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Setting the vane and also allows you to reinforce the top of the pipe. What does a brick chimney additional protection against damage. Applying the cap on the chimney, the owner is protected from any external influences. Vane on the pipes, the pipe umbrella – make the house truly protected from the elements on all sides, elegant and beautiful. Copper vane?, Steel?, Nerzhaveyuschayaya? In order to reliably serve as wind vanes, and perform its functions, including the roof was decorated with the material for its manufacture to definitively pick. Most Attractive and durable, naturally, wind vanes made of copper. Hood of copper pipe or chimney caps to last a long time, certainly if they are securely mounted.

Fixture for copper parts should be selected special best copper or copper plated apply the elements of fasteners. Since the copper in contact with other metals having chemical reactions that break down copper Dymnikov. But with the right manufacturing copper cap on the tube will be very long, eventually becoming the only form more attractive patina of copper Dymnikov prosluzhet at least 50 years. Steel vane will last at least 10 years of age, to choose the right equipment and type. Caps from the vane Stainless steel will last not less than 20 years.

Zinc-titanium modern roofing material, which by its characteristics priblezhaetsya to copper caps on the tubes of titanium zinc will last about 50 years. Types flyugarok, Dymnikov, caps on chimneys. Are not only material but also the structural features. Normal, standard similar to a small house, towering above the pipe. Today, there are wind vanes, and other forms of Dymnikov with new decorative effects, and certain technological advantages. Today in fashion umbrella on the tube with flat lids for homes in a modernist style, with semi-circular caps tops for European-style buildings. There are also a mnogoskatnoy roof: a slope of 2 on each of 4 sides, to prevent an accumulation of snow and more efficiently ventilated. There are caps set Dymnikov with weathervane. Weathervane can depict fanciful animals and ancient gods, at the request of the owner Home-style building. Other types of flyugarok, Dymnikov have fewer frills, but it is more practical. Very comfortable with a flip lid. With this quick and easy to carry out any activities related to cleaning the chimney. Very practical Dymnikov with the issuance of flue pipes, vent to proceed unchecked, the yield of products of combustion.

PVC Windows

Birthplace of modern windows from PVC (polyvinyl chloride), admittedly is Germany. Additional information at Fitness supports this article. It was here in 1954 by Trocal PVC window profiles were put into mass production. To date, PVC window systems are the most flexible and technologically. The low thermal conductivity and sufficiently high chemical resistance make them the most widespread in central Europe. However, maintenance of PVC windows in regions with severe continental climate, which include the Urals, is associated with certain technical limitations.

As for the place of production profiles themselves – in Germany or Russia, then it should be noted here that at present time, large foreign companies – manufacturers of PVC profiles opened up their production in Russia (for example, "KBE, Veka, Thyssen polimer, etc.). There are a number of domestic companies that produce products that meet rigorous climatic requirements, such as EXPROF Tyumen mastered the production of frost-resistant PVC to the Ural-Siberian region. Therefore, the acquisition window assembly with a well-promoted brand of German firm, or a beautiful name does not mean that you actually get the products produced in Germany, and that these windows will match the requirements. The chemical composition of PVC refers to the group of thermoplastics and becomes brittle at temperatures below zero, and "soft" (plastic) at a temperature above 80 degrees. Getting the right properties is achieved by using special additives that affect the color, gloss, mechanical properties. What determines the quality replacement windows: – Select the window design, depends on ease of opening, ventilate the room, washing windows, insulation, aesthetic appearance – a choice of materials for production window and first double-glazed window frames and sashes, accessories – quality window installation and finishing.

Feng Shui Sleep

Behind the bed is good to have a strong wall. This will bring stability to be asleep, and canopies able to protect sleep. Make sure that over the bed there is no protruding beams, ventilation, and the bed do not watch the corners of furniture. When choosing a place to bed can take into account the direction of its success. To do this, count the private Gua number.

Women are quite complicated, the last digit of your birth and add 5. If you get a two-digit number, add up the numbers again. You will receive a private number gua. For example, in 1945. 4 +5 = 9, 9 +5 = 14 1 +4 = 5. 5 – it is your personal Gua number.

For men of 10, we must subtract the amount of the last digits of the year of his birth. If the sum is greater than 10, the numbers add up, and then subtract from 10. For example, 1974 god.7 +4 = 11, 1 +1 = 2, 10-2 = 8. 8 – is a private number gua. Now choose the direction for success: 1 corresponds to the southwest, 2 – Northeast, 3 – South, 4 – North, 5 – north-east for men and for women the south-west, 6 – West, 7 – North-East, 8 – South-West, 9 – East. Headboard of your bed should be directed towards your success. Of course, the way it seems ridiculous, but to get up in the morning I felt better when I put the bed in the light of personal Gua number. Ill also became less frequent. Choosing a place to bed, take a look around. The bedroom should not be a mirror, paintings of women. A friend of mine, giving a picture with a stranger behind the veil of his beloved wife, began to search for the stranger in my life to see her without a veil. His wife was lucky. He did not find a girl that is consistent with its status and prestige. Therefore, if you do not want to push a spouse to divorce, move out of the bedroom pictures with the girls or flowers, mirrors. Fresh flowers will also interfere with sleep at night. If you want to keep the family together, then you need a bright sparkling round amethyst. In the first or fifteenth day of the new year on the lunar calendar, up to 11 hours of the day, tie a red ribbon and a stone put under the bed from where the spouse is asleep. Sleep soundly. Literate the use of professional advice of feng shui to help forget about insomnia. Dream to become one of your wealth.