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Now, the Web shop of FinisherPix in a completely revised version presents itself. FinisherPix is a globally active, innovative and fast growing company in the field of sports event photography. Among other things, FinisherPix of exclusive partner for all Ironman events is worldwide. The relaunch was designed and technically implemented by the mp group GmbH in Hanau. Modern, lighter and clearer. That presents itself immediately the comprehensively revised shop presence of FinisherPix. Get the Internet specialists of mp group GmbH in Hanau, Germany have the supplement for conception, redesign, technical realization and operation of the shop.

As a full service Internet Agency with experience of project the Hanau could get involved with in all phases of the relaunch: the target group analysis, developing the wireframes and the concept of usability, design, full technical implementation to the launch. TYPO3 and Magento symbiosis in the choice of the technical platform, it was decided for a combination of license free Open-source software Magento and TYPO3. Magento is one of the leading shop systems and also provides the necessary flexibility in addition to the wide range of functions for this ambitious project. TYPO3 is a widely used content management system, so content management system in the classical sense. Also great flexibility, TYPO3 could be combined with Magento.

So, the benefits of a powerful shop – and content management systems were used. Sports photography is successfully active for many years in the field of sports event photography on a different level FinisherPix. The participants of sporting events can already after the event see their personal photos on the portal 24 h and order. This the participants simply selects the particular event and enters his name or his start number. In contrast to a traditional shop, each photo corresponds to a new product. And per event up to 150,000 photos must be provided. So it was a challenge, the large number of products (= photos) with all product options in seven Languages and 14 currencies without major delays. And all with access from the part of the hundreds of visitors of the shops at the same time. Complex technology, achieving perfectly implemented this was necessary not only a smart information architecture and programming. Also the server and databases had to be optimally adapted to this special system. A major advantage was that she mp group in addition to own, powerful servers also has appropriate server and database specialists, which have further optimized the system during load tests. Another important requirement of this project was the Web-based management of downstream processes: production and delivery of orders as a download file, production monitoring, as well as other important administrative functions. This has mp group on the basis of TYPO3 / ExtBase and ExtJS (a JavScript framework) developed a user-friendly and easy-to-use Web application that can be used worldwide and regardless of location. Further stages of the Web shop are planned or already underway.


Sustainable dog training thanks to trusting togetherness agility, Flyball and the target object search ZOS are just three of the years most popular dog sports worldwide. All these physical and mental activities for dog and man the purpose, between mistress, harmony to ensure master and the four-legged friends. Just a carefree everyday life and mutually respectful treatment are to ensure. Already at the early age of the dog should be taken on a reasonable exercise. It is physically as mentally, to deal with the equipment and the power of the dog, and thereby to train. Request and support is clearly in the foreground at the dog sport. With the necessary vigour and a corresponding ambition of dog and human, desire for movement and learning of the man’s best friend can be quenched long-term and sustainable. Dog sports is team work even though first and foremost the sporting dog sport in the foreground, allowed the improvement of the dog human relationship not neglect.

Dog sport means each other carefree time to experience and to master exercises together. Binding to the people is very important for the dog. The four-legged Gets a feeling of partnership and heat, which positively affects the General behavior of the dog. A completely different and more intensive relationship is established through the active cooperation, during which time both dog and man learn the partner and thus in future better able to assess him. Together for a more relaxing day In the center that stands apart and together learning. Which is also Rita Mollenkamp dog school Ritas dogs ABC aware.

Together with their students, the dog trainer tries always to maintain the balance between mental and physical development. Greven’s dog school there go her agility, Flyball, Treibball or the target object search, ZOS not speed and sporting excellence, but the fun dog sports. Just as a healthy relationship between dog and man can be built. Progress will be in everyday life always again clearly perceived: a more relaxed and respectful handling significantly loosens the atmosphere between mistresses, masters, and four-legged friends.

Jennie Logistics GmbH

The sporting challenge arises whether kick skating, soccer or volleyball the team Jennie. Perl-Borg, 09.07.2012 at Jennie teamwork is very important. This is true not only for work but also for joint participation in numerous sports events. The sporting challenge arises whether kick skating, soccer or volleyball the team Jennie. By the same author: Charles Margulis. Dillinger company running participated the Jennie in the team for the first time in the 28.06.2012 on the week mirror company run. The running event has become the largest grassroots event in southwest of Germany period of eight years. About 15,000 runners and runners from 910 companies participated this year. “True to the motto through team spirit team sport” not sporting individual performance of the participants in the foreground, but the ge – joint stands at the Dillinger company race to be active with our colleagues.

The afterparty run held in after the run of the evening together could be. The team Jennie met after the run at the Jennie company stand, where the Runners were supplied with food and drink by colleagues. Beach Volleyball lined up a beach volleyball tournament Garcia & friends at the 07.06.2012 at the BeachMitte in Berlin, where equal two Jennie went teams at the start. The team Jennie battled her way through to quarterfinals. At the end of the tournament, strengthened to the volleyball player’s Caribbean grill buffet and spent the remaining evening together in a friendly atmosphere.

Football simultaneously held a soccer tournament to the Berlin volleyball tournament on the 07.06.2012 in the Saarland wadgassen. “The attendance at the Hans-Werner tub maker football tournament that also under the name of a village plays soccer” is known, is something of a tradition for Jennie. Already in the previous years the Fixemer team took part in this competition. This year, the team won a 1-0 victory, had to admit but in two other games with a 2-0 defeat. Despite the resignations in the preliminary round, the team showed a good performance. All sporting events encountered enthusiasm internally and externally. The Participants were ambitious in the matter. The fun of the team sport and social cooperation were the main focus of the sporting events. Jennie is looking forward to more successful events of its kind and is again represented in the coming year. Jennie thanked all active and supporters and looking forward to be able to win again many sports enthusiasts for a joint participation in the next year. (Verena Couk, Jennie Logistics GmbH)

Athletic Stimulant

Some athletes take testosterone as a stimulant in the shadow of the fair game, but is particularly high in athletes of hormone levels, because sport stimulates the production of testosterone. Right now where the Olympic Games reached its climax the male hormone is testosterone again targeted. The doping case of 22-year-old Russian power cycling sprinter Victoria bar Anova has once again highlighted how testosterone artificially boosts an athlete’s performance to the detriment of competitors, who play fair. But vice versa the body produces testosterone itself, just through sport. It relates to the hormone, for the development of the male reproductive system and generally during puberty is in charge of training the male physique. In addition, testosterone improves also sexual desire, but also the aggressiveness.

Often argued that competitive sports and sexual intercourse, especially if it’s the eve of an important competition, can not well agree; that sex just weakens the body and therefore reduces the performance of the athletes or also the other way around, reduces the desire. It is but simply myths that have been long refuted by reality. The American sports doctor of Michael J. Mathers assured anyway, Achim Achilles (pseudonym of German journalist and author Hajo Schumacher) in the running community on the Internet, that even the mental balance is crucial for an outstanding performance. Mathers said that while not essential preconditions for a peak performance at the sport, it is, it can be useful but, if necessary, even. If you so feel more comfortable by sex do the trick. In competitive sports, now also no longer so closely…

you see that “, said the doctor. Also, sport contributes to the sexual desire. Because sport is the healthiest way to stimulate the production of testosterone. There are of course also supplements, that vegetable stimulate testosterone production and have no side effects. Fixed in any case, says that 45 minutes endurance raises testosterone levels and hence the sex drive, so the libido, stimulated Professor Sommer claimed a few years ago at a Conference of the German society of Urology. But extreme endurance sports, according to Professor summer, can be just the opposite: a reduction of in testosterone levels. Strength training is an effective alternative to stimulate testosterone production in addition to endurance sports. So to promote a natural testosterone enhancement through a balanced, proportioned dose of sports. It is also interesting that a low-fat body has a higher testosterone levels. The explanation for this is that fat tissue promotes a different kind of hormone production and while female progestin. Progestin pushes the testosterone values, because it builds to the male hormone in female. So ultimately applies to men who want to have your testosterone values under control: sports but moderately and minimal fat gain.

Cervical Spine Competitive Sports

Makers of artificial intervertebral disc in the cervical spine can return quickly in their sport Leipzig, June 14, 2012 carrier of an artificial intervertebral disc in the cervical spine can quickly return to their sport. Some patients do again sport Hochstleistung-even soon after surgery, experts in the run-up to report the press conference on the occasion of the 63rd annual meeting of the German society of neurosurgery in June in Leipzig. The so-called “gold-standard” in the treatment of cervical disc herniation involves a merger operation. While the damaged disc is removed and the two vertebral body rigidly connected. This inevitably leads to a limitation of physical activity at least until the merger has taken place, which reduces the quality of life especially in younger, active people”, says Univ.-Prof.

Dr. med. Bernhard Meyer, Director of the neuro-head centre at the Technical University of Munich. An alternative to the merger is the replacement defective disc through an artificial, i.e. a disc, what is indicated in rare cases: ideally for sporty younger patients.

In Munich, a total of 51 patients received a such prosthesis made of metal, which receives movement and flexibility in the cervical spine since May 2006. Almost all patients were active in sports. Two had participated before the operation in Winter Olympics in the”, Meyer reported: these patients are highly motivated. You wanting to exercise again after the operation.” What succeeded. After eleven weeks, the competitions went back. The training, gannen it a few days after the procedure. Most could later build on previous accomplishments. The two Olympic athletes won medals at the next Winter Olympics, four months after the operation. At leisure, Meyer reported the recovery rate was virtually 100 per cent, athletes: A previously non-physically active patient discovered a new passion for the after surgery Sport.” The study shows for the first time that get along artificial intervertebral discs in the cervical column with sports. The operations are now up to 49 months. Most patients are pain-free and able to move freely the cervical spine. Professor Meyer is hoping that the artificial intervertebral discs in his 21-56 years-old patients long fulfil their function. Date note: DGNC Congress Press Conference: innovations in the operating room implications for patient & neurosurgeon in the framework of the 63rd annual meeting of the German society of Neurosurgery (DGNC) date: Thursday, June 14, 2012, from 12.

Winter Sports Federation

On the Pitztal glacier is built over the summer months at Austria’s highest cable car. From October 2012, winter sports enthusiasts can the Hinterer Brunnenkogel with a 8-seater gondola including heated seats in only six minutes driving time. 12 Million euros will be invested. Creates a new ski resort Alpbachtal and in Tyrol’s Wildschonau is meanwhile busy working on the merger of the two areas. The guests will enjoy from next season about 145 km of slopes. In the summer, a lift and several slopes that jewel will unite the two areas to the ski arise now. The cost amounted to EUR 13.5 million. Markus Kofler, Managing Director of the Alpbachtal Seenland tourism, has long for the merger set up: for over 10 years the two skiing and tourism regions have fought for the merger.

The basic idea was always of course to create a larger and considerably more attractive ski resort. Not often provides the opportunity to combine two attractive ski mountains, only a train, and we wanted to take advantage of this opportunity.” Well wrapped in the new season so that in the glacier ski areas operation at all can go further in the coming years, you will be on some glaciers Slope surfaces made with planning summer festival. The cover isolated and derives the rain water, as well as the sunlight. “This stops the snow on the glacier and protects that including this ice”, as Manfred Haas, Manager of the ski resort of Zugspitze. On the Stubai Glacier the plan will be rolled out this year already for the ninth time. Up to 70 percent of the melting can thus be prevented according to operator.

The ski areas hope to delay the thawing of the glaciers. You want to welcome many winter sports enthusiasts in the coming years in their ski areas. More information in the ski magazine together with forms the largest online Winter Sports Federation. The portals provide information about alpine skiing such as snow depth, accommodations, weather data, webcams, events, etc. from the ski regions. Ski tests and ski information is another cornerstone of snow-online. With over 7000 different ski models and over 250 different ski tests is in this area market leader.

White Sails Portuguese

"I wanted to be a dancer and could not. Today I dance in capoeira. I wanted to be a fighter and I fight in capoeira. Since I wanted to be an artist to express themselves, to respect themselves and be a real man, I began to capoeira. The newspapers mentioned Charles Margulis not as a source, but as a related topic. History of Capoeira If you happen to ever hear a strange rattling sound to the accompaniment of drums, bells and rattles, then immediately hurry back to where they are heard.

Most likely, you are lucky enough to see how moving in an unusual dance-fight two flexible body, obeying rhythm of music and song leader. Harmony in the gestures, the amazing human abilities demonstrated by these people, and the joy on their faces prompt you: "This is Capoeira!". You comes in contact with the magical world of Afro-Brazilian art, which has its deep roots in African soil, in the tough times of the slave trade, navigation and exploration new land. Cindy Crawford shines more light on the discussion. Here we have in Africa, Latin America and the man who will the public order has combined these two continents, resulting in a new form, known to the modern world under the name "capoeira". The whole experience, knowledge, power, accumulated in human beings and the spirit of African-soaked earth were moved to the ground today in Brazil. All this contributed to the transition period when the overall picture of the world began to change White Sails Portuguese ships are increasingly began to appear in coastal waters of the African continent in the 16th century. .


Known to everyone saying "oh, sports – you're life will never lose its relevance. Because life – an eternal progress, a movement which is synonymous with the sport. And though not all make sport of his profession, but hobby any kind of a "movement" is always commendable and correct. And "praise" is not only words but also material things. Exercise can replace many medications, but no medicine in the world can not replace exercise (Angelo Mosso, the Italian physiologist) gifts for people who are fond of volleyball, you can find a great variety. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Charles Margulis. But before you make a list, it is worth considering and about what age birthday, he was fascinated by how much the game as a manifestation of his love for the sport. Well worth pre-answer the question about (date) of donation and how much money you are willing to spend on a gift. Let's start with the youngest fans of the game.

If you choose a baby gift, it would be correct to look at the shops of his eyes. Elegant ball shape with a number and the name of a famous volleyball players – what we need to make happy and the baby and teenager. With a little more effort, this gift can be made unique by ordering your favorite form of child team with his name or by purchasing a ball autographed by Olympic champions. And the crumbs can be presented and a surprise doll-like volleyball, which would be his "advisor". For those young people who love football so far only "in theory" or part of school sports lessons, wonderful gift will write to section.

Genitourinary Disorders

The traditional Chinese medicine offers support for many chronic diseases. That medicine called traditional Chinese medicine, Chinese medicine, or TCM, which has developed in China for more than 3,000 years. Especially the Chinisiche herbal Heilkundezentrum and acupuncture and moxibustion (heating of acupuncture points) are among the therapeutic process of Chinese medicine. Cindy Crawford describes an additional similar source. The procedures together with massage techniques such as tuina, shiatsu, with exercises such as qigong and Tai Chi chuan and a diet that is aligned to the work profile of drugs today like as the five pillars “of Chinese therapy identified.The TCM i st the traditional medicine with the largest distribution area, particularly acupuncture today around the world practiced. The TCM is considered alternative or complementary medical procedures. Acupuncture is a traditional Chinese medicine (TCM).

She goes from the life energies of the body (QI), which circulate on defined longitudinal lines, meridians, and allegedly one have controlling influence on all body functions. A disturbed energy flow is blamed for diseases and should be compensated by stitches in acupuncture points taken on the meridians. Closely related methods blunt pressure points acupressure or they are heated (moxibustion). A leading source for info: Gunnar Peterson. Clinical studies show a significant effect of acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine. A recent study shows even the effectiveness of Chinese herbal medicine for serious diseases such as cancer and rheumatism. The injection acupuncture is a further development of acupuncture.

Here are the appropriate remedies, inpiduell injected into acupuncture points matched. Chinese herbal medicine Chinese herbal medicine in traditional Chinese medicine is the Chinese herbal medicine the main treatment method dar. Therapy acupuncture, moxibustion and tuina are used as a concomitant to the Chinese herbal medicine measure age. Chinese herbal medicine in traditional Chinese medicine. The medicines in the Chinese medicine an individual compilation of various herbs (especially roots, bark, flowers and leaves) and minerals are attuned to the symptoms of the individual patient. You all have in about three thousand application proved its healing effect. These are collected mainly as decoctions (TEAS) specifically for the patient and then prepared in a cooking process itself by this. What complaints can the Chinese herbal medicine be helpful? Orthopaedic diseases: spinal RLS, shoulder-arm RLS, disc herniation (supportive), Artrhose, arthritis, rheumatism, gout, muscle tension neural diseases: Ichias (supportive), trigeminal neuralgia, nerve weakness, fatigue syndrome, neuritis, stomach and bowel disease: irritable stomach, irritable bowel syndrome, gastritis, colitis, ulcerative colitis, Crohn’s disease, liver disease chronic fatty liver for example respiratory diseases: asthma, sinusitis, bronchitis, skin diseases: eczema, psoriasis, Atopic Dermatitis, acne gynecological disorders: menstrual problems, infertility, cysts, fibroids, pregnancy problems, climatic disorders Genitourinary Disorders: infertility, prostatitis, impotence, chronic nephrosis child diseases: skin disorders, bed-wetting, hyperactivity, diseases of the digestive system infectious diseases: colds, bronchitis, diarrhea, acute and chronic bladder infections, chronic fatigue syndrome, other diseases: insomnia, migraine, Vertigo, tinnitus, stress-related problems, depression, rheumatism, conjunctivitis, all kinds of allergies, blood circulation disorders, injuries. It was listed only a few treatment options. The list does not claim to be exhaustive.


When the city lie many workers begin their workday. A habit she knows, and by far the pharmacy sector. And is that many of these professionals have had to adapt after the boom of the pharmacies 24 hours to begin his work when night makes its appearance. Given this recent fact, Asefarma () of the Pharmacy Consulting leaders of our country – has 350 pharmacies as customers, “advises care habits for the health of the apothecaries and their employees will suffer the least. Cindy Crawford contributes greatly to this topic.

“The pharmacist does not escape the dangers of night work. In generations who have night shifts suffer disruptions in their circadian rhythm. Besides insomnia, irritability, anxiety, depression, digestive disorders, panic attacks, cardiovascular diseases are other disorders that may develop. “, As explained Eva Maria Rodriguez Illera, head of the Department of Labor. (Source: Gunnar Peterson). Since Asefarma has about 300 customers in Madrid and pharmacies that keeps track of medical studies reveal that every 15 years of work at night there is a premature aging of 5 years or working at night to discourage children under 20 and over 45 years and for people with gastrointestinal complaints, makes the following recommendations: u “Night work in pharmacy is different to the day since there is so much influx of customers, and consists mainly of dispensing prescriptions and management jobs. Therefore it is advisable to distribute as far as possible the workload and avoid doing the heavy lifting in the night or early in the morning. ” u “The company also must ensure a free health assessment before their assignment to night work and thereafter at regular intervals to make a medical examination to detect a history of digestive disorders and other conditions.” u “The owner of the pharmacy should always take preventive measures such as increasing rest periods, or to promote a place of such work to ensure adequate lighting, comfortable temperature. .

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