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First Time Translated Ancient Medical Texts

Ancient medical texts for the first time in understandable language translated and thus for the public accessible that our ancestors already before centuries more about the herbal medicine knew than we are today, hardly anyone denies that they have left us their knowledge in numerous writings and books. These difficult accessible to the ordinary citizen works but rest as treasures of early medical literature in venerable libraries and are written in a language that today hardly anyone understands. The roots of herbal healing is a journey through time in the 1st century AD, beginning with the Greek physician of Dioscorides and continues initially about the doctors Leonhard Fuchs, Matthiolus (physician Emperor of Ferdinands), Tabernaemontanus, Lonicerus and others in the future. Experiences, insights, and therapy instructions of these doctors were transferred in a language understandable, so that anyone can take advantage this knowledge lost for us so far. Even old recipes (including effective ointment against) Varicose veins and open legs, tea against gout, rheumatism, sciatica and geriatric) have been translated and can be applied again – all that was forgotten, available for the first time.

But not only the healing of the ancients was taken into account, but also the subsequent generations. Great healers and doctors such as Kneipp, Kunzle, Walker, Messegue, Madaus and Prof. Weiss come to Word, describe their experiences with a variety of plants. Last but not least the latest science research flow, confirming only that in part what we knew already centuries ago – however, only for the part, because it also effects and applications were brought to light, which at that time no one knew. In addition to an extensive register of to treat ailments and diseases, this book provides hundreds of recipes, precise dosage recommendations and instructions for the production of natural remedies of all kinds and all of practice and teaching information. Title: PhytoMagister – to the roots of herbal medicine – modern and traditional knowledge of herbal medicine for practice and teaching 700, 40 full-page coloured plants pictures – 1st Edition, December 2007 Hardcover pages, price: 69,-EUR ISBN 978-3-8370-1198-2 Publisher and production: books on demand GmbH, Norderstedt from now in bookstores – or directly at Amazon order: PhytoMagister requesting complimentary press copy see: author: Peter Kaufhold, intensively deals with the herbal medicine for over 25 years, became known through his numerous books and articles.

Internal Magnesium

Because High moisture resistant qualities and excellent adhesion, magnesium can be used practically without further processing. Magnesium board does not warp from moisture, high temperatures, aggressive media. Sheet of glass is convenient and can applied during installation of walls, partitions, and finish ceiling and wall surfaces, columns, slabs, can give the necessary form curved surfaces. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Cindy Crawford. Sheet of glass is perfect as a non-removable formwork for Frame-house construction. Due to the antiseptic and moisture-resistant properties of magnesium compounds, glass-sheet can be used in household rooms and dining rooms, bathrooms and swimming pools, shops and office buildings, anywhere where possible contact with food is likely to develop fungal infections. Sheet has a water-resistant qualities, does not absorb moisture and does not change the geometric size in contact with it moisture. Use of glass sheets in the baths, swimming pools, etc. guarantees the preservation of structural strength and quality of the leaf surface.

Magnesium has good heat and sound insulation that helps protect the building from noise exposure in the construction of interior partitions and keep the heat inside the building. Glass-sheet refers to non-flammable materials category ny, maintains temperature of 1200 degrees C for two hours while it does not emit toxic substances and suffocating smoke. Summarizing the above, we can confidently say that the scope of magnesium is quite broad: Internal walls, ceilings, floors, installation of partitions. External cladding of buildings, shopping and commercial complexes. Walls, floors and ceilings in wet areas: saunas, swimming pools, bathrooms, basements and garages. Creation refractory fire designs. Erection of permanent shuttering using magnesium advantages of glass sheets of magnesium include only environmentally friendly materials, absolutely do not contain harmful substances. The antiseptic properties of materials, components magnesite slab and prevent mold and fungal cultures.

The surface of glass sheet coated on both sides of the reinforcing glass fiber net, which gives the leaf high strength characteristics. The front surface of magnesium sheet is very smooth, it is ground and is completely ready for finishing, it can be painted, glued to her any decorative materials: wallpaper, plaster, ceramic tile, glass, mirrors, chipboard, plastic, aluminum-composite panels. Treatment of magnesium is very simple and well as working with the gcr does not require special tools or complicated devices. Ease of magnesium (Recall the weight of magnesium up to 45% less than the GCR), allows to quickly assemble complex structures, can significantly reduce the weight of the whole structure (and hence remove the load from the frame), lightweight magnesium allows employ fewer workers at one facility.

Immune Status

Increases endurance, has a positive effect on the immune status, has protivomik-A detailed action. Ascorbic acid (vitamin C) improves the body's resistance Effects of environmental factors. L-carnitine – helps to normalize the endocrine system. Ursul anti-inflammatory agent. Has anti-inflammatory properties, normalizes the urinary system, increases the immune status of the organism, provides natural protection against harmful bacteria and viruses, and improves adrenal function. Carefully selected components 'Ursul' collectively provide an effective anti-inflammatory product that in the short term to help normalize the functioning of the urogenital system. Devil's claw is effective in inflammatory processes of urogenital system.

Bearberry has diuretic and anti-microbial action (uroan-tiseptik). Echinacea – has immunostimulant, anti-inflammatory and antiviral effect. Increases the activity of lymphocytes, stimulates the action of interferon. In The product includes three minerals, mutually reinforcing each other's – copper, silver and gold. Antiseptic and anti-inflammatory effects of silver have been known since ancient times. Silver reduces the vitality and blocks reproduction of most harmful bacteria, viruses and fungi. Gold – Increases the range of antibacterial action. Copper – an antiseptic and astringent.

Involved in metabolic processes, increases the protective force the body, prevents the formation of free radicals. artum normalizes the function of the prostate. Designed to meet the specific needs of the male body 'Artum' helps normalize the functioning of prostate, has a beneficial effect in inflammatory processes of the sexual sphere. The prostate gland is designed to create a prosperous living conditions of men's health. Diseases associated with inflammation prostate problems are more common than others, violating the usual rhythm of life of men. The product collected nettle root, pumpkin seeds, berries palmetto – components, each of which contributes normalization of the functions of the prostate. Rhizome nettle has anti-inflammatory effect, due to the presence of sterols in it, and effectively as a diuretic in diseases of the prostate. Pumpkin seeds used for difficult urination in the early stages of inflammation of prostate. Exhibits anti-inflammatory properties. Berries palmetto reduced prostate tissue swelling. Have anti-inflammatory action infection in the urogenital system, increase libido. Vitamin-mineral complex, especially added to the product due to its antioxidant properties, enhances the immune system and enhances adaptogenic properties of the body. Stallone increases potency. Supports full reproductive function, normalizes blood circulation in the male reproductive organs and functions of the prostate gland, helps to overcome fatigue, and enriches sexual feelings, enhances the potency. 'Stallone' is based on the properties of yohimbe bark extract that contributes to a rush of blood to the pelvic region, while also stimulating activity spinal ganglia of the brain that control erection, thereby countering erectile dysfunction. The second active ingredient in the product is the root of ginseng has a tonic, stimulant, tonic effect. Ginseng increases physical activity, regulates the endocrine glands, normalizes the activity of the cardiovascular system. Ginger stimulates circulation and has antispasmodic effects. Linoleic acid – lowers blood cholesterol, which has a beneficial effect on potency. It should be noted that each of the products 'Masculine complex' is valuable and effective by itself and with the ongoing reception you soon it will feel. But due to the fact that the measures taken into account the problems in most cases, closely related, we recommend taking the whole complex whole to achieve a full effect. for prozholzheniya go to

The Body

Directly in the form of free liquid (different beverages or liquid food), the average adult consumes daily about 1-2 liters of water. The rest is water, ingested in the form of solid food. Rand Paul often expresses his thoughts on the topic. Even the "dry" food for 50-60% of water. Demand for water lies in a person on a subconscious level. The signal of thirst to the brain 15-20 minutes after drinking, when the body has time to get enough moisture. Reducing the amount of water in the body by only 1.5% is very thirsty, feeling unwell, drowsiness, slow movements, nausea, and sometimes redness of the skin. To know more about this subject visit supermodel. If the body moisture content is reduced by 6-10%, it is fraught with headaches, shortness of breath, lack of salivation, loss of ability to move and a violation of logical thinking. 11-20% shortage of water causes muscle spasms, delirium, blunting hearing and vision.

And when they lose 25% of the water dies. Under normal circumstances the human body adapts to the environment, and water balance is maintained as a "self-evident." Roughly speaking, he wanted to drink – drank. "Failures" in this scheme possible with a sharp change of temperature (for example, going to the bath), or with an increase in physical activity (eg, sports). In addition, the change needs of the body in the water affect the temperature and humidity, consumption of coffee and alcohol, body condition (eg, illness), for women this factor may be breast-feeding, etc. In the hottest time of year is very important to follow the correct drinking regime. In the morning you can drink some more water in the body to create a supply of fluid, and a day at the height of the heat, drinking should be limited. It is very important to properly maintain the water balance of those involved in sports. Doctors recommend do it this way. 2-3 hours before exercise should drink 400-600 ml of water during exercise to compensate for loss of fluid in the body – every 15-20 minutes 150-350 ml of water after a workout – 150% of the weight loss for during training.

Delbe Fractures

Most often fractures occur in the middle third, or between the middle and outer thirds. As apparent broken collarbone clavicle fractures can be damaged various organs and tissues, since the nature of the displacement of bone fragments may be affected by factors such as impact force, heaviness of limbs, pull muscles, etc. Ends of the displaced bone fragments can be damaged pleura, blood vessels, nerves and skin. The victim is concerned about pain at the site of the fracture, hand injury side moves with difficulty because of pain. On the injury is swelling, change in shape of the clavicle, the shortening of shoulder girdle, hemorrhage, shoulder lowered and shifted forward and inward, supraclavicular fossa smoothed. The victim maintains his good hand and forearm and elbow the injured limb, pressing it to his body. When probing into the fracture site can be determined by the mobility of fragments of the clavicle and the friction (crepitus).

It is not necessary to achieve a clear identification of the mobility of the clavicle bone fragments during the inspection, as it is very painful and can damage the surrounding soft tissue. Survey victim If you suspect a fracture of the clavicle physician first identifies the degree of disruption of soft tissues (skin, subcutaneous tissue, blood vessels, nerves, organs of the chest), after which the victim is appointed by x-ray for further diagnosis and for appropriate treatment. Treatment of fractures of the clavicle on scene of an accident victim must provide first aid, which is hanging at the hands of a scarf. You can also pribintovat hand to the body (elbows bent at a right angle), then deliver victim to the trauma center (or hospital, depending on the state) to establish an accurate diagnosis and providing medical assistance. Treatment of clavicle fractures depends on its nature. Subperiosteal fracture treatment (by type of "green branches"), and fractures without displacement of fragments is carried out using different fixation bandages, which are imposed for a period of two to three weeks in children and adults for a month (in children fractures coalesce faster).

At fractures of the clavicle with displacement of bone fragments after local anesthesia is reduction of bone fragments. But to keep the fragments in position is very difficult because of muscle tension, and therefore developed special methods for their fixation, for example, rings Delbe – two soft rings and grab the shoulder joints connected to each other on the back. When damaged, requiring prolonged bed rest, the victim is laid on the bed with hard mattress, his hand hanging from the bed down and backwards. Fractures that were complicated breach of the skin (open fracture) or closed fractures with soft tissue injuries held various surgery, restoring the function of the clavicle. To speed up the healing of tissues and use Polimedel ArgoVasna gel.

Llaurado Care

Make aware to the sick in the resolution of problems and in the scope of their achievements. Facilitate the search for new approaches to the patient to face setbacks through empathy, warm respect, authenticity, immediacy and active listening. Treating patients as unique persons, without being influenced by labels or stereotypes. Contact information is here: Mark Fields. Distance feelings of sympathy or antipathy that may arise. Compensate for the lack of human relationships in the sick person exerting the role of friend or family member who understands him and listen, always maintaining the therapeutic distance being a professional. The vision that must have health care team, in which is found the nurse, towards the sick should be directed towards respect for their dignity as a person human, beliefs and values, by its characteristics of individuality and complexity that make it respond unpredictably to circumstances of life.

In the case of a terminally ill patient the humanistic of the profession goes beyond, it is necessary that the nurse takes a mature attitude, empathic, manifested through compassion for the suffering of sick, is in place for fear death as a fact unknown that feels weak and vulnerable. Care to the terminally ill required to health care team and their relatives treated until the end with respect, love and empathy, therefore this staff requires a solid training in ethics for his moral performance, allowing you to identify, analyze and reflect in an appropriate manner, and decide alternatives for any decision on the fulfilment of its functions. It is essential to reflect on human care we are offering to the terminally ill each of us at the present time, since the care as a human condition should constitute a moral imperative in the care of the terminally ill. The personnel that work in health sciences must accept the finitude of life is not a disgrace, is a hopeless stage of the human being, and human dignity must be present until the last second of life in this world. It is necessary to be in concordance with the technology, with science, but without losing the perspective of other people, i.e. the spirituality that people who are around us can show. Science applied to benefit of man and infused with wisdom.

Wooden Windows And Their Advantages Over Plastic

Wooden windows have recently come into fashion. Despite the fact that the windows are wooden, plastic is cheaper, the consumer starts to think about comfort and beauty that can only give wooden windows. Unlike windows plastics, real wood is better to retain heat, he was not afraid of abrupt changes in temperature. In the window of natural wood can be inserted windows. Natural wood, in contrast to the windows of plastic 'breathes', pass moisture and air, while maintaining a pleasant indoor climate and providing a slow ventilation.

Plus a plastic glass only in the high resistance of combustion and performance protection against sound and cold. But they do not pass air, creating an impossible atmosphere in the home, have a large coefficient of thermal expansion. In a room with windows made of plastic are often formed perspiration on the walls and ceiling due to the fact that such windows do not overlook moisture. And this, respectively, and leads to damage of finishing the interior. Cons wooden windows enclosed in that tree not decay and fungus infection (but new treatments can not prevent these processes), there need for additional care. Plus, wood windows are more of metal, but they serve their owners over a long time.

Thus we can say that wooden windows would certainly be better windows made of plastic, they more environmentally friendly, can keep your house healthy climate and natural beauty attract the attention of his material, compensating for its merits the price difference with the plastic. From which the same varieties Wood windows are made of wood and what is the difference between them? In the first place in popularity are the windows of the pine wood. Pine windows are cheap enough and still differ all the benefits of wood windows – well look environmentally friendly. The pine box is not as durable and resistant to external influences than the window of oak and larch. However, they are no worse than the plastic glass and a little more worth it. And this difference in price they compensate with a vengeance for its advantages over the plastic windows. The windows of the larch expensive windows made of pine about 30 percent. Larch – a perfect material for the production of wood glass – it is solid and durable almost like oak wood, fireproofing, stand in the influence of moisture, and durable. Fiberglass windows of the oak are 2 times more expensive than windows made of pine. However, they compensate for this difference in price its own advantages – a huge strength, beauty of wood and especially energy. Oak wood over the years, becoming more beautiful, getting darker and noble shade. The windows of the oak – a worthy choice – they will serve you long and will create a special atmosphere in the house. Production of wooden double-glazed windows are now – an elaborate and high-tech process. Modern wood windows, unlike windows our childhood, not not swell, the paint on them is not cracked. And all this because of today's specialized tools and technologies that are used in their manufacture and painting.