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Our Eyes Are

Our eyes – it's the first thing that gives information about our condition when we are worried, tired. When we are comfortable with – her eyes radiant with joy. It is therefore very important to pay particular attention to the skin around the eyes, it is precisely at this site skin is very thin and contains almost no oil glands, which leads to early wrinkles, dark circles and swelling. To help our skin look good must be properly and carefully look after her. First and foremost, you must thoroughly remove eye makeup, and do so strictly recommended for this purpose by means that must necessarily dermatologichno tested.

There is a special milk for make-up remover eye. The tool may be a liquid, oil or gel form. If you use waterproof cosmetics – must be purchased and the appropriate cleaners. All women who wear contact lenses, do not Fatty recommended cleaners and water-resistant mascara. Removing make-up, this should be done carefully and accurately. It is best to moisten the cotton tamponchik milk (emulsion) and place on eyelids for 40-60 seconds, and then gently cleanse the skin without stretching it.

Rinse off makeup must necessarily every night! By the choice of a cream or gel to the skin around the eyes should be treated very seriously, focusing on something which factor you want to eliminate. For young skin cream will not work with components that tighten and smooth out wrinkles. A mature skin requires special attention. Buying makeup, read the instructions carefully, paying attention to such moments: at what age group is targeted for cosmetics, which she has an action (removal of edema, dark circles, smooth wrinkles or wetting) the ingredients (very cool if the tool is composed of natural ingredients such as aloe, chamomile, cucumber …), dermatological and ophthalmologic control (cream should be hypoallergenic), and most importantly, working life. It is also very important to apply cream. It can not be rubbed into the skin, so as not to damage it, it is best to apply small polka dots and light, vibrant movement spread over the surface of the skin. In no case do not use expired makeup. And cosmetics in general, to avoid potential infection should be changed every four months. It is better to give preference to creams in tubes with a narrow tip – is not only convenient, but also protects the cream from oxidation and hit by microorganisms. To remove the swelling under the eyes, you can use special creams and gels, or try homemade recipes. It is recommended to use a mask of parsley root. For its manufacturing kink parsley roots through a meat grinder and put on eye area for 15-20 minutes, then rinse with warm water. Swelling under the eyes can be caused by disturbances in health, so do not interfere with medical consultation. To camouflage dark circles Eye can use special correctors, flaws that make the skin around the eye is almost imperceptible.

Is Health Insurance Necessary For Students?

Is health insurance students always necessary? Important for which should be examined before concluding whether there is a country with the aim of a social security agreement, then an additional health insurance is usually not necessary. This of course only for people who are members of a statutory health insurance. In one study or internship in the U.S. as an international health insurance is always useful, as there is no public health insurance provides benefits and the costs are very expensive. The health insurance should always be completed prior to departure. A combination of a normal health insurance travel abroad with the foreign policy is non-sense.

Reason that most of the normal health insurance travel abroad, apply to a very limited time and if an insured event has occurred, the connection is then insurance may refuse to pay benefits because the insured event has occurred then, if necessary before commencement of insurance already. When going abroad for short periods if necessary, a simple Travel health insurance may be sufficient. One of the offers is worth the most. It is important to always check insurance cover is offered only for holidays or for example for an international internship, study abroad. Many policies offer insurance cover is unfortunately only for a holiday. Major categories of benefits from the foreign travel insurance are: Outpatient, inpatient care, insurance coverage for dental treatment or for dentures, what is the return regulated (must Notrettungen the insurer claimed, or if there is “free choice?), Which is at funeral or repatriation made. As the exclusion is regulated to existing diseases?