple fibres the beta, mielinizadas, that they lead ascending information. Thus, if the transmission of stimulatons through staple fibres It will be predominant, the signal of pain lead for staple fibres C (also responsible for the conduction of painful sensitivity) is inhibited by cells T, and do not ascend of the lateral espinotalmicos tractos for the thalamus. On the other hand, if the impulses of staple fibres C to surpass the stimulatons propagated for staple fibres, pain will go to prevail. In this manner, the chain, while applied, promotes an hiper-excitement of a, with the purpose to block the transmission of staple fibres C, what it explains the relief of pain. (12-16) Already the after-effect is related with the release of opiides endogenous, that they are the frmacos most important in the treatment of pain. They are known as neuropeptdeos hormones that will originate active agents after enzymatic segmentation. The 3 neuropeptdeos families of opiides belong: the dinorfinas (set free in the spinal marrow frequently of 100 the 1000 Hz), the encefalinas and the endorfinas (the set free 2 in the SNC with the 10 frequencies of 5 Hz), being these last important ones in the mechanism of relief of pain. (12-16) Although this benefit if draws out short-term in the fibromilgicos, release of opiides endogenous YOU HAVE for it especially occurs in cerebral areas analgesia central offices, involving sedativas as serotonina, encefalinas and b-endorfinas substances, that act in hipotlamo. (12-16) With this, the applicability and result of the use of this device in the acometidos ones for the syndrome of the Fibromialgia have reduction in the threshold of pain in them to tend points and reduction in diffuse pain. (12-16) Therapy Manual and Crioterapia the manual therapy can be important an allied one.

Intensive Therapy

Therefore, through this article, we will be describing through literature overload of work of the nurse of a Unit of Intensive Therapy. PALAVRAS-CHAVE: Unit of Intensive Therapy. Nurses. Load of Work of Nursing. 1.INTRODUO Caracterizar the demand of work of nursing in Unit of Terapia Intensiva (UTI) with sights to get a quantitative one of staff who assures quality and adequate relation cost-benefit of the intensive assistance is old search that folloies the proper historical development of these units (RAFKIN, 1994).

Being the UTI (s) complex units that concentrate human resources and technological highly specialized and of high cost, the necessity to adjust staff front to the cares demanded for the patients, stimulated, throughout the time, the development of instruments of measure come back to verify the demand of nursing work, joint or parallel to the development of indices of gravity of the sick person in critical state. In the UTI (s), recognized for the raised load of nursing work, (that it represents a factor of high cost), and for the raised index of mortality, (measured that express production/income), during decades used it reason mortality/morbidade as parameter of choice to describe resulted of the efficiency of the intensive care. However, in recent years, the inclusion of the load of nursing work as a parameter for evaluation of the results, has been also considered, had to its impact in the quality of the intensive assistance (JAKOB, 1997). Of this form, the evaluation of the demand of nursing work, as well as of the factors associates it, if has shown indispensable as resource of management of these units, since one has equipped superdimensionada implies in high cost. On the other hand, one knows that one has equipped reduced tends to determine a fall in the efficiency of the assistance, being drawn out the internment, increasing mortality/morbidade and generating a bigger cost in the treatment of the patients (GAIDZINSKI, 1998).