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Antonio Venezuela

Go to your room. Put environment, close the curtains, all dark, with the temperature you like in the morning. Keep the bedtime routine before a "brush, put on your pajamas (yes, put on your pajamas, do everything as if you went to sleep, etc.). Set the alarm a few minutes later, I practiced three minutes. Lie down as if you went to sleep, arropate, put in your position sleep and close your eyes relax, think about how rich he is sleeping. Now when your alarm sounds, get up as quickly as possible. Take a deep breath and stretch. Then sit back, plant his feet on the ground and stand up.

Smile, then do the steps that you normally do when you wake up. For me, as I said before, is going to select the shirt of the day. Ok, shake it up a bit, returns to pre-sleep conditions, back to bed, put the alarm again, and repeat. Do it over and over again until it becomes so automatic that you do the whole ritual without thinking. If you have to a pensara any step (such as hearing an inner voice that tells you to do), then you're not ready yet. Feel free to do so several times in the day, as many times as necessary. Imagine it's like the gym, so many repetitions per day, many days a week. Sure, take some time to do this, but nothing compared to the time you'll gain by being awake.

A few hours of practice will make you earn hundreds of hours each year. I for example I'm getting up one hour earlier than normal, which gives me gain 365 hours per year: To these are 45 weeks of eight hours each side!. It is this additional time that keeps me writing without neglecting my work or my family. With enough practice, and here can not tell you how much you need for every human being is different, you generate a new physiological condition the sound of your alarm. When the alarm sounds, immediately you get up, without even thinking. It will be part of your routine, and the more you practice, the stronger will. When it becomes a daily habit, not need to practice more. Only be strengthened with each passing day. Not even for long periods and unexpected, like a vacation, the pattern is lost: it will take very little time to recover. If you want to change this pattern, you'd have to start again for the period of practice until you get that new pattern. A Once you have established this pattern of getting up unconsciously, I suggest you put the alarm at the same time the first 30 days. Then you can change by several hours for weekends, for example. You will see that the time is not important, but the sound of the alarm. Sure you will like. There has to be at 5 am, evil eye! Adapt them to your working conditions or student. Method offers the benefit of the doubt. Try: total, by now you might have tried other methods with medium efficiency. This will not disappoint. I hope you comment me like I was with the method and if you have succeeded in establishing this unconscious pattern successfully. Well, it's 2 am and I have to wake up early tomorrow. For your success. Antonio Venezuela, 34, father of twin boys, Petroleum Engineer with a passion for writing. He has worked in over 25 countries and currently lives in Southeast Asia.