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Physiological Rest

Original height when it is the height of the bottom third of the face at the position of the mandible relative physiological rest, which is bigger than an average of 2 mm on the height of central occlusion. Determination of the height of the relative physiological rest performed by spoken samples. Methods for determining the ratio of the neutral jaw finger test, swallowing test; ball test; test 'crowding head back'; sample Kantarovicha (violent). Drawing occlusive roller center line of the aesthetic; Klykova line, smile line. Disadvantages determine central occlusion with wax patterns Firstly, it requires special patient came to definition of central occlusion, because for the manufacture of wax patterns require a model. Secondly, for the manufacture of wax patterns is required and the working time technique.

Third, the wax patterns are often deformed and shifted, which implies that errors in the determination of central occlusion. Determination of central occlusion with simultaneous formation of the individual occlusal curves (method of Shilov-Miroshnichenko) 1.Formirovanie vestibular occlusal surfaces on the rollers. 2.Postroenie prosthetic plane according to the pupil and kamperovskoy lines. 3.Opredelenie height relative physiological rest. 4.Opredelenie sagittal phenomenon Christensen. 5.Formirovanie oklyuzionnyh curves (occlusal grinding rolls for 20 minutes or more, in this case is erased, only the lower occlusal cushion (to a height of central occlusion) as well as the upper occlusal cushion introduced corundum. 5.Skreplenie upper and lower occlusal ridges in the position of central occlusion heated metal straps. Determination of the CH method gipsoblokov by Sidorenko GI 1.Opredelenie height of central occlusion.

Dealing with Guilt

This page is dedicated to those who say myself today 'I do not feel well. " Sometimes, just bad – and wonder why. Bad – that's all. But that does not decrease the desire to change their status to do so was suddenly well. Only here it is unclear exactly how to do it. Maybe you are looking for now is the answer to this question, if got a page with this name.

1. The first thing to do in this case – to understand why you badly. Even if it seems that 'nepochemu' even if there is no apparent reason, remember that they really do exist. It is futile to attempt to explain his state of 'seasonal depression' or 'just a loss of strength. " You know deep down that this is not so! The thing is that referring to some external circumstances, man – ironic! – Make yourself helpless in this situation – the victim (this is not the situation he now manages, and the external forces). And only when he agree that he is able to change something, he finds inner strength, confidence, becomes master of his life in the most important sense.

That is why at first look for the cause of his ill within themselves, rather than outside – and only then move on to step two. Examples of these internal factors: something to do with my self-esteem, self-confidence, I became irritable and aggressive in recent vremyakazhetsya I unproductive now decide some konfliktyvozmozhno, now there is something unpleasant in my family or relationship with my boyfriend, but I do not want to admit it … I made the wrong decision, but the way back to me unacceptable understand the need for internal and external changes, but I do not know how to do it! 2. Now ask yourself the question: 'And if I have enough now, the resources to do something with the one found the cause of your own? That their status changed to such an extent that it will be possible instead of 'I feel bad' to say 'I'm Fine! "?" Yeah? So what are you waiting for, to put these changes in life! No? Then make an appointment with a psychologist and do not hesitate to do so. Indeed, the very recognition of the fact that there is a problem and you need help is a sign of great inner strength. Many people can not do its own hubris. Do not fall into her trap, be strong! To allow themselves in their lives for a long time not to utter the words: 'I feel sick! " Your life in your hands! So, be as happy!


Maybe during this time you will be able to find a new solution or new idea, its chief rejects job. 3rd option: Sometimes, in order to cope with stress, it is enough to drop everything and take on a favorite hobby. This could be knitting, cooking, photography, riding in a car, but the main thing – not idleness. When a person does anything, it is more worried about what had happened, and it overpowers the more stress. A favorite thing to help forget about the problem or dull the sensation of stress. 4th option: Meditation and prayer are also very help with stress.

Remain in silence and clear your mind of all negative thoughts. Religious people can simply pray. Prayer will help to calm down, and a higher power will come to your rescue. 5 way: Think about the stress and impossible to laugh at the same time. So turn on the funny favorite movie and a couple of minutes, allow yourself pohohotat. And after return safely to work. Do not hesitate – you will release stress.

6 way: The stress in any case you can not drink coffee, but rather make some tea hot, soothing herb. While you are cooking, anxious thoughts you released, and its use to fix the result. Making nice, you raise yourself up. 7 way: There are at hand bag? Beat it up to you! With each stroke of the stress you will go. This applies to men who have stress occurred over a woman. Beating a pillow and releasing stress, you already can discuss a more softer with the weaker sex of your problems. Agree, it is much better than to feel guilty at the sight of the broken faces of your women. Stress will be held, and its consequences (if you do not apply the pillow) will remain for a long time. 8 way: During stress, breathing quickens our own, it becomes less deep. Pay attention to your breathing. Focus on that restore it. This can be done, combining prayer and meditation. Breathe in the stomach, but not the breast. The main thing to calm your body and mental calmness will come of itself.