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Sunday attracts thousands of visitors to the city the different leisure activities are divided into four thematic areas: sport and wellness, entertainment, action and adventures, nature. Cindy Crawford has much to offer in this field. Here a selection of interesting and current events in the beautiful region around on the Ruhr and Rhine: vegetable gardens for hobby gardeners the season is open for a total of 75 ecological vegetable gardens, which can rent nature of the farmer Hubertus Budde and the company harvest my gbR. The farm where the hobby gardener April can pursue their passion to November’s the Mechtenberg in Essen. Here, over 20 varieties of vegetables are lovingly nurtured and maintained. Hubertus Budde advises the hobby gardener with questions about sowing and harvesting in a gardener consultation.

The company mean gbR crop a newsletter on its Web site that provides tips for maintaining the different vegetables published periodically. The Community area is the garden tools and the water available. Reading are the cities in North Rhine-Westphalia on Sunday shopping Sundays a popular meeting place for all ages. A Sunday shopping is often combined with a town festival or pull many visitors to the city centre markets in the summer. Many cities offer also the popular Mitternachts or Moonlight shopping.

While strolling through the website you can check current shopping events. Exhibition for recreational vehicles: A caravan Salon Dusseldorf International highlight of the trade fairs for motorhomes is the exhibition of Caravan salon in Dusseldorf, Germany from August 30 to September 8, 2013. The international industry out of a total of 120 Caravan and travel Mobile brand meets during these ten days. In halls 9 to 17 and on the open-air site visitors can consult about 1,800 vehicles in different designs and categories. Especially popular this year are motor homes with fuel-saving innovations and compact dimensions. Discovery In North Rhine-Westphalia round to the Rhine-Ruhr area there are numerous offers for exciting birthday birthday. Special programs offer excitement and adventure for the special day for all ages in the year. So can go in search of a hidden pirate treasure children in sea life in Oberhausen and experience the underwater inhabitants such as sharks and starfish up close. Pur, also a visit to the LEGOLAND Discovery Centre Duisburg or visit to the LWL industrial Museum of the Zeche Nightingale promise voltage. Here children may as little buddy in the mine a day-long drive and pull coal out of the mountain with tram. For small magic fans there are workshops with real magicians and little super stars to test their talent in a real Recording Studio. You can enjoy the unlimited freedom in a helicopter flight with the helicopter above the clouds from North Rhine-Westphalia. The feeling is indescribable, when the helicopter slowly takes off and rises vertically in the height. A scenic flight over the most beautiful sights which is region an original gift for special occasions and is an unforgettable experience.


It is wrongly perceived as a healthier product when not es.El gluten content (present in wheat and its derivatives) is required is indicated for celiac patients. It also tends to be indicated for lactose intolerant or allergic people esta.Los lipid / grasasSu consumption is excessive in our country mainly for their contribution? disguise? in sausages, meats, cheeses, sausages, sauces, butters, but also in products like ready meals, canned or fresh pastry and bakery products such cookies, cakes, chocolates where the mention of vegetable fats belong to saturated fats such as palm oil and coco.Pero not all fatty acids behave the same way? Saturated fatty acids are detrimental to the health of the arteries of the heart and brain but not all are to be considered in the same way depending on their origin: for example, butter and are highly recommended change salchichon.En rapeseed oils , seeds or nuts to be rich in omega 3. Sunflower oil, rich in omega-6 as well as the grape seed oil and corn are limited in their consumption to maintain the proper ratio between the provision of omega 3 and 6 through the diet. A cold always use in dressings for example. We should not be abused that any oil heat for his great contribution, equivalent to 9 kcal / 1 g, ie a 10 g tablespoon equals 90 Kcal.Por other hand there are fatty acids? trans? polyunsaturated fatty acids are vegetable industry manipulated by subjecting to hydrogenation for example, its structure is modified and transformed in trans rather than its natural state? cis?.

Types Of Teeth

Spacers is the opposite of the above, the teeth have diastemas (off), therefore there are no points of contact, because there's longest arcade dental material. Official site: supermodel. 3. Anterior and posterior cross-bites Crossbites above is when the upper teeth are in PIM occluding the contrary, the maxillary incisal edges rest on the lingual surfaces of lower incisors. This is also going to see in class III malocclusions. Anterior crossbite anterior crossbite spaced Posteriorly, the upper molars in normal conditions the lower stand, when the opposite happens we say we have a posterior crossbite, which also is common in class III. Posterior crossbite, molar ratio is neutroclusion 4. The open bite open bite is when PIM contacts in the posterior and no contacts to the previous level.

This type of tooth malposition is not only typical of Class I malocclusion, may be found in cases of severe skeletal malocclusions. A later level we find a posterior open bite, no previous contact in maximum intercuspal and not in the posterior segment. Anterior open bite 5. Canine Canines higher high is just a cluster due to lack of space and for being the last to erupt in the maxilla. High ectopic canines and canine has erupted in the palate 6. Malposition of one or more individual teeth tooth malposition of one or more parts can be very variable, we will focus always on the molar ratio together with the study to cephalometric diagnosis of malocclusion. Class II malocclusion malocclusions of Class 2 are also called distoclusions, since the maximum intercuspal position, the first permanent molar occludes a more distal, ie is more posterior.