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He is that generally the professors receive summaries ready, of this form, elaborate its individual planejamentos, forgetting that practical the pedagogical one reflects as a whole, thus contributing for a restricted docncia. (PEPPER; ANASTASIOU, 2010). In the conception of GIL, (2010, P. 8): ' ' The main paper of the professor of superior education starts to be, therefore, to form people, to prepare them for the life and citizenship and to train them as privileged agents of the progress social.' ' Thus, the professor and pupil carry out simultaneous papers primordial elements in the education process learning for which the professor if makes gift in intention to lead the construction of knowing. Although many have this vision, others, keep an attitude conservative, authoritarian and they do not make use of information on new techniques and methodologies that are in focus in the docncia of superior education. In this perspective, superior education is in fact a great challenge, therefore nor always the professor if makes use to partilhar with the academics the educative process where to democratize the space he has left of a line of where he must be permeada by the research, discovered, development and construction of the knowledge. The docncia must search better to know for its educators with the objective to get better resulted and having the conscience that the main focus of this search, will be always the growth of the professor and the pupil. As already we pontuamos, superior education becomes challenger, therefore needs to be reinventado constantly when considering that the social world interlaces in the daily academic. It is (BECKER, 2001, p 125) that it strengthens this argument when affirming that: ' ' The education must be a process of knowledge construction which occurs, in complementaridade condition, for one, side, the pupils and professors and, for another one, the social problems current and the knowledge already construdo.' ' Therefore, to commit themselves to education and to assume a position of person who orientates of the activities that it stimulates to the academic development of its group are a teaching function.

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In relation to the sciodemogrfico profile, the interviewed ones have on average 36 years and possess university formation in the other courses, they tell not to have experience in the area, and recently they had made courses of qualification offered by the government, with pretensions to make a specialization in special education. The classrooms special possess between 11 and 19 pupils, including boys and girls, whose ages vary between 11 the 21 years. The first point to be analyzed is to identify the objective of the inserted special classroom in a regular college. One of the interviewed ones affirmed that: ‘ ‘ We have the objective to prepare the pupil for inclusion, alfabetizando and brightening up shunting lines of conduta’ ‘. This demonstrates that the process of integration in this school consists of adapting special the carrying pupils of deficiency in classrooms, where is in this situation until obtaining to follow a regular group. According to it informs of Warnock (1978) apud Coll. (2004, P.

24): The integration is physical when the classroom or unit of special education is inserted in an education institution, however is an independent organization, although to share some places as patio or refectory. In these state schools similar processes occur, however it can be said that they are not total independent organizations and the pupils do not share only the same spaces, but also participate of activities of integration. According to interviewed, the integration more occurs in the activities extraclassrooms, any activities, thus they is enclosed. In the visits to the institutions it can be observed integrativas activities, in many of them the pupils of the special classroom assayed for presentation of a group next to the too much pupils of the school.

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Between days 15 and 25 of September 64 Internationale Automobil-Ausstellung, or International Hall of Frankfurt happens, that alternating to each two years with the Hall of Paris serving as great palco them great marks will show its main new features. The sustainable movement each time gains more force in the automotivo world and in this substance we go to disclose some vehicles electric that will go to be presented in the Hall of Frankfurt 2011. Audi A2 the launching of the Audi counts on an electric engine of 113cv, 85kW and 27,5kgfm of torque. With maximum speed of 150km/h, a2 will reach of 0 100km/h in 9 seconds. Most interesting of a2 it is its autonomy of 200km and its capacity to fill the load of the battery in 4 hours connected in a 240 taking of volts. Thus, the new Audi A2 is ideal for the great cities. Audi Urban Concept the expectation of success of the Audi in Frankfurt, is on account of the Urban Concept, that is manufactured with carbon fiber. With place for two people and esportivo finishing, the propulsion is caused by two electric engines fed by batteries of ions and lithium installed in the behind part of the vehicle.

BMW i3 BMW i3 is the pioneer in the electric line of the mark, that supports the concept ecological. Indicated for the urban use, the automobile counts on a trunk of 200 liters and loads up to four passengers. The electric engine produces 170cv and 25,4kgfm of torque and the autonomy is of 160Km, with the battery reaching its complete load in 6 hours. Citroen Tubik Making use of the Hybrid4 system of the PSA, this van that it occupies 9 people is equipped with an engine to diesel that traciona the wheels of the front and a moved engine the electricity that traciona the wheels behind.