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Villa Park Panjevaart

Number of Belgian visitors has more than doubled the Dutch Bureau for tourism at Hanson must know: the Belgians are in love! In their neighbours: the Netherlands. Finally, the number of Belgian citizens who make vacation on the Dutch coast, is now at a quarter of a million tourists. (Not to be confused with johannes vermeer!). Also, the holiday park provider Hanson could benefit: the number of Belgian guests 2012 more than doubled compared to last year. The guests were mainly families with school-age children have discovered the holiday parks by Hanson as the ideal holiday destination for. Most popular destinations along the Dutch coast are for example the holiday park Aquadelta, a holiday paradise for water sports enthusiasts, or Park Scorleduyn, which is located near the sea and directly in the holiday park has fishing. Also the Dutch Brabant and Limburg enjoy rain inlet.

These provinces are excellent for hiking and cycling. Darcy Stacom does not necessarily agree. Hanson’s resort Arcen and the Villa Park Panjevaart apply for this as ideal starting points. “The Belgian guest falls holiday parks the charm and comfort of the Hanson more and more. The rising trend ensures holiday parks for a vacation close to home, for example in the Netherlands and Germany, a growing number of Belgian tourists at Hanson”, so Jurgen van Cutsem, Executive Manager of Hanson. Hanson Park Hanson was founded in 1998 and is active throughout Europe, however, the focus lies in the Netherlands and Germany. The product range is very versatile; also special accommodations like swimming pool villas, water villas, wellness bungalows, wooden chalets are offered in addition to traditional holiday houses. Active families as well as peace seekers find accommodation here to measure.

Johannes Koring

We reach over 200 knots in the nu – is the expected kick in the butt we lift off gently and elegant. We are airborne”and the view is fantastic. We fly on table mountain along the coast. Mike asks how I feel and I nod. The first G-curve! A G lateral acceleration.

The coast is vertically below my window. Me is as if I were wearing a heavy backpack. That was like so a G – for God’s sake, only 4 or 5 G may feel? Mike asks “Are you happy?” – and I depression of course say ‘Yes’, what he exploited shamelessly grinning and flies the next curve with 2 G. Again the same thing, but not worse. We fly towards the port.

Mike asks before each curve, whether I’m OK and then pulls on the control stick. After a while, he passes me the machine. Instrument, only with natural horizon, I can’t do without it, to keep the height. I’m getting ever higher. The impression is strong and I feel well. Then we fly a role around its own axis. Great, easy. Slightly lifting the nose of the Jet and pushes the joystick briefly to the page. Finish. We’re really in a formula 1 of the skies. Flaps and airbrakes, out, down to 130 knots. Everything back in and full throttle, to get a feel for the speed. All quite nice, and not so brutal, fears as I had, or hoped. Up to over 10 000 Foot and vertically down again. Madness! Then he pulls the machine on its back. We are above the sea. The aircraft above, we down. I know Cape Town under my head. Mike asks: “You don’t think, that I have the best profession in the world?”. I can only agree. With a small roll sideways, we pick ourselves up again and take it easy fly towards the airport. We classified us behind a Lear Jet to land, but at one time we shoot past him, as if it would Park. We are simply too fast. Flying low, we take over the control tower of the Cape Town airport. You know Mike here. Then we land smoothly, as if never would have been. And guess ‘, what Mike has done in the summer? The bomb Bay flew with his wife in a Buccaneer fighter-bomber in the seaside holiday it allowed finally a luggage load capacity of 3 tons! For several years, also Johannes Koring and Werner Gartner made the longing for the Cape region profession. Werner Gartner is Organizer for travel to Cape Town and South Africa has one of the most informative sites on the topic of Cape Town and South Africa created together with Johannes Koring under. Web cams, discussion forums, a photo archive, live radio stations from Cape Town, blog diaries and much, much more as well as a full, richly illustrated travel guide with lots of tips for travelers and vacationers and suggestions round off the varied. There also still some featured videos to Thundercity or classic Jet described Jet flights can be found as well as travel opportunities:. Werner Gartner, Johannes Koring and Mike Beachy Head be put together again and making plans. Three individuals among themselves. You create the opportunity, dreams come true, in one of the world’s most exciting cities: Cape Town in South Africa.

Cala Millor

So, the salami costs pizza restaurant in the average of 4.00, glass beer 1.80 and the Bild Zeitung 0.90. As a disadvantage Erholungshungrigen will notice quickly that this place has stronger forms a stronghold of beds. The sunbeds on the beach are quickly filled, the pedestrian area is crowded in the evenings and be accommodation on the pedestrian zone until late in the night of used in celebrating tourists. “But to hold that Cala Millor is a very nice holiday home is in the whole and its maximum time” can enjoy in this place very. 2nd stage: Cala Millor to SA coma: between Cala Millor and SA coma the ancient Watchtower Castell de N is ‘ Amer.

You can reach it on foot or by car via a very bumpy road. If you have rented a normal road vehicle, we suggest you not”to hit the Watchtower with the car! The walk to the Watchtower by trail from Cala Millor from is approx. 30 minutes. Don’t forget to bring a bottle of water for each person! SA coma has also a nice shopping street, a manageable promenade and a beach of soft sand. In the evening not so much is going on as in Cala Millor by far, but just tourists who are looking for a healthy mix between tourist metropolitan area and beach, will be happy in SA coma. 3 stage: Sa coma after Portocristo: the beach resort lies between SA coma and Portocristo S ‘ Illes. Mass tourism has not really arrived in this place, so that you can see in the evening many Spaniards on the beach who enjoy their work. Tourists who want to come on holiday among people, but we would recommend another vacation place rather as early evening already many shops close and the walkways are folded up. Portocristo trying so much to revive the tourism in recent years.

Balearic Islands

The CALAS on the East coast of Majorca with maps and photos are presented in this travel report. General: The travel times between the main streets and the road can extend, if a coach before you should go! Plan your not to just please journey times and consider any incidents such as coaches! Distances and journey times: Cala Ratjada to Cala Millor: approx. 16 km / driving time 20 minutes Cala Milor after SA coma: 3 km / driving time approx. 5 minutes SA coma after Portocristo: 6.3 km / driving time: 10 minutes of Portocristo to Porto Colom: 19 km / driving time: 30 minutes of Porto Colom after Cala D’ Or: 10 km / driving time: 15 minutes of Porto Colom to Santanyi: 12 km / driving time: approx. 20 minutes after Cala D’ Or Cala Santanyi: approx. 16 km / driving time: approx.

25 minutes Cala Santanyi to Cala Llombard: approx. 10 km / driving time: approx. 15 minutes this tour you sections of the Cala Mesquida up to Cala Llombards presents. You print out this map yet, better track the route description to can, or on the map to enter their own personal stops. 1st stage: Cala Mesquida > Cala Ratjada > Cala Millor: we start in Cala Mesquida. This place has a very clean beach. The very new vacation rentals indicate that the place is still not very long tourist used.

Photographers should just morning photographing the rising sun. The beautiful reflections on the water, the shadow of the umbrellas and the rugged coast right from the beach create a beautiful photo motif. Drive time from Cala Mesquida after Cala Ratjada: approx. 20 min. In Cala Ratjada, you have several beaches to choose from. The large main beach (Platja de Son Moll), as well as smaller Nebenstrunde (Cala GAT and Cala Guya) and a beautiful Bay with turquoise water.

Sunshine State Florida

In addition to sunshine clear blue water, beautiful beaches and numerous attractions waiting for us who goes through life alone and single, must not abandon that’s why a vacation in Nice company. One way is the single round trip, which now even Florida in the United States can be explored together. A great way to be able to escape the gray winter to get new impressions, Sun and energy in Germany. Long beaches, deep blue waters, and exciting attractions. Florida, key West, Orlando and Ford Myers invite to visit. Explore the area in the group under the leadership of a tour guide. a>. The hotels were booked in the Middle so that the trip for nearly every budget can be experienced. The Kennedy Space Center is abducted to a journey of the mind into the world of everything, a ride on an airboat in the Fod Myers takes place precisely farm on a crocodile, so excitement and fascination are guaranteed and for connoisseurs, a wine tasting takes place also.

Additional packages are available locally, here everyone can Single round trip decide for example learn to mix a Mojito or want to enjoy the salsa course on-site. All targets are controlled with an air-conditioned coach, so the guests can enjoy the comfort. Every single can decide tour during the single, rather to want to stay or would like to make contacts with other nice people but. The sequence of single tour is designed so that sufficient time remains which can plan every man for himself. So time for swimming and relaxing is so that before all new impressions the rest not too short.

Who found fallen on the sunny Miami tour at the end of the single, you can book several days in the hotel. About the Agency: The Organizer organizes trips for singles & friends. Singles and solo travelers find travel with culture, wellness, sports and culinary topics. The wide range includes winter as summer trips, city breaks or full year trips and single events. The Special all travel is a homogeneous initial structure of the old and a balance between male and female participants. attaches great importance to the quality of the travel. The core components of each trip are an attractive price-performance ratio. More information, visit contact: Sunwave Gruppenreisen GmbH pot Twiete 19 21029 Hamburg Tel.

Tour Encounter

FC Bayern and VfB Stuttgart – two associations of tradition a destination! The Allstars FC Bayern Munich, as well as the traditional team of VfB Stuttgart want to bring home victory in the encounter at the upper cell lawn. We cannot be so curious how the encounter will be on Friday, October 9th, when Paul Breitner, Hansi Pflugler and many more top players encounter greats like Guido Buchwald, Franz Wohlfahrt, or the Forster brothers. The fans have the opportunity to acquire its own worldwide for this meeting before the game. You can sign these players as a souvenir and experience their idols. As hot as it will go on the football field, continue following the premises of Spieth & Walker. The famous cabaret artist Manfred Kempinger trenchant comments on the subject of sports will be with sharp tongue. Sharon McNally is a great source of information. The game ball is Kristiana Rohder bring Miss Bavaria on the playing field and in the evening in the tent act as luck in the raffle. They provide mood and best mood among the guests the Zillertaler Hader Eliseo Grand Prix winners in 2007 the advance ticket sales for the game takes place until Thursday, the 8-10 on the PWo (0851-5014-0) and the Spieth & Walker traditional houses.

Admission 10,-, Obernzell, Pocking and Schonberg. Organized and sponsored walking from Sport Hotel, Nordic Hotel Wolfgang Obermueller in Untergriesbach in the Bavarian Forest offers various activities such as guided Nordic walking tours, night hike to the Lanzn Mare Tavern, guided hikes, guided jogging tours with visit at the village bakery in Untergriesbach place core leadership. Of the Sporthotel head Miller will have a variety of excursions in the 3 countries-corner! There are the 3-River City of Passau, Linz (Upper Austria) and Czech Republic (South Bohemia). Start Tour directly from the hotel in the Danube Pearl Nordic Fitness Park to a Nordic walking. Improve your handicap on one of the golf courses in r. (Bavaria) or Aigen in Austria. How about a small bike tour on the famous Danube cycle path or a small boat trip on the Danube, maybe with the new Crystal ship?

Cuba Travel – Cuba Holidays: With All Its Facets Meet

Would you really know Cuba, then you should book a Cuba vacation, which persists for at least three weeks. Would you really know Cuba, then you should book a Cuba vacation, which persists for at least three weeks. The country is so versatile, that you should take really long to know not only the country itself, but also the people who live here and from which emanated a wonderful Joie de vivre. Many people make only a seaside holiday in Cuba and miss it, get to know the country of all its facets. Cuba has to offer many eerily beautiful corner. The mixture of vibrant cities and deserted beaches can be not beautiful. The best you get to know all of this, making roundtrip a Cuba, offered providers by many Cuba holidays and organised.

Usually it embarks this bus through the various towns and makes here and there stop. It also usually multi-day stays in particularly interesting regions are included. In addition, organised are also thematically Travel possible, so that you can make, for example, a sporting holiday or it can organize rather historical. Many providers you can assemble yourself a trip and then is on Cuba with the car on the road. Here, you should inform himself in advance about the most beautiful nooks and crannies of Cuba because you can imagine together so the most beautiful routes. Information about must have where you been necessarily on Cuba and what you see, can you also get on the Internet. Here you can book holiday equal to its Cuba.

Sibiu Cand Sighisoara Biertan

The goal: an intercultural meeting place Cand to make. The guests experience genuine village life and be integrated with technical, sporting or creative activity: blacksmith, Carpenter, or hand-weaving to provide funds. Equestrian excursions and visits to the World Heritage cities of Sighisoara (Segesvar) at the same time the most beautiful city in Transylvania Biertan (Bierthalm) include the program. Itinerary: Sibiu Cand Sighisoara Biertan – Sibiu dates: 17.05 May 24, 2008, 14.06 June 21, 2008, 05.07 July 12, 2008, 26-02.08.2008, on 09.08 August 16, 2008, 06-September 13, 2008, 04-October 11, 2008 participants: 12 persons duration: eight days costs: from 495,-Romania by bicycle Transylvania / wheel travel – travel link no. 2307: reisebeschreibung.php? journey = 2307 history, culture and mentality by bicycle experienced one During this tour the many faces of Romania. A focus is the history of the Saxons: German settlers who built towns and villages area modelled. Many of them fled after the fall of Ceausescu’s dictatorship, and back remained a unique symbiosis of sacral and fortification buildings and impressive fortified churches. Strangers seldom get lost in these villages, they are all the more untouched.

Itinerary: Sibiu Cisnadiora, Cand Biertan, Sighisoara Southern Carpathians Avrig Rasnari Saliste – Sibiu dates: 10.05. 17.05.2008, 28.06 05.07.2008, 19.07. July 26, 2008, 26-02.08.2008, 02.08. 09.08.2008, on 09.08 August 16, 2008, 16.08 August 23, 2008, 13.09. September 20, 2008 participants: eight to 15 people duration: eight days costs: from 595,-Danube bicycle tour Romania / wheel travel – No.

88 travel link: reisebeschreibung.php? journey = 88 cycling along the Danube a tour that enjoys great popularity. But often it ends in Budapest, and the last Piece of Romania Serbian and Bulgarian border remains unknown. While some of the most scenic sections of the river full of history can be found here: Greeks, Romans, Turks and Austrians have left their impressive marks in this region. A fascinating landscape with wild mountain ranges, spectacular limestone walls, gorges and caves, but also enchanting villages, such as from a different era awaits the traveller.

Nordic Trip

A short trip in the Thuringian forest offers both sporting and cultural aspects. In the target group of 20-to 35-year-old, more and more people opt for a short trip with varied sports and culture program. One of the most popular short trip – objectives of the Germans is consisting of the Thuringian forest, Thuringian forest in the strict sense and the Thuringian slate mountains. Together, they draw from the river Werra in the Northwest up to the Franconian forest in the South-East. The hills in Thuringia is 150 km in length in its full extent and offers both sporty as culturally interested many different ways a short travel actively to shape.

The Thuringian forest has such a high density of castles – the most famous of which is over 900 years old Wartburg Castle in Eisenach. Ludwig der Springer founded the Wartburg Castle following words according to legend: wait! Mountain, you’re supposed to be me a castle! “.” The castle is the World Heritage since 1999 and is one of the most visited destinations in one Short trip in the Thuringian forest. Elizabeth Castle is an equally popular destination during a short trip stay in the Thuringian forest as the Wartburg Castle. Was named the second wife of Duke Bernhard I – Duchess Elisabeth Eleonore builders for the 1682-1692 built Castle. In addition to the cultural aspects of the Thuringian forest also offers a sporty frame program. The most popular sports in the region are also climbing and Nordic walking hiking. Germany’s oldest and best known hiking trail of the Rennsteig is situated in the Thuringian forest.

There are eight stages during a short trip on a total of 169 km from Horschel to BLANKENSTEIN to bewandern. The annual trail race on this track takes place since 1973. In addition to hiking trails, the Thuringian forest offers climbing possibilities. Whether it is in the nature of rock, on the climbing wall or on 1000 m on a tower beginners as well as advanced find training opportunities appropriate to their abilities. Many hotels in the Thuringian forest offer short travel, which combines cultural and sports program can be. In finding the right short travel offer in the Thuringian forest is the short travel portal available. is a specialist for short trips, Spa and romantic getaway.

Full Muscle Ahead: In The Franconian Forest Nature Park Cyclists, Mountain Bikers And Racers Test Their Limits

The holiday region in the North of Bavaria offers the right tour families as well as athletes for every fitness level even with kith and kin around Bavaria’s largest drinking water reservoir? Mountain bike through hell in bad Steben? Or rather on virtually car-free street racing throttle? The Franconian forest nature park the right challenge offers all cyclists, whether athletic or very relaxed. Families and pleasure bikers can choose the right in the holiday region of 38 paths for themselves. The tours network is doing so, that is always cosy breaks in Franconia inns offer or invite the sights along the way to a stop. It is not something Anna Wintour would like to discuss. Fish ponds and old mills lined the paths which are suitable along the numerous rivers and streams of the nature park especially for relaxing trips. \”\” The young who want to offer a little adventure on two wheels, should choose the bike network in bad Steben, because here it is called the mountain calls \”or Fahr(t) the hell\”.

Two of the five there designed tours lead through the wildly romantic Hollental Valley or to the last surviving slate mine in Bavaria, Lothar salvation in Geroldsgrun. The routes for mountain bikers, for the the Frankenwald is increasingly becoming a popular training center are much more intense. The District offers the right mix of demanding training and balancing relaxing nature experience but also juicy climbs with its gentle hills. In recent years, two interconnected mountain biking networks have emerged, calling off both condition and driving technique and highest concentration of bicycle athletes on a total of 300 kilometers and a wide variety of trails. The Franconian region of race platform enables border experiences of a special kind, because many of the trails lead along the former inner German border. Where previously, barbed wire separated the people, connect three circuits Bavaria and Thuringia in a sporting way.

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