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Veterinary Safety

Table 1. Influence of age prikotorom piglets reach 23-24 kg in mass feeding efficiency. Age, days 59-63 64-68 69-73 Initial weight, kg 23,1 23,8 24,1 Average daily weight gain, g 762 809 831 Feed intake per day, kg 2,3 2 , 4 2,4 Feed Conversion 3 3 2,9 Backfat thickness, mm 13,2 12,8 13,1 diameter of the longissimus dorsi, mm 50,8 51,3 52 2 pigs slaughtered at mass of 108 kg, backfat thickness and diameter of the longissimus dorsi muscle measured by ultrasound. These and other findings confirm that the piglets that required more time to reach 23 kg, do not grow worse during the rearing and fattening than their larger at birth relatives. In these piglets fewer muscle fibers, but fiber diameter larger.

It turns out that a smaller number of fibers is compensated by an increase in their thickness. Thus, piglets born melkovesnymi bring real additional revenue pig if the correct approach. Of course, this requires a lot of work and ensure that: the organization of production conditions content; Veterinary Safety. Optimization of animal nutrition. Keyword – 'TIME': Timely alignment litters, the use of sow-stepmother, with the proviso that the little piglets are placed to the rich milk uterus significantly reduce mortality. In fact, mortality (all live-born piglets) in heterogeneous nests actually fell from 32% to 7,5% in the aligned slots. Control of farrowing. Viability piglets strongly depends on the occurrence of birth asphyxia, and the little piglets are more susceptible to asphyxia than the larger ones.

Feeding extra milk. Split weaning. Use powerful tools to support the weak piglets. Immune Support (globulins). Stimulation of intestinal microflora (probiotics). Easily available energy and vitamins. This will significantly reduce deaths of newborn piglets. Conditions of detention. Basic requirements – Dry, clean, warm. Veterinary Safety. Preventing the introduction of diseases from outside and preventing the development of existing diseases. Optimization of animal nutrition – the technology of feeding: Feeding sows during gestation and lactation. 1) Quality, quantity and activity of piglets. 2) The maximum milk production to improve the chances melkovesnym piglets get enough milk. Application in practice modern system of training and weaning. 1) The optimal development of the digestive system of piglets to weaning. 2) Prevention of intestinal disorders. 3) Stimulation of food intake. It is important that all these technologies have already been adapted in Rossii.Vyvody With good production conditions and feeding actually keep and grow melkovesnyh birth of piglets. Investment in conservation of these pigs quickly recovered and determine the competitiveness of enterprises.

Nutritional Values

Roasted asparagus, yellow sweet pepper and green onions 4 servings. Since asparagus – "relative" the onion family, it has the same properties. Sesame seeds will be more flavorful if it ignited in the pan without masla.1 tablespoon olive oil 1 teaspoon ground ginger or 1 tablespoon minced fresh ginger root, 1 kg of asparagus, chopped into pieces of 3 cm (can use canned) 8 stalks green onions, cut into pieces of 3 cm, 1 large yellow bell pepper, chopped straw, chopped 4 cloves garlic, 2 tablespoons soy sauce 2 teaspoons sesame seed. Ignited in a large frying pan over high heat, pour into it vegetable oil. In hot oil, put the ginger and fry for 15 seconds. Add asparagus, green onions and peppers. Cook, stirring occasionally, 4 minutes. Add the garlic, soy sauce, sesame seeds, salt.

Nutritional value per serving – 155 calories, fat – 5 grams of protein – 9 g, carbohydrates – 24 g, Fiber – 9 g egg casserole with rye bread, tomatoes and cheese Makes 4 servings. Preparation – 10 minutes. Preparation – 6-10 minut.1 tablespoon vegetable oil 8 slices rye bread, diced, 400 g chopped canned tomatoes, chopped 1 cup shredded cheese cheddar, 1 cup skim milk 4 large eggs 2 teaspoons sweet mustard, 1 / 4 teaspoon ground black pepper 2 tablespoons grated cheese Parmesan, garlic powder, dried basil and oregano – to taste. Preheat oven to 170 C. Whisk milk, eggs, mustard and pepper. Lubricate oil a baking dish measuring about 10 x 30 cm Put to the bottom of cubes of bread on top – tomatoes, sprinkle with cheese cheddar, basil, garlic powder and oregano.