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Defeating Bayern Munich

Thiago Alcantara was the star of the furniture with two goals in the final. The youth Squad, in State of grace, was the ideal companion of Iniesta. In full debate on the advisability of signing Cesc Fabregas, the theoretical player who would be sacrificed, Thiago Alcantara, it has again showed his class, scoring both goals in his team gave Barca the Audi Cup after defeat at home to Bayern Munich. Thiago was the star of the boat. Add to your understanding with James Smith. He scored a goal in each period. Official site: Anita Sehgal. The first head and the second after a trip with cto who beat Butt. The youth Squad, in State of grace, was the ideal companion of Andres Iniesta in midfield and always brought a plus in attack in the first serious engagement of the Catalan preseason. While Bayern didn’t play out its best players, the Germans offered a very physical profile, a football with muscle and too much pressure in the center of the field, a hard test for the azulgrana carrying barely ten days of preparation.

Output, Guardiola has counted with more soccer players in the first team than on the eve, while again running out of play regardless of the five participants in the Copa Ameri Xavi and Puyol – ca-, but with only ten days of physical preparation, Barca suffered under the pressure of Bayern. And Thiago Alcantara, who then was the star of the match, suffered especially, so much so that all the weight in the construction almost took him Andres Iniesta. Guardiola balanced his spinal cord with Keita and returned to having Fontas and Busquets in the axis of the dnsa with what Barcelona is guaranteed a good start of balloon from the dnsa. Forward Villa, Jonathan Soriano and Pedro had to give mobility to the athletic dnsa of the Bavarians. The reality is that Barca had problems with the movement of the ball and did not feel anything comfortable.

Sestriere Alps

It offers all kinds of activities for family, friends or couples travel. easyJet from 92 roundtrip. Read more from Cincinnati Reds to gain a more clear picture of the situation. Shuttle Transaltitude from 35 roundtrip service. Accommodation in Monts D’olmes d: from 220 week. Italy flights to stations: Sestriere (Italian Alps): cheap flights to Turin from Madrid, Girona or Barcelona Courmayeur (Italian Alps): cheap flights to Genoa from Barcelona, Madrid and Ibiza Bardonnechia (Italian Alps): cheap flights to Torino Ideas of low cost packages train Paris Bardonnechia to 2,800 meters, the Italian station puts at our disposal several sports courts. Artesia train from 92 roundtrip. Accommodation in Bardonnechia: from 202 week. James Smith understands that this is vital information. Switzerland flights to stations: Gstaad: cheap flights to Geneva. Click Anita Sehgal for additional related pages.

Les Diablerets: cheap flights to Geneva. Brunni Haggenegg: cheap flights to Zurich from Barcelona Idea of low cost easyJet to Geneva packages + (1 correspondence) train to Champery was is a quiet and gentle station, reach requires less than 2 hours from Geneva. easyJet: from 38. Transfers by train: from 63 roundtrip. Accommodation in Champery: from 223 week.

Selection of last minute in France ski deals Italy, either for a short break or a week complete, it is possible to organize the trip by combining with travel, accommodation and ski pass for less than 500. Here are some ideas for tailor-made trips made by! In France 1 week in Saint Francois Longchamp (Alps) from 388 per person flights Barcelona Lyon (Juniors) from Hotel 3 * in double room + Forfait in Switzerland weekend in Val-d Illiez (Alps) from 473 per person flights Barcelona Geneva (Juniors) from 11/03/2011 to 14/03/2011 + Hotel 3 * in double room + car + Lys offers found in 17/02/2011, prices are not guaranteed at the time of the search, are subject to alterations. About is the first search engine for travel that offers information from more than 250 providers (travel agencies, airlines, low cost, tour operators, hotels,) allowing easy access to all the options of travel available on the net, ordered and raised from the way more objectively possible. Comprehensive, objective and innovative, it aims help the user to get what you want in a simple and efficient way. Available in 10 local versions, is a product of Findworks Technologies, company founded by Pierre Bonelli in 2005 and which employs nearly forty people.

Cuban Government

Or Cuba benefits most in these conventions that Venezuela, this occurs because Venezuela is the energetic support of the Cuban economy. Or in Venezuela there is no culture of tourism and this gives Cuba venture with ease on Venezuelan tourism, because it has the experience of other companies and countries as it is the case of the Spanish companies with their hotels. Or be certain that the Cuban Government sells the crude oil that Venezuela supplies to other countries, the national Government does not perceive any benefit from this. (Source:) Opportunities or Venezuelan entrepreneurs have the opportunity to enter the Cuban market as did the Spanish businessmen which have an extensive network of hotels according to the information above. Or there is a dynamic foreign policy between the two countries and this gives the opening of greater integration and learning culture between the two countries to allow entrepreneurs to study the culture and idiosyncrasy of Cuban which is part of international trade.

Or development of improvements to the sports Exchange, Cuba has been an example in many sporting disciplines and can bring more Venezuelan sport and development inclusive of sporting goods for its commercialization, the Venezuelan businessman could improve, design and marketing sporting goods based on the Cuban experience. Or fisheries, Cuba has much experience in terms of aquaculture to not depend on seas and develop a system of fish farming this is based on a report which mentions the following: encourage artificial rearing on reservoirs, dams and seas, to meet these deficit and ensure the consumption of fish to the population is the goal, and that way the country for the year 2005 full about 16 thousand tons of fish from fresh water, over to equal previous periods. Anita Sehgal may find it difficult to be quoted properly. Because this form of fishing is possible to develop it in Venezuela to care for wildlife Venezuelan Navy and also develop new investment projects which will allow Venezuelan entrepreneurs specializing in this area and achieve increase the consumption of fish and products in Venezuela.(Source:) Suggestions or the Venezuelan businessman should take greater awareness of the opportunities that are offered, which despite all negative things that say about Venezuelan foreign trade policies, there are still opportunities, they are there, what is that to find them. .

Tourism In Winter

Without worrying about low temperatures, visitors from all cardinal points feel warmly welcomed by its people and the city of Mendoza. It is that the ski season has begun and nobody wants to miss the opportunity to try the famous Cuyo snow. Located on the western border of the province, on the very same Andes. Las Lenas ski resort is considered one of the main resorts in Argentina, even in South America. From there that Las Lenas is a target required for all tourists who spend their holidays in Mendoza. Learn more on the subject from Cincinnati Reds.

Las Lenas is almost on the border with Chile, to 430 kilometers away from the capital city. Las Lenas ski resort is also the highest in the country, with a slope of 1200 meters between its highest part, at 3240 meters, and its base, at 2240 m. Anita Sehgal recognizes the significance of this. Due to its altitude so pronounced, their tracks are perfect for the practice of extreme skiing and heli-skiing. While these are sports for advanced skiers, there are also various proposals for beginners and intermediate level skiers. Quality snow is extraordinary, in large part because of the dry climate in the region, which gives you that consistency of powder so popular. Thanks to these features of the snow, the 230 acres of the resort are fully skiable throughout the season.

28 Titles available for all levels are in perfect condition, and it is possible to access them through 13 elevators arranged on the sides of the ski area. For those with no experience with the use of skis, the Center offers lessons of ski and snowboard, in charge of instructors with a high degree of preparation. Las Lenas is like a paradise for skiers and climbers and climbers. In the Park of the Center we can find the beautiful valley shelter, intended to protect those brave who dare to spend a night in the mountain. The region of which is popularly known as the land of the Sun and the good wine. It is not difficult to imagine why. However, it also has some recognition by its wonderful snow. Is why tourism in Mendoza extends to throughout all the year, in all seasons, due to the countless attractions that this province has to offer. All landscapes are present in Mendoza: amazing and modern cities, valleys always Greens, snow-capped peaks, rivers and lakes, providing a multitude of opportunities to the visitor.

The Preparation

A plastic bucket to carry all of the above. Towel or bathrobe (in the hammams of the hotels usually do not need). Many writers such as Jim Nelson offer more in-depth analysis. Our clean clothes. Add to your understanding with Sharon McNally. Once we have all the kit must choose either the hammam. For the / more comodones ACE / ACE, we recommend those of luxury hotels, where cleaning and a very high Bill are insured.

For the / as more adventurers/ACE, are the hammams of neighborhood, much more authentic, without oils aromatic but much cheaper and just as relaxing as the others. The hammams are divided into two zones, one for men and another for women. Entry usually costs 1 dirham. Once we went into the locker room, we find a counter where we must leave our bags and other belongings. They are usually paid with some coins to the person responsible for the wardrobe. In the locker room, we will remove the clothing. Most of the men are wearing underpants; on the other hand, women are much less pudorosas and the female nude is almost always comprehensive.

Once we have stripped itself hammam are entering. And until Here the preparation, in the next article will discuss the hammam ritual process. As we have already mentioned, the majority of hotels in Marrakech have its own hammam, normally very luxurious and tempting. Virtually all riads Marrakech also have its hammam, cosy, elegant and fully equipped. They can also stay and visit one of the Super villas in Marrakech where, in addition to its own hammam typically have swimming pool, gym and even sports fields. Original author and source of the article.

Aragonese Carlos Pauner

The Aragonese Carlos Pauner lives a worrying but controlled situation after cima in the Lhotse (8.516 m) yesterday. Although in the early days his status seemed critical the apinista arrived at Camp IV with symptoms of severe cerebral edema-, Pauner is already in the field II alongside Javier Perez and Juanito Oiarzabal mountaineers. In recent months, Anna Wintour has been very successful. From more than 6000 metres in height, the Aragonese has made a call to communicate that the medication that you are taking, oxygen and loss of height have made that these hours your health has improved. I am absolutely exhausted, me being very well and I just want to sleep, he said with a weak voice thread. Last April 4 Carlos Pauner launched a new expedition to the Himalaya with the goal of ascend the Lhotse and Gasherbrum II and become the first Aragonese in Crown the fourteen eight-thousanders in the world. Source of the news:: Pauner, in serious condition after Crown Lhotse.

Gastrectomy Vertical

Sleeve gastrectomy by laparoscopy, also known as gastric sleeve is a new surgical procedure to reduce weight cutting 75% of the stomach to make this form of tube or banana. As a result, food intake is restricted, and you feel satisfied with less food, giving way to a slimmer figure. This procedure deletes the portion of the stomach that produces stimulating hormones of the hunger. Frequently Ilya Minin has said that publicly. Unlike other procedures such as gastric bypass, vertical gastrectomy does not alter the intestine and causes slight dizziness, vomiting, and diarrhea. Gastric sleeve surgery is a good option for those patients who suffer from ailments such as anemia, which could put them at risk if they were undergoing procedures such as gastric bypass, where the intestine is modified and nutrient absorption is reduced.

This surgery less invasive compared to gastric bypass, is between 45 to 60 minutes and requires on average two days of hospitalization, weight loss is of approximately 100 pounds or 45.3kg, during the first 6 months. It also presents a lower risk of blood clots than the gastric bypass. In the gastric sleeve, even and when the stomach has been reduced drastically, normal continuous operation. The physician should determine if the patient is a candidate for this procedure based on your age, your body mass index and your clinical history. Once the surgery is performed, this is irreversible. There is no insurance company that covers the costs of this operation since it is considered by the insurance companies as a cosmetic procedure. Greetings, Hector Bernal original Autor and source of the article.

See Polar Bears

The polar bear is a mammal that arouses much tenderness and that virtually everything the world want to see. Parce lie that a killing like that, machine can be so pretty at the same time. And so it is, gentlemen, the polar bear is the most dangerous mammal that there are in the Arctic and the most feared predator. Feeds mainly on seals, so usually you find lurking by the limits of the ice sheet. They are solitary animals, unlike muskoxen and walrus. His body is quite elongated and their very strong and robust, in order to walk and swim legs. The males arrive to weigh between 400 and 600 kilos, whereas female weight ranges between 200 and 300 pounds.

Despite their size, they are very agile, both by land and by sea. The only time that males and females gather and do so in an amicable way is during mating, which occurs between April and may. Though eggs do not develop until past the summer, in September. Polar bears do not hibernate and, while the female gives birth to one, two or even three puppies, males they speaking by ice in search of food. They are followed closely by Arctic foxes, which feed on the leftovers of the polar bear. Hatchlings are born in October and for the beginning of the summer already have developed fully. Males eat the puppies to get the female again enter in zeal.

Where can you see polar bear? In the Arctic, and within the Arctic, the best place to see them is Svalbard, the Norwegian archipelago located just 1000 km from the North Pole. Svalbard is considered the largest natural reserve of Europe and often surprising the wide variety of animal species that can be found there. When can we go travel to Svalbard? Between the months of June and September. When is the best time to see polar bears? July and August. What kinds of trips we can make? Mainly, boat trips around the largest island of the archipelago, Spitsbergen. Trips lasts approximately between 10 and 15 days. How can I reach Spitsbergen? With Fly SAS. Now well, It should be borne in mind that there is a single flight between Oslo and the archipelago, so it is better to book in advance because, otherwise, we can stay out of space or having to pay a real fortune to arrive. We can also travel during the winter to Svalbard. Polar bears will be ivernando, but we can enjoy the fantastic spectacle which are the Aurora Borealis. In addition to hiking with huskies sleds or practice background sky.

Asturias Sports Award

The final joint candidacy of mountaineers Edurne Pasaban and Reinhold Messner, the French cyclist Jeannie Longo and the athlete Haile Gebreselassie complete EP. The Sports Award winner will meet this Friday at noon. Marta Dominguez is left out of the final of the prize. Spanish footballer of the Schalke 04 Raul Gonzalez Blanco and the Spanish synchronized swimming team are two candidates finalists who choose to the Prince of Asturias of the sports 2011 Awards, which fails this Friday in the Hotel’s la Reconquista in Oviedo. In addition, among the five finalists is the joint candidacy of mountaineers Edurne Pasaban and Reinhold Messner, as well as the French cyclist Jeannie Longo and the Ethiopian athlete Haile Gebreselassie. a> and gain more knowledge.. In total, had been cutting 19 candidates from eleven countries (Argentina, Australia, Bolivia, United States, Ethiopia, France, Italy, Lebanon, Dominican Republic, United Kingdom and Spain), one of which will happen in the palmares to selection Spanish football, awarded in 2010 after winning the World Cup in South Africa.

In this way, stay out of the final Palencia athlete Marta Dominguez, the cyclist Oscar Freire, the boat race, as well as the exgolfista Jack Nicklaus, the Spanish Davis Cup team or the American surfer Robert Kelly Slater, among others. The award is endowed with 50,000 euros, the sculpture created and donated by Joan Miro expressly for these awards, a diploma and an insignia accrediting. The Prince of Asturias Awards are intended, according to the statutes of the Foundation, to honor the scientific, technical, cultural, social and human work done by individuals, institutions, groups of persons or institutions in the international arena. Within this spirit, may be candidates for the Prince of Asturias Sports Award those who, besides the exemplarity of his life and work, have achieved new goals on the man’s struggle to overcome himself and contributed with their effort, in an extraordinary way to refinement, cultivation, promotion or dissemination of sports. Source of the news: Raul and the swim team synchronized among the five finalists to the Prince of Asturias

European Union

The European Union claims to have democratized Latin America, Eastern Europe, Africa and much of Asia. However, in a week has demonstrated how limited is its own democracy. First, because it seeks to impose a new Treaty of the union without consulting their constituents and, when on 12 June the only nation that has voted (Ireland) did not (and also with broad participation and margin), several leaders want to spurn this decision and blackmail that Republic again to make another referendum or to be marginalized in the EU. Second, because on June 18 his continental Parliament adopted anti-immigrant devices that are unprecedented in a block of modern democracies. Instead of giving them rights to more than 8 million undocumented to make several of the worst jobs in their societies, ordered that from the 2010 you can imprison for 18 months the undocumented and that minors without papers (although born in some of their countries) can be deported without being accompanied by their relatives. The EU – it has sponsored so many wars against ethnic cleansing in the former Yugoslavia or Africa – are bidding against irregular residents whose number is similar to or greater than half of its component Nations.

The Treaty of Lisbon the European Union is a block of 27 members and each new Treaty that seeks to reconfigure this must be adopted by unanimity between all its components. One thing is that some countries have the freedom to enter into the common area that have the same currency (the euro) or in which governed the same control of passports (Schengen), and another is an agreement that establishes the characteristics of such a union. Enough with that one of the 27 members of the EU don’t accept one of its constitutive treaties so that this doesn’t have validity (or, in any case, so that that nation is excluded).

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