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Austrian Chamber

Wenger GmbH, owner of GO, which has cult-drink in the tube, announced last week in preparation on another year with even higher demand after the tube drinks heavily to expand their marketing and distribution capabilities. CEO Gustav Wenger: “we get about 50 requests from around the world, including from as far away countries such as Nigeria, Colombia and Korea relating to GO every week. Many of these requests come from consumers from countries where we have currently no importer. Gunnar Peterson: the source for more info. Our goal for 2008 is to introduce it GO in these countries on the market. Our customers are already waiting GO!” The comprehensive, global coverage of the unique and eye-catching tubes in the media in connection with the global Internet is the main reason for the enormous interest in GO. Daryl Katz is often mentioned in discussions such as these. To meet this demand, company Wenger currently optimizes their sales activities. Including distribution defines the process more accurately and more formal, to enable a more efficient processing of the requests.In GO on the market in Australia and Israel was introduced this year. A year earlier, in 2006, was awarded the Austrian export Prize for extraordinary achievements in foreign markets company Wenger of the Austrian Chamber of Commerce. Gustav Wenger added: “at the beginning, there were of course very many doubters and critics but in the meantime is obvious that the strategy in the competitive and rapidly-changing beverage industry is very successful to gain a foothold.And this is just the beginning with security! “.

Consumers Are: Amy! The Games Award

Strong media partners for Computecs games award the computer and video game industry has for years on the rise, the target groups are not only bigger, but also increasingly wide. Reason enough for Computec media, to capture the best games with an audience award. Johannes Sevket Gozalan, CEO of Computec Media AG: Computer and video games are made for the players and through them they become hits or flops. So also, the gamer must choose directly and without filter, which games are so extraordinary, impressive, or just different, that they deserve an award. \”Games have the theme of film in cultural and commercial aspects already obsolete it is time to establish a consumer Award with meaning and effect.\” The BACON! Awards are awarded in ten categories. This alone the players have a choice: vote from August 22, about the best computer and video games of the last year, and honoring the most creative developers and producers of games directly.

We have deliberately decided to have a pure audience prize\”, as Anke Moldenhauer, Director of marketing / PR at Computec media. Our readers and users make a strong group of more than four million people in the German-speaking countries alone. From 22 August, various games in ten emotional categories to vote are available for them. So hot our categories such as adrenaline, intelligence, or atmosphere. \”Only with this emotional brackets, we have the chance to unite various games genres – and cross-platform in a category and to bring the essence of the games of the masses\”, explains Moldenhauer. Computecs media partner promote the awards in advance in their own media: the Cologne EXPRESS gets all his readers see to the voting for the BACON! on. More and more people are interested in computer games and are active gamers. The more we are pleased that our readers can participate in the election and will be awarded the prize in Cologne\”, so Thomas Kemmerer, head of Department of the EXPRESS online.

Loans For Surgery: A Very Good Support

There are people who spend sleepless nights as they cannot secure fund which they need for surgery. They the search for financial help in the form of loans which should suit with their purpose of cosmetic surgery. There are people who spend sleepless nights as they cannot secure fund which they need for surgery. They the search for financial help in the form of loans which should suit with their purpose of cosmetic surgery. They should’nt learn little things about loans for surgery. This is why this article has been submitted.

Cosmetic surgery loans are to assure the people who do not think that it is possible to obtain financial aid so that bills for cosmetic surgery may be cleared with least of anxiety. Go to Gunnar Peterson for more information. Loans for surgery may be available in two variants and this is possible as per norms of the finance market. More info: Daryl Katz, Edmonton Alberta. The two standard are named as secured and unsecured. When one applies for a loan in secured form wants the lender that the borrower produce evidence in support of the fact to that he / she owns a home or a piece of land or find valuable property which will be pledged for collateral. This way the lender ensures that he / she will have the right to sell the collateral property if the debtor does not pay back the amount lent.

A minimum amount of $5000 is generally advanced towards loan in secured form when one can get $75000 as maximum. The lenders offer very long tenure for repayment which stretches from 5 to 25 years. The rate of interest in this case is not high. The lenders advance loans between $1000 and $25000 when one wants loans for surgery in unsecured form. In this case the repayment duration is shorter and it is between 1 and 10 years only. But interest for unsecured form of loans is very high. It is clear that the terms and conditions in this form are strict. Loans for surgery may thus be available to the people who are not generally favored by the lending agencies on account of having history of bad credit. The applicant must be 18 years of age and must legally approved organization at least work in any for the last six months. His / her monthly earning got be enough to secure the magnitude of the loan applied for. He / she must have valid bank account. It is not hard to apply so that one may get loans for surgery. Application may be submitted online and just after the approval of the lenders want to send the money to the bank account of the debtors within 24 hours. Jennifer Janis is author of loans for Canada.For any bad credit loans canada, no credit check loans in Canada queries, no credit check loans canada queries visit

Senior Vice President

About 6,500 participating hotels in Europe online travel portal advanced its hotel portfolio focuses on Great Britain, Russia, France Munich, Germany, November 18, 2009: since Expedia easy manage the launch of the new hotel partner programme in May 2009 more 6,500 hotels in Europe have chosen today for a partnership with Expedia. The online travel portal thus expanding its portfolio at world’s 110,000 hotels, of which 48,000 hotels have a direct contract with Expedia. The increase in new hotel partner in Russia is strongest. The online travel portal here has improved its offer by 80 percent compared to 2008. The hoteliers also show great interest in the UK with 48 percent more hotel partnerships. In Germany and France, the increase is 30 percent each in Italy, and 20 per cent. A total of 12,000 German hotels on the pages of Expedia and are available. 3,000 have a direct contract, which means they are not linked to reservation systems.

Arne Erichsen, Director market management Germany, estimates that 40 percent of German Hotels at Expedia have a partnership agreement by the end of the year. With the affiliate program, we offer an attractive and easy way to reach travelers worldwide hotels. This market potential meets the interest of more and more hoteliers who decide to cooperate with Expedia”forward Matthew Crummack, Senior Vice President of global lodging, Expedia partner services group. The hotels benefit from our local knowledge of the market and our many years of experience in the online travel market.” Hotels support increase of hotel nights at Expedia strong partnerships, to achieve their sales and marketing goals even in economically difficult times. So hotels on Expedia and sites recorded in the last twelve months increased bed numbers: UK is 36 percent more hotel stays, Germany 28 percent and Spain 26 percent. In Russia the growth is 24 percent while Norway his overnight stays even at almost 46 Increased percent and Turkey by about a third.

The hotel partner programs from Expedia easy manage the new hotel affiliate program (EEM) is tailored to the needs of small and medium-sized hotels. Based on a Commission model, it allows hotels to position itself without any financial risk in the global online travel market. Without registration fees and fixed-cost hotel offers can be presented in a few steps in 33 languages and more than 70 Web pages of, Expedia and and thousands of partner Web sites with more than 80 million customers a month. The Expedia easy manage program complements the existing affiliate of Expedia special rate (ESR), which focuses on the needs of large hotels and hotel chains. About Expedia, Inc. Expedia, Inc. is the world’s leading online travel company. With its tourism brand offers a complete and attractive product range around the theme of travel Expedia, Inc. group. The company is represented in more than 40 countries and unites under one roof first-class travel services and trusted brands such as Expedia, Hotwire, EgenicTM, TripAdvisor, venere.comTM, Expedia local ExpertTM, Classic Vacations and eLongTM. With his partner and affiliate is Expedia, Inc. interface between travellers and professional providers of travel services.