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Exercise with Dumbbells

Once passed the most difficult part of the lift, exhale. Once the dumbbells almost touch each other, pause, and more stronger chest muscles tighten. Tips Do not use excessively heavy weights. They will force you to bend the arm at the elbow and lower your elbows well below shoulder level. The more you bend your elbows, the more Breeding resemble bench. Moreover, lowering the elbows are much below the shoulders, you are dangerous to carry the load on the focus of the shoulder joint. Holding my breath, you do not allow to relax the muscles, stabilizers, that hold the torso in a stable position. So, thereby to strengthen the foundation on which rests the muscles, lifting the load.

Having overcome the most difficult part of the motion in the phase information of dumbbells, be sure to make blow. It will remove the excess pressure in the chest. Dilution of dumbbells lying – one of the best exercises for developing the middle of the chest, giving the breast "cool", a convex shape, as well as for "design" a clear division between left and right pectoralis major muscle. Make sure that throughout the motion angle of the elbow remained unchanged, while the mixing and dilution of hands took place exclusively in vertical plane passing through the shoulders. In no case do not tear off your feet off the floor before the end of sets and do not put them down on a bench in an attempt to reduce pressure on your lower back.

Child Speech

Have you asked yourself the question – Is your child says Sometimes, mentally and psychologically normally developing children have difficulty in mastering the language. This usually occurs in cases where a child is sick a lot, according to for some reason is often absent in kindergarten. Since these children usually require individual work . The timely formation of the correct pronunciation depends on the common culture and language, therefore, normal verbal communication of the child with peers and adults, the successful acquisition of literacy, and after entering school – mastering the curriculum. Pronunciation aspect of speech is mainly formed in preschool child. In the classroom and in everyday communication teacher exercises the children in a clear pronunciation of words in the correct use of intonation means of expression, teaches to speak loudly enough, slowly, develops phonemic speech and hearing. However, we must not forget that the child is a lot of time is out of kindergarten: a family, with peers in the yard, etc. In dealing with associates enriched its vocabulary.

Expressing their views on certain issues, the kid learns to correctly pronounce sounds, build it. The child was mastering speech, when he was engaged not only in preschool, but also in the family. Proper understanding parents, problems of education and training, knowledge of some of the methodological approaches used by the tutor to work on the language development of children will surely help them in the organization of speech training at home. Propagation of knowledge amongst parents on language development of children is an educator, primarily in the interviews and consultations.

Obstacle Course

Fundamentals of child development tell us that the child should receive adequate physical and mental stress. Whether you are striving to improve his motor skills, or increase the speed of his thought, obstacle works best. In this article we will see how an obstacle appears in the form of games, which can be used to give children regular physical exercise, as well as to test their mental ability. You can use the obstacle race to revive a boring birthday party, or as a game in the camp. The more children are involved, the more interesting the game. So read the idea of some of the obstacles that can be to include in your next game. Open obstacles. First, let us understand the basis obstacle.

Each obstacle in the lane need to motivate children to get from one obstacle to another, as can be quickly overcome it, and get to the finish. It is also a symbolic representation of what makes up their life, all existence will be filled with obstacles, and the only way to get to the goal is to learn overcome them, and do not shy away from them. Let's see what ideas for an open obstacle is used now. * Start with a healthy sandwich and a few steps in the race. Children must reach a sandwich, eat it fully, and then move on to the next obstacle. * The next obstacle may be a glass of water or juice to help them wash down a sandwich, they just ate.

Exercise Pace

Do not give in and the other extreme, performing at the breeding Direct hands. This is less efficient and also dangerous for the elbows. Do not lower your elbows well below shoulder level. This creates an undue burden on the shoulder joints and may lead to tendon ruptures. Holding the breath helps control the weights in motion and keep the body in a stable position. To achieve the maximum reduction of the pectoralis major, and especially the anterior serratus muscle, try to reduce the dumbbells at the top as close to each other. Keep your feet off the floor, or else lose stability.

The pace of the exercise – moderate. Dilution and mixing of dumbbells performed in one smooth, continuous motion. Most common mistake – too fast. It leads to the loss of the correct form of movement and, eventually, turns breeding presses. Ensure that hands are always moving in a vertical plane passing through shoulders. Once you go beyond this plane and reduces the dumbbell above your head or, alternatively, on the bottom of the chest, you run the risk of injury to the shoulder joint.

Application To: Everyone, from novice to master. When: At the end of your workout chest. Before dilutions of the work out with dumbbells while lying presses with a barbell and dumbbells. How much: 3-4 sets of 8-12 repetitions. Sports Dilution on the bench with a slope up give a distinct form of the upper part of the pectoralis major muscle, especially emphasizing its inside the top edge.