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Old Greece

One outo prominence point is the form and the concept of technique between the Greeks, where the author shows as the work technician was used, understood visa and, saying, exactly that superficially, the technique was not very well developed between the Greeks, exactly in the classic period, yes an adaptation to the things, putting in prominence the figure of the craftsman, I begin who it is seen as who this the service of another one, with economic function only of exchange. When already to the end of its participation in the book, Jean-Pierre Vernant shows certain trend to the marxism where it goes to study the classroom fight; but existed social classrooms in Old Greece? According to Author yes, therefore the old period, followed a line of marxist reasoning, was on to the way of escravista production and as the society was deeply on to agriculture, the conflicts between the classrooms if gave for the way of concession of the ground and finish saying ' ' The fact To belong to a classroom does not depend on the wealth, nor on the tax of income, but on the place in the relations of produo' '. ** Following the same line of reasoning of its friend and also a marxist, Pierre Vidal-Naquet makes one analyzes of the slaves as a social classroom in Old Greece, but not only of slaves in itself, and yes making a linking between Hilotas, Metecos and Periecos, distinguishing the characteristics from each group; the interesting one is that the author displays that an only person could pass for some different groups, that if, for example, one hilota could become enslaved definitive circumstances second, this happened at times of intense crises caused for the wars or same for revolt. In its last two Pierre chapters Vidal-Naquet it runs away a little from this line of marxist reasoning and analyzes the slavery and the Gynocracy, where it shows the paper of the woman who exactly in a society where if it values the masculine figure, it even though plays a basic role, that mainly at time of war was responsible for the homes and in some cases not confirmed, for the cities, beyond the fact of being the main figure related to the procreation; finally the craftsman in the city, basing on writings of Plato, displays the ascension that if has from century V B.C., if before was only the service of another one with function only for exchange, now has one civilization of the craftsman.

Barack Obama

50 years of U.S. history – is the path to the presidency of Barack Obama is not news. History of the struggle of African Americans for their rights, U.S. History took another turn. African Americans have gone from slaves to full members society.

Was first elected president is not representative of the Caucasoid and Negroid race. Let’s look back at the past half-century of American history, which resulted in the power of Barack Obama. 1955 – In Alabama, Montgomery’s African-American Rosa Parks refused to give way to request a white bus passenger, for which he was arrested. This caused headed by Martin Luther King mass boycott of the bus lines, which lasted about a year. 1963 – Martin Luther King gets behind bars. It was there that was written by his letter that promotes non-violent struggle for racial equality. In the same year it King ‘I Have a Dream’ in Washington 250tys heard. people. You may find that Cindy Crawford can contribute to your knowledge.

1964 – U.S. President Lyndon Johnson signed the Civil Rights Act (which prohibits discrimination based on nationality, religion or race) in the same year Martin Luther King Jr. received the Nobel Peace Prize. And Sidney Poitier became the first African-American actor who received the highest cinematic award ‘Oscar for Best Actor. However, the continued activities of a racist organization the Ku Klux Klan. They committed murder of three civil rights blacks. 1965 – Leaves Deed constituting the right to vote. But in the same year killed a fighter for the rights of African Americans, Malcolm X. 1966 – Stokely Carmichael, head Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee, promotes the ‘black power’. Create a batch ‘Black Panther’. Its founders – Hugh Newton and Bobby Seal. The first African American elected senator. This Edward Brooke of Massachusetts. 1967 – U.S. Supreme Court first African American judge – Turgud Marshall. In the same year eliminated all previously adopted laws that prohibited marriage between people of different races. 1968 – Attempt boycotting the Olympic Games made by athletes John Carlos and Tommy Smith. Athletes hoping to draw global attention to the violation of civil rights of African Americans. Killed Martin Luther King. 1972 – Electing the first African American to Congress. She was Shirley Chisholm. At the same time adopted the Act, which establishes the equality of workers regardless of skin color. 1983 – The first representative of the black race in outer space – Guyon Bluford. 1984 – Jesse Jackson nominated himself as a candidate for the Democratic presidential. 1989 – U.S. forces led the first African-American, Colin Powell. 1990 – Douglas Wilder won the governorship of Virginia. He became the first blacks who took such a responsible position. 1992 – White policemen acquitted for beating Rodney King that led to mass unrest, riots and deaths of 65 people. 2001 – Colin Powell is Secretary of State usa. 2002 – Hard to believe, but this year the first African-American woman won ‘Oscar’ for Best Actor – Halle Berry. 2005 – Secretary of State ceases to African-American woman Condoleezza Rice. That same year, Hurricane Katrina nearly destroyed New Orleans, populated mostly by blacks 2008 – U.S. President elected Barack Obama.

Socialist Labor

Retreating under the blows of the Soviet Army, the invaders destroyed all in its path: burned villages and blew up bridges, factories, railway stations and schools. The Nazis destroyed the eight industrial-artisanal cooperative, 160 Utility buildings, 19 schools, district library, 2 hospitals, burnt 5903 houses and destroyed the plant "Glavplodovosch." During the occupation were shot and tortured civilians in 1083 people were forcibly driven into Germany 770 people. It took only a few years after the war, and economic development of the Klimov and district have been significant changes. In 1957, already operates the largest Russian starch factory producing goods for canning plant and creamery, food combine. All businesses are equipped with modern for its time technical equipment. Celebrity trainer is actively involved in the matter. Increased population Klimova, and the 1959 census it amounted to 7075 people. In the early 60s is almost no visible traces left by a terrible war.

Operate at full capacity all the companies Klimova, their products are in demand across the country. Starch factory processed per day to 650 tons of potatoes, producing 10 tons of starch. Source: Ford. Has a small hmelezavod, products are delivered to 20 cities Rossii.Osobaya milestone Klimov – 70 years in the area were 26 farms and two farm. In agriculture, we had no equal. In 1976, potato yields in some collective farms reached 270 or more tons per hectare of grain -26.4 quintals ha. A record number of potatoes – 96 000 tonnes were sold to the state in 1976. For achieving the area earlier bumper harvests First Secretary of the Communist Party of Kazakhstan Shaboltaev AF, a resident of our village Klimovo was awarded the title Hero of Socialist Labor.

Best Leagues

For the football fans what I will comment on you will be interested; Since this summer, the best League in the world will have a new channel. Canal + Liga arrives. A space in which Canal + put his seal to sport King and that all fans will find much more football and great innovations of programming. Canal + Liga, which will be available in dial 10 Digital +, will be the best way to enjoy the matches of Real Madrid and Barcelona. The new channel will two matches of the first Division, of which one of them will always be a Madrid or a Bar offer every day? to. In total eight games to last month’s first Division, of which four are always encounters the Madrid or Barcelona.

For only 15 euros a month, a little more than what it cost last season only one game in pay per view (ppv) purchase. The new channel will offer, each weekend, two games from first (Saturday at 20.00 hours and Sunday at 7 p.m.) and two second Division matches (Saturday 18: 00 and Sunday at 5 p.m.). Each day there will be always a meeting of the Madrid or the Bar? a. Do among them will be the Bar? a-Real Madrid of 12? day. In addition, it will emit matches of the Copa del Rey and the UEFA Europa League.

Canal + Liga subscribers will have access to the box office (pay-per-view service) platform and other 37 channels more, including all generalists strings, the autonomic, informational and entertainment as CNN +, BBC World, Sony TV or CNBC, or children’s channels and channels of sports such as Real Madrid TV and Disney Channel. For its part, Canal + will with his party exclusive of Sundays at 21.00 hours and best second Division meeting at 12 noon. Channel + will also issue exclusively the best out of each day of the Copa del Rey (except for the final that should go in open).

The Anxious

In resistance, the uncertain people would wait for negative results in episodes of anger. This belief, pessimist is derived from the lack of confidence that has of their actions (Carmelley & Janoff-Bulman, mentioned in Mikulincer, M. 1998a). The anxious-ambivalent people, would show to major propensity the wrath that the safe people. The evitativas people, undergo frequent and intense episodes of anger, and their repressive style and its tendency a to appear of a positive way could take to these people to deny any propensity to the wrath. In relation to the form to undergo the wrath, the safe people once angered would think about solving the situation and to improve the quality of the relation (I put constructive), express their anger of controlled way and without many signals of hostility, the anxious-ambivalent experience of anger of the evitativo style and people, would be characterized by destructive goals, becoming unaccustomed answers and wild short whiles of hostile anger, suffering pain and other negative emotions. (Mikulincer, M. 1998 a).

DISCUSSION One comments, that the theory of the attachment, especially the proposal by Bowlby, has been very useful, since it has generated diverse investigations and studies in varied aspects of the human behavior, which corresponds to which the social psychologists consider like a good theory, that is to say, to guide and to stimulate the investigation, generating diverse hypotheses to verify them. The theory is indicated in addition, that it seems quite useful, since it allows to know, to deduce from the knowledge of the style of attachment of a person, many of its personal characteristics that are not so evident. Nevertheless, the so strict or rigid classifications cannot be considered of way, although they represent a reference frame, do not determine a specific behavior, therefore, they are not always absolute predictions. This is more reflected in many studies that give account of the different forms to behave, often independent of the style of attachment and related to a situation or specific scope, as it happens in the interpersonal area and of the personality. Really, it sorprndase as you related to the attachment are and avoids to be employee of him, maintains a significant distance so that it does not harm it, does not affect it.