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Dear Fabio Stussi, have buying your course how to recover my expareja. My ex-girlfriend left me 2.5 months ago after 3 years of relationship (where as she went all and had clear was the man of her life, I also towards her one) and for more than one month can’t stop tell me that didn’t have things clear and that he wanted to be my best friend, we continue to see on a regular basis, until we did not touch and own couple’s massages and many days we comportabamos as such (until someday did again future plans). Also were discussing since I tried to convince her that I become together (crying, begging, etc.) and told me that there was no passion (but continued with his attitude within 2-3 days: good morning sweetheart with messages, massages, putting me to test, etc.). Instead, she told me that he was the man of her life, that was the most important thing of his life and that I loved (told me during the first month after the breakup) but that passion had been completed. After a month and a half of much indecision I finally decided to break the communication (when I started reading books). This month I have done everything I was able to go with my friends, play sports, take care of myself, new hobbies, etc. Attempting to restart the contact (since had me to find at the University, she 24 years and I 26 years) has not been very receptive, because it tells me that I’ve left it abandoned during a month and also seems to me that it has begun with another boy (when I found out I asked him and he told me that he was a friend and that is not ready for another relationship) anyway it was very hurt by having left for a month! The second appointment we had was in a park for the picnic and was something more responsive especially when it was advancing the appointment but when we were something better I decided that it was time for the busy and tell him that I had to go (allegedly had been to make a cup of coffee) and was surprised that it was I who would be. .

Renzo Barbera Stadium

FC Internazionale won with a score of 2-1 on his visit to Palermo, in an exciting encounter of the third date of the Italian A series. Inter, champion of the highest Italian League title, arrived at the Renzo Barbera Stadium with a lot of motivation. The match started with both teams are attacking and defending very evenly. As the meeting progressed, both Inter and Palermo left defend themselves and began risking their lines. Both teams were trying to create as many occasions to score a goal. This situation gave him a fun game tone, since there were several interesting moves. In the middle of all the action, two midfielders were responsible for directing the show.

Good moves for Inter came by leave Stamkovic, while Javier Pastore dealt with pace of play of Palermo. The two teams not ceased in their attacks, on the one hand striker Diego Milito was which sought the annotation for Inter, while Abel Hernandez did the same for the local computer. In the Middle a fast-acting, Palermo made a powerful and well executed counterattack which surprised visitors. Fabrizio Micoli, Captain of the premises, baffled Julio Cesar, goalkeeper visitor, with a dangerous shot. Josip Ilicic took advantage of the decline to finish off a ball that was to give the 28 minutes of play at the bottom of the inter networks right. After this annotation and until the end of the first half, both teams tried to find the annotation.

Both teams had a couple of good opportunities to equalize the score, but failed to realize. Palermo started the second part trying to seize control of the game with a rain of direct launches toward the opposing goal. As the clock progressed, the meeting became a little invariable, almost boring, since Milito and Hernandez were still wasting balls and both teams were committing many mistakes. Rafael Benitez, the Inter coach, tried to vary his team’s situation by making various technical changes. In this variation, Benitez gave greater importance to Samuel Eto’o or who responded in the best way giving you push your team. ETO or toward the opposing threw a ball that hit against the post. A few minutes later he recovered the ball and in the midst of a move from high level equaled the marker after 62 minutes. Palermo players felt affected by this annotation, then went to look for his second goal. They had the opportunity to do that, but his bad aim did not allow them. Here also stands out the good performance of Julio Cesar. On reaching the 70 minutes of game, Eto’o or mark the second annotation that Inter manages to be awarded a victory that places them temporarily in first place in the Italian League. About AutorStephen Lars is an excellent sports writer of international football for Instant Action Sports. You can make use of the total of this article content, provided the links remain intact and the content is not modified.

Marilyn Monroe

A couple of years or so I got my hands on a disk espa ol sima Mala Rodriguez, who was actually post here and I think Elegant Sport have a podcast of that disk and the same time I find that if I’m going to go . The point is that one of its subjects, it appeared that it sparked a verse so deep in me that was designed as a rule of life the verse read “… and since I do better to stop hating”. If not completely lost my ability to hate but I admit I had a fairly long period of constant anger with anything. He was angry with my work, my friends, my colleagues, with my wife, with sports, with my parents, my brothers, everyone. When I observe from the here and now that situation, try to think why and I notice that the place of the constant warrior “is very comfortable. Let’s review some characteristics of some champions of the action movies where there are bold and brave detectives, pirates seductive or unsung heroes. They have no ties. Not only physical and wife or children who almost always kill monsters at the beginning of the film, nor espirutuales not believe in any god, no miracle and the only faith that is in their sword or his gun. Van then gaining support for the life that they envy, perhaps, the lightness that comes with it. This character is apparently adopted Diego Maradona, there is a book about one of my favorite authors is Charles Bukowsky called “Fighting the Contras. The coach of the Argentina seleci n thinks, and not alone nor will it be, that a pack of surly gestures and phrases when no strict authoritarian and contemptuous towards their partners, are more important than the rightful place when the ball Demichelis leads the rival right fringe.Maradona believes that hating and being intolerant power will be greater than his own legend and it’s not with anyone … it was so, Marilyn Monroe was not in itself larger than what we now remember it, or Lennon, or Gandhi or Che these people could not master the monster that his exploits achieved. Maradona, as they say Los Piojos, you’re the face of “no mug” and were the best player of all time, you got daughters and grandchildren, you have your father and your mother, you had a good wife, you have a good person as bride and I’m sure you have friends who love you really. As you will recall complete generations and millions of skins dressed with the ink 10 with this jump or those curls … to me was better since I stopped hating.I hope you win the World Cup.

Parking Maremagnum

Clients, and in this case, the works carried out by Resitec Tiana, offer guarantees necessary to have access to their services and guarantee the quality and specialization in this type of flooring. Among others, we can highlight: CNN, Burberrys, Esteve laboratories and Lab. Almirall, Lab. Lacer, Lab. Prodesfarma, Lab. Uriach, Lab.

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Our main sectors are construction, heavy industry, laboratories and food. Our objectives are to provide solutions to solve the problems caused in soils by chemical, mechanical wear, as well as the inevitable deterioration caused by the course of the years. In addition to a personal study of the area to determine the support status and advise the appropriate system, guarantee a stability and proper functioning of the chosen pavement.

Key to Happiness

The key of happiness (part II Conclusion) * Rav Dr. Michael Laitman Kabbalah explains the process to achieve happiness, in the following manner: first, we want something and we strive to obtain it. As soon as we get that longing, a feeling of pleasure, joy and delight invades us. In Kabbalistic terms, the first encounter between any desire and satisfaction is the highest point of pleasure. I.e. as soon we achieve what we want, the desire will wane. In a nutshell, now we don’t feel desire for what we have achieved, and as a result, the pleasure will be fading until disappearing completely.

For example, have you ever felt so hungry that you think you could eat a piece of steak thick and juicy, you only, without invite anyone (vegetarians can think in a huge plate of vegetables). But, what happens when you start to eat? The proven first is an ecstasy and the next is wonderful. The following is good and then, therefore, yes okay. However, then it decreases its importance, until you just saying, or one snack, am going to burst. This applies to everything, not just the food. We can spend years dreaming of a sports car.

But when at last we have it, although for a few moments or days feel an immense emotion, we discover we are going slowly enjoying it less. Until at the end, everytime we drive it, we only believe in gigantic debt which we have acquired, and the fact that it will have to pay in the next three years. The Professor of Economics, Richard Easterlin, of the University of Southern California, one of the pioneers in research on happiness, calls this phenomenon hedonistic adaptation, which means, buy a new car and I used to. I purchased a new wardrobe and I also usually. We quickly adapt to pleasure that we receive, but this may not be the end of the story.