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European Union

The European Union claims to have democratized Latin America, Eastern Europe, Africa and much of Asia. However, in a week has demonstrated how limited is its own democracy. First, because it seeks to impose a new Treaty of the union without consulting their constituents and, when on 12 June the only nation that has voted (Ireland) did not (and also with broad participation and margin), several leaders want to spurn this decision and blackmail that Republic again to make another referendum or to be marginalized in the EU. Second, because on June 18 his continental Parliament adopted anti-immigrant devices that are unprecedented in a block of modern democracies. Instead of giving them rights to more than 8 million undocumented to make several of the worst jobs in their societies, ordered that from the 2010 you can imprison for 18 months the undocumented and that minors without papers (although born in some of their countries) can be deported without being accompanied by their relatives. The EU – it has sponsored so many wars against ethnic cleansing in the former Yugoslavia or Africa – are bidding against irregular residents whose number is similar to or greater than half of its component Nations.

The Treaty of Lisbon the European Union is a block of 27 members and each new Treaty that seeks to reconfigure this must be adopted by unanimity between all its components. One thing is that some countries have the freedom to enter into the common area that have the same currency (the euro) or in which governed the same control of passports (Schengen), and another is an agreement that establishes the characteristics of such a union. Enough with that one of the 27 members of the EU don’t accept one of its constitutive treaties so that this doesn’t have validity (or, in any case, so that that nation is excluded).


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Health, success in life, in business, in love all that depends exclusively on oneself; you just have to know how to work laws natural and how to make them work for our benefit. I have to ask you want to have a perfect health? Do you need to recover your energy and the desire to live? Do you need feel free to fears, concerns, diseases and other constraints and barriers to your life? Answer me strong, who will hear your neighbors, who cares what they think! They also need; Although they have different barriers, they have the same conditions. But you get to know them and you will free up them; You will be completely free, healthy and happy. The response to my questions, so salt into the street and yell dare. Yes, I want to release me!! I know of only one way to teach you how to do it and it is expressed from the heart, since the rational mind does not understand these things. Open your heart and you will guide. When through words, gestures, images, comments and other forms, firmly implement an idea in our minds; When She is portrayed by us with self-affirmation by experience, we transform it into a law.

An immovable law, which is only an individual interpretation of our ideas and thoughts and not have to be faithful to reality. These laws are that don’t let us see another reality; that limit our vision of what is real. My teachers taught me that, in order to understand a new philosophy, we need to set aside which is already. If we tried to interpret this new philosophy, with the old concepts, not only we would not understand it but it not arrive much more away from what we came with which he had. My teachers learned how it works the energy, the atom, Alchemy or natural laws that govern the universe.