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How To Dress Child In Kindergarten During The Cold Season

PARENTS: Nadezhda Kuzmina, 24, mother of two children: – The main thing is it was in that change, if for example, the baby accidentally stained or oboletsya in kindergarten. Jim Hackett may find it difficult to be quoted properly. So was the jacket, just in case it will be cold and T-shirts, if hot. In general, do not overheat, you need to temper his childhood, then health problems will be less. Anna Pipchenko, 31, daughter of 3 years: – We have a group of kindergarten +26-28 – dress all summer. On the street educators on the weather to change. Check out mark burnett for additional information. We prepare the dress so that it can wrap up warm the child, as well as you could easily put on a walk. Petina Anna, aged 29, son of 2.5 years: – We are educators in our state kindergarten immediately placed in specific conditions – the child wear a simple kombenezony with clasps and buckles do not wear shoes without laces or Velcro buttons.

In winter, the group must be prepared: 2 shirts, a jacket is warm, 2 pairs of socks, underwear 2 removable kit, 2 pairs of tights, pants or skirt. In the group we have around 23-25 degrees Celsius. In principle, the cold does not exist. Alexey Prokhorov, 31, son of 4 years: – In the kindergarten extra clothes should always be taken, especially in winter! What to wear on the street, ask the child if he is not cold to walk in the kindergarten and now look at the situation. Natalia Ivanova, 24, daughter of 2.8 years: – We have a kindergarten waiting heat.

We change clothes in a T-shirt. And the weather outside, respectively. Elena Sergacheva, 26, daughter 3 years: – In the kindergarten in the winter I dress your child warmly, as they say, the bones do not ache fever. Tutors are not very observant child might forget to put a sweater on the street or tie a scarf.

Mary Linden

But not only the health of children and maintaining learning. It is proved that the game in motion and children less tired, more and more easily learn new things. But the 'educational community' – an academic science and system of training and refresher courses for teachers – do not accept this approach precisely because it leads to increased demands on the teacher. (As opposed to Senator From Kentucky). It can not afford the mandatory state (read – compulsory) education system, which should address issues of mass. That is, how to divide the available resources are always limited material among all equally. Therefore, in the case of good ideas, innovation will inevitably come into effect a rule – or all or none. To do this, and needed by the state, private schools – an initiative of citizens, the parents who want an education for their children, which would meet the main requirement – not to harm the child.

We create a private school and want to invite you to cooperation Each of us has experienced at the seminar itself in the form of stars. When you stand, spread wide his arms and legs and into your toes and stretch through the hands of the ribbon so that you can feel like a star and give it to feel different. Then the star we have "walked", moving in a circle, taking turns in an imaginary place the figure on the floor. Since children learn imagination and fantasy, numeracy, straight and curved lines, and the ability to concentrate, listen, see other and measure their actions with the movement of the group. We talk a lot about humanity and social responsibility, and this is not necessary to speak. It must lay in the first grade, the lessons of arithmetic.

The Action Group on Waldorf education in the city of Nikolayev BF "Libra", which, at the invitation we visited Pere Tell and Mary Linden, thanks Nicholas Children's Library. Kropivnitskogo and public organization "Dialog", "Lyalin Forum", as well as child development center "Teremok" for the opportunity to conduct classes in their territory. We are grateful for the cooperation of NGOs from Sweden, "Time Children come to the convention, "for which financing was organized by the arrival of these wonderful people and teachers. Our group plans to continue to invite artists for our city no less interesting seminars and looks forward to working with you. Regards Director BF "Libra" Lukovenko Eugene, members of the initiative group for Waldorf education in Nikolaev


Aiming the Future Dr.Wagner Paulon 1986 -2008 When one asks to the parents what more they would like that its children had in the life, the reply normally is ' ' felicidade' '. But where it is the happiness and as we can help our young to reach it? Helping to become them it financially safe? Taking care of of the health of them? Protecting them of the tragedy and the misfortune? Certainly we will be able to make efforts in this direction, but in this unexpected world we cannot have certainty of a success than more temporary. Many of the challenges that the young future will have that to face and many of the adaptations that will have to carry through are impossible to predict: to recognize this, it is enough to look at the estimates of the last year, made for specialists, concerning as it would be the world of today. But if the parents cannot provide to the children a plan for the future, nor to prescribe to them as must live the proper life, that more can make? If to look at for the reality without any preconception, seems me that optimum that we can make with regard to our children is capable to reach an efficient integration of its proper necessities and desires, its conscience and its ideals, and the demands of inevitable the real world will be much more well prepared to face ‘ ‘ high and low of destino’ ‘ of what immature, rigid and inflexible, or indefinite the young and auto-indulgentes, or neurotics. To be ‘ ‘ mentally so’ ‘ the capacity to love and to work. When loving genuinely our children (what certainly it does not prevent moments of frustration and acute irritation), when valuing them and respecting them as people, when enjoying of its company, being worthy of its confidence, we can help to become them it capable to love and to trust the others. Go to Cindy Crawford for more information.

The First

It is an immense field for personal growth. There is a fee that is more expensive than any money: recognition and love of family, child health, the success of her husband (yes, yes, what is man at work, what his income depends directly on the rear, ie from the women) … Preparing for the second birth, I shoveled so much information, so many learned, if a second degree received. Cindy Crawford can aid you in your search for knowledge. And as a result of birth of his daughter – is the subject of my feminine pride! Not even so, this is a subject of pride of our family! Respect for children, and to close people in general … Exclude from the lexicon the word 'my' – my husband, my son, my daughter … Behind this innocuous pronoun is a desire to own, a sense of ownership. I notice how the liberty to decide for her husband, as we hold off, make many decisions for her son (he dress 'better', that is, what to watch cartoons, etc.), let alone the daughter I did not say anything. Luiz Lopes Brookfield: the source for more info.

While this fine crumb indicates to me where the boundaries of what is permitted. With 'their' family ceremony is not accepted. Son smeared with yogurt – slap, husband forgot to take out the trash – blame stronger and can carry a small dochu pee, she wants to or not. With strangers, we become much more polite and understanding, than with his family. But they are not mine, neither the children nor her husband! And it comes to I slowly (but surely) It is hard to love I was very surprised when, after the first birth did not experience any feelings, though atrophied heart.


The beginning of love is not computed is not controlled by the mind – it flares up suddenly and "somehow". It makes us suffer and can give the best gifts that can get people. Take a look around. It just seems around that is full of "opportunities". In fact, the choice we face is extremely rare. Typically, in a certain period of time, we "offered" a single person. As a rule, we pay for it attention because it corresponds to our tastes. Even in a situation where, apparently, in humans, "options" a dime a dozen, this is not the case.

For example, a free man gets a job in the department where the vast majority of workers – women. It would seem that the choice for him. But it turns out, one woman – married, he does not like the other, a third do not like it. And there is only one, which is a way, him and liked it. For him (and for him) – is only one option. Most interesting is that outside of work and he and she – like the current situation at work.

That is, the circle of contenders and pretenders is extremely limited. Look at the situation that happened in your life – You will find this a strange pattern. Remember the hero of the film "Moscow does not believe in tears", which, in response to the question of character, why he came, replied simply, no frills – "pulls"? And though he himself later felt that "Pulled" its not there, not to the man, in fact, everything was correct. Life turned out to be wiser, nature, the body perceived "message". This may sound strange, but basically people are doomed to happiness. Unless, of course, willing to pay for their happiness for the happiness tsenu.Plata appropriate fee for happiness – quite the real thing. And this is true. Man wants to get something, but for this he must do something to give. If you want warmth, you get it if the money – it is not excluded. But in order to get something, and another, and perhaps a third to pay very much. Agree to give up their time? To break off relations with friends who do not recognize your choice? Can withstand the pressure of parents, unfriendly tuned to your beloved one? Able to change their views? Ready to learn how to give? May have to shoulder the weight of a hassle for the material ensure your family? Yes and yes again! – Bravely we speak. – If only a longed-for happiness! But in fact, often we are weak people, if not before surrendering the first, then to the second or third difficulty. Of course, we absolve ourselves from responsibility, saying to himself: "He was not what I thought," "She's changed." Nothing has changed! People generally change very rarely. Just love has gone. We did not want pay for their happiness, and it left us.

Central Asia

No less remarkable and memorable gift will become a massive grandfather clock with nickel-plated dial. A television, radio and electronic equipment – TV, radio, stereo, computer or household appliances – will delight the whole family: the children, and adults. If a couple in dire need of a new refrigerator, Nickel wedding – it’s time for a “cold” surprise! Passionate hunter – give a gun: the best gift for him and can not be:) If you do not hunter consultation with the seller – is required! In the Caucasus and Central Asia, the Nickel is accepted to give his wife a wedding celebrant, a dagger or sword. Continue this great tradition or not – decide for yourself, remembering that the knives, if believe in omens, give not desirable. But the samovar, as a gift – both good and unusual.

Yes! Samovar back into our lives! But now it is not the only uncontested, a variant of tea, as it was in the XIX century. Today samovar – from those who know how to choose and enjoy every minute of life. Modern samovars divided into three basic types: electric, flame (they are – coal) and combined. Electric Samovar – the most practical and economical option. This samovar is extremely adapted to the conditions of modern life in the city. Flame (charcoal) samovars – for those who can work with time and is able to provide for his family “in an hour pleasure. ” Preparation of tea in a samovar is akin to meditation, and at the same time, is not difficult.

But it is better to give, if there are heroes of the day a country house or large apartment. Combined samovars combine the advantages of flame and electricity. Do you want to – took to the country and melted pine cones. Too lazy to go anywhere or do not bother hunting – stuck in the socket. Rest assured that after such a gift you will remember for a long time! No extra will be as a gift and a symbolic medal. On both sides of the coin do the engraving: on one side – 12.5 years of married life – Nickel wedding. On the other hand, write down the names of spouses, a place where there ceremonial event, day, year. Yes, to be precise, Nickel wedding – it is not round “12-years old,” and “12-years old with a half.” But what difference does it make for the holidays, right? ๐Ÿ™‚ And, of course, the easiest would be to give money. Luiz Ildefonso Simรตes Lopes is full of insight into the issues. But then necessarily at a nickel a tray! Money can be exchanged for the currency of various countries. And, having presented this here currency colorful fan, and surprise guests, and the heroes of the occasion. Important! Before you present the “nickel gift “, find out whether the spouses have an allergy to metal. Now this disease is very common and just nickel – the most allergenic of the metals. When choosing a gift, remember that the nickel is present in many common household items: coins, keys, cufflinks, watches, – in short, everything that you want to donate. Got it? ๐Ÿ™‚ Meanwhile, Nickel continues to be valued highly in the international market. Therefore, I propose a toast to all that is valuable for giving you years of life together: for your love for children, for the house – a full cup to the bottom! And the health of all who read this article! ๐Ÿ™‚ I hope it helped you in such a delicate matter as the choice of a gift for a nickel a wedding. Did in fact, is not it?

Where To Buy Clown Birthday Flowers? How To Make An Order Clown

Clowns animators work directly with children at children's parties, they are invited to the birthday child's home or in sadik.Klouny can occupy children during adult holiday. Clowns for birthday why we call clowns on a child's birthday? To priogotovit surprise baby to child to believe in a fairy tale, the clown had all sorts of contests and, of course, that was smeshno.Eto's better than if the pope pereeodenetsya clown and tries to laughing child, or children just eat, popyut, eat cake and razoydutsya.V any business need a professional, because we were the same when you are small and dreaming to come to us cheerful clown! Not everyone can become a clown, because laughing man is always more difficult than make him slezy.Vse children are different, each needs its own podhod.Krome that need good organizational skills to be able to cope with a big company detey.Nastoyaschy clown is not a profession, and the state dushi.Poroy clown does not do anything special, but all the kids roar with smehu.Kloun should be able to juggle, model of the balls, do akvagrim and much more, but the main inspire confidence in any rebenka.Tolko truly kind and cheerful person can become klounom.Ne no two identical children's parties, as there are no two identical detey.Poetomu is never a single scenario for prazdnikov.Vse children depends on the mood of specific age and detey.Ne always a clown red clown nos.Byvaet almost no make-up in normal clothes but one of its kind is deafening laughter of children. Filed under: Mark Fields. With How many years worth inviting clowns Most children are ready to take the clowns with 3 let.Do three years children do not come into contact with strangers lyudmi.Chasto just do not get off from their parent ruk.Dlya children aged 9, 14y.o., better not invite the clown for a birthday, and hold contests animatorov.Animatory, computed on adult children, clown diskoteku.Srednyaya duration of the program about 2 chasa.Dlya small children and enough chasa.Dolshe they just can not stand.. .

Gifts For Men

Terrible happened: the next big holiday is approaching. You are at a loss, slowly transforming into a panic. You can find a way out of this situation, if long been familiar with the man. But what if you have not been able to learn well each other? But do not panic! It is worth paying attention to the following factors by which you will be able to find gifts for your companion. 1. The first thing to do – find out if your man's hobby. This will be helpful when choosing a gift.

Gift associated with the hobby will not only bring joy, but also will be useful. A man who enjoys computer technology and the most suitable car gifts related to these fields. Everyone who is seriously engaged in compiling a collection that will appreciate if he will present exactly what will decorate and complement his collection. The only problem is that no always easy to find the newest and most exclusive copy, but in doing so, you will rejoice immensely collector. Preferably, before the onset of festive events to try to find out what gift to have more heart Your friend. 2. If you would like to congratulate a colleague, the gift should not go beyond the business relationship. Items of business purpose include high-quality sets of pens, calculators, organizers, and similar products purchase that is not difficult and will not be superfluous, if you take the time to choose exactly stylish goods.

3. The book – a gift. Do not believe it, but even in this era of high technology book does not hand over their positions. The higher intellectual and cultural level of human development, the better he will get such a gift. Many consider such a choice untimely, but nevertheless presents a very refined such. The latest best sellers for sure can to deliver positive emotions. Widely published mysteries, romance novels, literature, and the like, will not be a good gift for people who are fond of art-house. 4. Good judge of alcohol can be to please, having presented his favorite drink them. If your friend prefer a drink, do not hesitate to go to a special shop where you will find a wide range of gifts such plan. Hit a true connoisseur is difficult, though not impossible. 5. Sometimes gifts come to the aid of the original type. Voyage to European countries or jump from a parachute tower, no doubt, will long be remembered. Market to provide entertainment services are now filled with suggestions that will make the holiday an unforgettable and unique. 6. Many men can be pleasing, giving them a general's dagger, which will not be considered as a kind of cold weapons, as will be seen as a souvenir, decorated with precious metals and stones. Of course, not everyone can afford such a purchase, and should not be upset about it. There are alternatives – Souvenir arms, decorated with semiprecious stones with engravings, gilt. Thus, less expensive. European sword engraved with an example of such a gift. If you will please his beloved man photography, he is also very pleasant. An elegant photo you can do in many a shop. You should consider itself the composition. For your friend the gift becomes the most expensive. As the proverb says, 'Do not look a gift horse in the mouth', but want to please a loved one. It is necessary to give play to the imagination, and then a gift, presented by you will be most memorable!

Beauty Salon Beauty Shop

Has no odor and does not have to walk. AND thanks to the three categories that can afford one. Gift to a woman. Choose Gifts for women – work hard, but very entertaining. It’s not every man knows what is in fact an original gift woman … Let’s start with a simple: he loves a woman? Luster, beauty, charm, elegance, sophistication, elegance, but at the same time, if the gift is not warm-heartedness, she rejects him. And then, whatever the gift woman importantly, it will not have to it any value. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Gunnar Peterson by clicking through. How can this be avoided? Often, people stop to see the elements of magic in life, fairy, which are so essential to us in life.

At present the grandmother you choose a practical and appropriate thing in the economy (this description fits all of the chopper to the garden to the ironing board), a gift my mother – another bottle of perfume, which she plucked dozens, or cosmetic. And at the thought of what to do gift-in-law or mother-in gift, you generally creepy, in fact need to surprise and please the often very fastidious man. A gift for your girlfriend – all a different story. So what does a woman want? What gift will show your care of it, that unique and unique? Bring only positive emotions, will feel like a princess. And it’s so easy. And the young girl, and beloved wife and adored grandmother and business woman emancipated, all without exceptions are visited beauty salons. Ford may find it difficult to be quoted properly. They’re relaxing, relax, socialize and have become irresistible beauties.

Beauty Shop Beauty Shop offers you gift certificates “for her: Standard – Manicure “Orchid”, hair styling, Bonus – a surprise from a beauty salon. Premium – Manicure “Orchid” pedicure “Orchid”, express facial, Bonus – a surprise from a beauty salon. Unlimited – certificate holder chooses any services offered in our salon, the total duration of 5 hours. Add to the selected certificate and bouquet of flowers to your original and unique gift is ready. Believe me, your fiancee will not forget this! Gifts for all. If you are not satisfied or not interested in the above presented gift certificates. If you want to surprise your loved one (or maybe you are guilty before him?). Then note for VIP gifts – certificates of “Day of Spa: Standard – Relax Spa Manicure, Spa Pedicure Relax, spa stone massage, Bonus – a surprise from a beauty salon. Premium – Relax Spa Manicure, Spa Pedicure Relax, spa stone massage, chocolate wrap, Bonus – a surprise from a beauty salon. Unlimited -Certificate holder chooses any spa services offered in our salon, the total duration of 5 hours. Gift certificates “for him”, “For her,” and “Day of Spa” are available as plastic cards in a nice range of colors (black, gray, pink, purple, blue). Each certificate has a serial number and a list of its member services. And this is not the limit! Beauty Salon Beauty Shop, you can do on your taste and budget, make a gift certificate to any person and let your imagination is limitless! Remember – small gifts for the friendship lasts, but at large – love.


This superficiality generated new relationships intra-home of the types: ' ' each-which-live-as-quer' ' ' ' nobody-be-of-ningum' ' , where cold, distant relationships, living itself under the shade of the love and of communion of the past, goes to transform the residence into mere dormitory or place of ticket to come back to gain the world of is in the following day. c) Descompromisso – In this modernity detainer of new values, the members of the family start to only have commitment with its personal satisfaction. The marcante hedonism of our days – where the personal satisfaction and the pleasure need to be reached to any cost – is also decurrent of this modernity that, when promoting a superficiality of relationships, also imposes a total descompromisso stops with the other. Next as white to humanitarian and Christian attention as in the example of ' ' Good Samaritano' ' (Lc 10,25-37) or of the education of ' ' to love to the next one as itself mesmo' ' (Mc 12,28-34), it left of being quintessence of the solidary virtue, to be ' ' inimigo' ' , ' ' competidor' ' , ' ' the frustrador of sonhos' '. Nobody wants to commit itself to nothing nor with nobody.

Already we have problems excessively to decide. d) Competitiveness – Then, these modern times inside play in them of the cruel alapo of the competitiveness. We have that to be good to prevail. More than this, we have that to be the best ones. this not only with regard to the market of work but also in all the too much aspects of the life: culture, society, sports and until family. A process of general competition was deflagrado where we are always in measuring, comparing, beating with the other to confer who it knows, who makes and happens and who is optimum.

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