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In real life, virtually every ordinary person in the availability to travel to various Russian cities, just for some kind of people it is not regular, but actually for the rest of movement are direct part of their reality. In any case on their arrival in any other city in full each of our compatriots clearly needed in a particular place of residence. As a rule, such a place in reality will be a variety of hotels. With full responsibility simply to say that in general, nowadays there are a variety of hotels cities of Russia, quite frankly, from the definition of which, as can appear at an initial glance, does not cause difficulties to choose the most successful institution. In this case, as the life really make the right choice, even in the version, if there is a precise notion that it is necessary to a greater extent, for example, cheap hotels or upscale luxury hotels, to embody the selection will be extremely difficult.

It is clear that finding a hotel or hotel to do on arrival at some another city does not recommend, as a matter of fact make the best choice clearly does not happen. Initially, this will definitely be here due to lack of forces, since they require a trip. Including no less weighty nuance will be a time of arrival in the village. That is why, reservations must be done in advance. However, as no problems in fact make a reservation, if, say, unknown Hotels in the village, and of course, their status, but in other words the level of staying in them.

Louise Hay

From the perspective of the relationship between visiting us diseases and mental state rather interesting works of Louise Hay, in which, inter alia, the table provides the relationship of disease and internal psychological blocks. Here is an example only a small part: "Neck – the personification of flexibility, stubbornness, unwillingness to consider the problem from different angles. The lower section of the spin – the fear of having money, lack of financial support Average – guilt, inability to break with the past, desire to be alone. Top – the lack of emotional support, containment of feelings. Spine – rod, a vital prop. Shoulders – the ability to happily endure life's circumstances, to take responsibility.

Feet – carry us through life. Thigh – maintains the balance, they are the main load in forward motion (mean fear of the disease progress in addressing key issues, the lack of goals of the movement, fear of the future, the reluctance to move). Throat – a way of expression, creativity channel. Diseases of the throat meant pent-up anger, inability to express themselves, speak up. Inhibited creativity, unwillingness to change themselves (by the way, the chakra, which has a projection in the throat is responsible for exactly these functions). Respiratory diseases – fear or reluctance to absorb life freely. Eye diseases – unwillingness to see what happens in life, children – in the family.

"Of course, everything in life be skeptical, but I suddenly remembered this very stereotype expression, used most often at the end of some particularly important or complex cases:" The mountain fell from his shoulders. " It is in the I remembered the theme and "dress collar on his neck" and "behind my back grew wings." All of this suggests that the wait for any manifestations of disease, in general, then, is not desirable. Everyone has long been known that the disease is easier to prevent than to treat. A good helper in the maintenance of their own mental and physical health is a corporal-oriented dance. The most attractive about it is that no sverhtantsevalnyh abilities not required. It's simple – live and dance. The fact that you can dance to almost everything: joy, love, resentment, jealousy, anger, sorrow light, tenderness, flirt …. All what you need, all you can your imagination. An experienced coach will exercise and how to open their own femininity, masculinity, sexuality, will help to realize your personal, which has already become a familiar motor experience. In addition, teaches dance and run in fluent in its body, maintains posture. Dance opens the door to the world of the senses. In your world. The better we understand ourselves, the better we understand others. Understanding your own gestures, facial expressions, gait, posture and habitual even posture, we learn to understand and feel the people we love. And there is another important factor, Teles-based, dance will give you a safe space for the processing of emotions (and, especially, negative), which certainly better than "pouring out" of these emotions in the family, loved ones (and sometimes children) who were the first victims of our dissatisfaction with them. Give the world your smile. Dance …