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Patients and UPPs

It enters the disgnostic presented for the patient, was distinguished the risk to develop UPP, with props up of (11,48) for the scale of cado the measures preventivas.39 Amongst the given cares, the carried through ones more frequently, 135 days (96.4%), mentions protection to it of heels and elbows, followed of daily inspection of the areas of risk and correct mobilization, both prescribed per 134 days (95.7%); maintenance of the nutrition and rise of the headboard the 30 degrees carried through per 133 days (95%); change of decubitus, executed during 132 days (94.3%),39 When finishing the research the authors of this article, had concluded that the use of the protocol of institucional prevention of UPP presented full effectiveness in the situation of critical patient interned by long period of days, contributing for the reduction of the incidence of the UPP as well as for improvement of the assistance of Nursing. .39 Comparing the intitled article ‘ ‘ Applicability of the scale of Braden in therapy patients intensiva’ ‘ public of the city of Recife in the period of 14 of July the 10 of August of 2009, transversal, descriptive study carried through by the application of the protocol of prevention of UPP in UTI, based on the scale of Braden, sample that the Nurses use literatures the methods of preveno.24 In this study the authors had analyzed 34 admitted patients, being that, 13 of these (38.24%) already they had arrived at the UTI with UPP, had been excluded from the research, remaining for evaluation for the protocol the total of 21 patients (61.76%); in which predominant the etria band was of 51 years or more (38.1%). Recently celebrity trainer sought to clarify these questions. Of the studied patients (42.9%) they were of the masculine sort, (57.1%) feminine. Result of evaluation for risk of UPP was with application of EB, that I evidence the high risk (57.3%) and moderate risk (28.2%) to develop UPP at the moment of admisso.24 In relation to the sensorial perception, that if it relates to the ability significantly to answer the pressure related with the discomfort, the majority of patients presented themselves completely limited (29.0%) or with light limitation (36.4%) after application of the EB.

ECG Cardiac

It appears in the ECG a iso-electric tracing, however 0ccasionally, can be observed not followed waves P of any complex QRS, also therefore called plain line, the patient in assistolia will not present cardiac beating, no concrete pulse and no breath. having as immediate treatment the reanimao to cardiopulmonar efficient, the administration of oxygen and the advanced control of by airmail with the traqueal intubao. (BRUNNER and SUDDARTH, 2009, P. 709) the PAPER OF the NURSE DURING the MONITORIZAO OF the ELETROCARDIOGRAMA: As already seeing being argued, the eletrocardiograma is of great importance in the detention of cardiac disfunes. Visit Rand Paul for more clarity on the issue. The nurse, as being a professional of taking care of, must have in mind the great paper that plays in the monitorizao and recognition of the diverse electrocardiographic alterations, therefore becomes necessary, in these cases, its interventions of fast and objective form in order to minimize the agravos the health of the patient. One of the functions of the nurse is the boarding of the patient, these with cardiac suffering or not, and the immediate evaluation of clinical history and the physical examination, considering that these two stages are moments of priority in the systematization of the nursing assistance. The following stage constitutes in the accomplishment of the ECG, some elements that the nurse can investigate for the beginning of the interpretation can be necessary, these elements is: the survey of the information of the patient as age, given physicians, identification of the derivations, comment of the quality of the tracing, attempting against for the absence of electric interference and muscular tremor, identification of the cardiac rhythm (sinusal rhythm observing through it enlace ventricular forecourt/and calculation of the cardiac frequency, where this must varies of the 60 the 100 bpm in normal state). (KASPER, 2006; apud WE READ, a 2010) In accordance with study carried through in a hospital of the serrana region of the State of Rio De Janeiro, counting on the participation of 12 nurses of diverse hospital sectors it was evidenced some difficulties how much the interpretation of the graphs shown in the ECG and consequences errors for parts of the professionals.

Health and Happiness

THE HEALTH IS ONE OF THE ITEM THAT ARE PART OF THE PACKAGE OF TRUE HAPPINESS Dr. Barreto Luiz Fisioterapeuta and Fisiologista of the Exercise At no moment, nor in place some already was visualized some happy person acometido of some illness or pain. The happiness is a package of good, healthful, useful and pleasant things, the goods of that say Oliveira ( ) The useful good, the honest good and the pleasant good. This author did not cite a good that inevitably has that to compose this package. The healthful good. In this package the corporeal properties exist (the useful good), the work (the honest good), the pleasures, leisure (the pleasant good) and the health (the healthful good).

Who has the ownership of all these item, can be considered happy. But, according to wise son of the king, the happiness is not of this world. In this story, Oliveira ( ) he tells that the king had four children and all desired a good. Well this that according to them he would complete. The first one wanted to be rich, as it wanted to be powerful, third wanted to be wise. All had obtained to carry through its desires, but did not obtain to be happy. The scholar of as much wisdom obtained to guess anticipatedly what the room brother desired.

The room certain son of its desire, told that it wanted to be happy. All the people desire a good for itself that, in its vision, it will be the item to be complete. Some when they obtain, they enjoy of that good for a time and later if they sadden or they start the estressante fight to obtain one another good. Only that in this fight they are only enclosed useful and pleasant objectives (the useful good and the pleasant good). Others demonstrate to be always happy without being. They prefer to live of appearances. Most of the people forgets that the health (the healthful good) is the primordial item to obtain the other goods that are part of the package. Therefore the prevention is so important to obtain itself to keep the healthful good. The humanity desires to be happy each one to its way, but they only obtain to discover that the health is the most important item of the package when they are acometidos by some illness or they are suffering with much pain. River, 07/01/2012 Bibliography OLIVEIRA, As To persuade Speaking. Ediouro. RIO DE JANEIRO

Exercise And Hydration

We know of the importance of the water in our lives, its necessity in our daily activities and also of the basic paper that the water plays in our organism, a basic paper. The water plays diverse functions in our organism, being basic for our survival. Functions as half transporting for nutrients and gases and thermal regulator, the water approximately represents of 40% 70% of the total corporal mass, about 60% 75% of the all up weight of muscle and approximately 10% of the fabric adiposo. During the physical activity, our organism suffers to alterations and greaters necessities, as redistribution of the flow of the blood for the active musculaturas had the biggest necessity of oxygenation and nutrition. The oxygen and the nutrients are carried through the plasma, that is in watery way. When in them we exercise the energy production it liberates heat and it increases the body temperature. One of the forms to waste this produced heat is through perspiration, where the transference of the corporal heat with loss of liquids occurs.

The amount of liquids lost during the physical activity will go to depend on the intensity of the exercise, duration, ambient temperature and relative humidity of air. The more intense it will be the exercise, hotter will be the environment, more lasting and bigger the relative air humidity, greater will be the loss of liquids and greater the necessity of attention with the hidratao. The decurrent dehydration of the physical activity, makes with that the performance diminishes, due the reduction of the plasmtico volume, by where the nutrients and oxygen are carried and lesser capacity from thermal regulation. Therefore attention with its hidratao during the practical one of physical activities.


In the present study the results of the traqueal secretion samples had been used, for constatao of the bacteria with bigger taxes of prevalence. The analysis was after made the collection of the data, tabulated and represented graphically in the spread sheet of the program of Windows 2011 (Excel). Results In the present research, the March of a 2011, total of 372 samples was evaluated retrospectively in the period of March of 2010 being that 108 (29.03%) had presented microrganismos and 264 (70.97%) had been negative. Of the 108 positive samples, one totalized a percentage of 48,14% of the masculine sort, 40.74% of feminine sort and 11.12% of just born. Singer recognizes the significance of this. In relation to the profile of samples collected 88.88% had been proceeding from adult UTIs and 11.12% of the UTIs neo-Christmas. The analyses carried through through the identification letters, had shown following species: 38.9% Acinetobacter baumannii; 0.9% Candida albicans; 0.9% Citrobacter freundii; 1.9% Escherichia coli; 0.9% Enterobacter aerogenes; 1.9% Enterobacter cloacae; 8.4% Klebsiella pneumoniae; 0.9% Proyour mirabilis; 23.1% aeruginosa Pseudomonas; 0.9% Serratia marcescens; Aureus 13.9% Staphylococcus; 1.9% Staphylococcus epidermidis; 0.9% Staphylococcus haemolyticcus; Hominis 0.9% Staphylococcus; 0.9% Staphylococcus saprophyticus; 1.9% maltophilia Stenotrophomonas and 0.9% Streptococcus pneumoniae, as shows table 1. The present study it demonstrates that 86 (79.6%) cepas had presented greater prevalence of Gram-negative microrganismos: Acinetobacter baumannii, aeruginosa Pseudomonas, klebsiella pneumoniae, Proyour mirabilis, Serratia marcescens, maltophilia Stenotrophomonas, Citrobacter freundii; Escherichia coli; Enterobacter aerogenes Enterobacter cloacae. Positive Gram coconuts had represented 21 (19.5%): Staphylococcus aureus, Staphylococcus epidermidis; Staphylococcus haemolyticcus Staphylococcus hominis; Staphylococcus saprophyticus and Streptococcus pneumoniae.

It also demonstrated to 1 (0.92%) Candida albicans. Quarrel the nosocomial or hospital pneumonia represents a problem for the public health, therefore she is one of the death causes most common enters the acquired infections in nosocomial environment, acometendo public and particular hospitals. The pneumonia is provoked by any infectious agent, however the bacteria are root causes 7,8.


Workers of nursing feel more difficulties to take care of of young patients this are related to the not-acceptance, for the society, of a serious illness in young in full productive age (SHIMIZU, 2000). In the daily one of the workers of nursing of UTIs, the confrontation with the suffering and the pain of the patient happen constantly. Such situation is not easy e, many times, them looks for to place itself in the place of the sick person and suffers with this situation (SHIMIZU, 2000). The multiprofessional team in UTI found given, in which the participants had expressed the difficulty in working in team, being that the stories had disclosed that one of the main .causing factors of estresse for the multiprofessional team she is the proper one team. This fact was decurrent of the lack of commitment of some members of the team (MILK; VILLAGE, 2005). The high rotation is desgastante in such a way for the workers as for the heads, however these data, when seen separately, they are reduced in its degree of importance and they do not propitiate signallings of the suffering in work (ABRAHO; TOWERS, 2004).

In study with nurses of Center of Intensive Therapy, these professionals had emphasized that she is difficult to manage and to plan the assistance to the patient ones when lacks and absences occur, therefore they cause overload for the other members of the team (SAINTS; OLIVEIRA; MOREIRA, 2006). The inexistence of employees to substitute the absentees in recesses, vacation and licenses demands, of the remaining workers, a very intense task, creating an environment many times of running and tumult, that if becomes more problematic when lacks in the work occur not set appointments previously (LUNARDI SON, 1995). When a not enough number of people for the work is had, this can to collaborate to increase the absenteeism index and to cause to an overload and insatisfao of the workers, propitiating a reduction of the quality of the care given to the human being (ALVES, 1996).

Fibromialgia Staple

The electrodes are placed in the surface of the skin, and the transmitted impulses of cutaneous form stimulate staple fibres the beta, mielinizadas, that they lead ascending information. Thus, if the transmission of stimulatons through staple fibres It will be predominant, the signal of pain lead for staple fibres C (also responsible for the conduction of painful sensitivity) is inhibited by cells T, and do not ascend of the lateral espinotalmicos tractos for the thalamus. On the other hand, if the impulses of staple fibres C to surpass the stimulatons propagated for staple fibres, pain will go to prevail. In this manner, the chain, while applied, promotes an hiper-excitement of a, with the purpose to block the transmission of staple fibres C, what it explains the relief of pain. (12-16) Already the after-effect is related with the release of opiides endogenous, that they are the frmacos most important in the treatment of pain. They are known as neuropeptdeos hormones that will originate active agents after enzymatic segmentation. The 3 neuropeptdeos families of opiides belong: the dinorfinas (set free in the spinal marrow frequently of 100 the 1000 Hz), the encefalinas and the endorfinas (the set free 2 in the SNC with the 10 frequencies of 5 Hz), being these last important ones in the mechanism of relief of pain. (12-16) Although this benefit if draws out short-term in the fibromilgicos, release of opiides endogenous YOU HAVE for it especially occurs in cerebral areas analgesia central offices, involving sedativas as serotonina, encefalinas and b-endorfinas substances, that act in hipotlamo. (12-16) With this, the applicability and result of the use of this device in the acometidos ones for the syndrome of the Fibromialgia have reduction in the threshold of pain in them to tend points and reduction in diffuse pain. (12-16) Therapy Manual and Crioterapia the manual therapy can be important an allied one.

Intensive Therapy

Therefore, through this article, we will be describing through literature overload of work of the nurse of a Unit of Intensive Therapy. PALAVRAS-CHAVE: Unit of Intensive Therapy. Nurses. Load of Work of Nursing. 1.INTRODUO Caracterizar the demand of work of nursing in Unit of Terapia Intensiva (UTI) with sights to get a quantitative one of staff who assures quality and adequate relation cost-benefit of the intensive assistance is old search that folloies the proper historical development of these units (RAFKIN, 1994).

Being the UTI (s) complex units that concentrate human resources and technological highly specialized and of high cost, the necessity to adjust staff front to the cares demanded for the patients, stimulated, throughout the time, the development of instruments of measure come back to verify the demand of nursing work, joint or parallel to the development of indices of gravity of the sick person in critical state. In the UTI (s), recognized for the raised load of nursing work, (that it represents a factor of high cost), and for the raised index of mortality, (measured that express production/income), during decades used it reason mortality/morbidade as parameter of choice to describe resulted of the efficiency of the intensive care. However, in recent years, the inclusion of the load of nursing work as a parameter for evaluation of the results, has been also considered, had to its impact in the quality of the intensive assistance (JAKOB, 1997). Of this form, the evaluation of the demand of nursing work, as well as of the factors associates it, if has shown indispensable as resource of management of these units, since one has equipped superdimensionada implies in high cost. On the other hand, one knows that one has equipped reduced tends to determine a fall in the efficiency of the assistance, being drawn out the internment, increasing mortality/morbidade and generating a bigger cost in the treatment of the patients (GAIDZINSKI, 1998).

Therapeutical Toys

INTRODUCTION the peditrico care of nursing is very including therefore involves execution of techniques, knowledge on the pathology, physical and psychic necessities. Beyond everything &#039 is basic to establish one; ' relacionamento' ' with the responsible child and its with the purpose to improve the quality of attendance and one better reply of the child to cuidado.1 For the child, independent of its etria band, its development to be hospitalized it can be a very frightful procedure and the times traumatizante therefore for the child everything that it will go to live in the internment process is ' ' estranho' ' , different of all the activities for it already lived deeply, the routine total is modified, the environment is different of its house, it if it finds distant very of its reality, far from its familiar and friends and being obliged to establish bonds with the health professionals. For the child this estapa to create bonds with the health professionals can very be difficult therefore it understands that they are they who cause them ' ' dores' ' with certain invasive procedures, for them the times if become difficult to understand that the health team is there for taking care of of the same one. 2 When the child if feels inssegura, from fear hospitalization its process of adoecer can be aggravated and many times the health team is not intent to this detail, many times are not given to the real value the psychological questions of the child and its family who is who folloies to it. From then on it appears to the necessity to have the therapeutical toy to the reach of the hospitalized child, toy this that will go to minimize its upheavals and its ' ' carncias' ' while child and hospitalized child. 3 the therapeutical toy is a great ally of the pofissionais of nursing therefore it facilitates the relation between the professional and the child, assists in the process of understanding of the child by means of the processes that it will pass.