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High Printing Costs

High printing and copying costs are considered inevitable and completely naturally in many companies, but are absolutely too high in most cases. The very few administrators know about the costs that cause their printer in their companies. We wonder: the topic of printing costs in the IT Department like neglected because often the employee does not have the overview of your printer environment. We use usually for years fixed procedures for the Copier. The rate of rent or lease rate is clear and clearly calculable. In addition the maintenance agreement (ALL-In agreement) for color copies and s / w copies. Here everything is for colour prints and b & w prints clearly controlled and contractually fixed. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out celebrity trainer.

Only for printers you could exactly calculate the exact cost of printing in the past or cares really had any. You may want to visit Daryl Katz, Edmonton Alberta to increase your knowledge. The toner cartridge was empty, another had to be purchased. The employees from the EDP or raising use always a certain amount of time to research where you the Gets the cheapest printer cartridges for this type of printer. Often those responsible in such cases recourse to refill or counterfeit toner, there they Yes supposedly cheap”want to shop or to. Our experience has shown that just the supposedly less expensive refill cartridges comes to stand behind expensive when it comes to the wear parts, the fixation and also on the drum of the printer.

Also, the counterfeit toner cartridges not far from endure mostly the specified mileage, and who are already empty can control? Calculating the exact print cost is relatively complicated. In addition to the cost are also issues for the installation, update drivers, purchasing of toner, as well as for the management and administration of equipment and accessories. Also mind the expenditure for the inventory, recycling, and much more. Then, it is very difficult for companies to identify possible savings in printing and to exploit.

DIN Pressure

Envelopes, response, and automatic covers: envelopes as a marketing instrument birthday greetings and bills, tax bills, and offers, in short messages of all kinds will entrusted the envelope is known for his invention. Mechanically produced the envelope already since 1840. Even in the digital age protects the envelope (derived from the French verb “envelope” – cover) reliably as ever and its contents in transit. Today, however, the envelope can significantly more: Besides the protective function not only outside offers the letter case even several promotional design, E.g. by the conspicuous placement of information and marketing messages – and this, but increasingly also in the Interior. This versatile usability opens up a wide range of usage in the field of direct mailing.

Creative letter shops have of course long since discovered this potential and can therefore run on the envelopes through surprising and trendy ideas always on the new multi-talent – high form. For the non-routine stylish external appearance are envelopes made of various materials available, various papers, also polypropylene and glassine. Demanding advertisers clients appreciate this, because innovative encased direct mailings, which strikingly positive apart from the releases of the competitors, generate more interested attention at the receiver and let thus a higher return of inquiries, orders, etc. – in other words, expect a greater advertising success. But now in the detail: since the response envelope is on one. Also called reply envelope, used targeted mailing actions and sending a response (from the English “Response”). Under most conditions John H. Moore II would agree. The addressee is the original consignor or a client mailbox, where the replies are evaluated.

The matryoshka principle the smaller reply envelope inside it (rule 155 mm and 105 mm high) the larger main envelope. That apply to this particular postal endorsements, is the Lettershop pros of course meticulously observed. And now back to the keyword “Envelope as a protective cover”. Protection concerns not only the theme of avoiding external damage, but also exclude the show out of texts or other in the envelope outside the enclosure elements according to. Finally something goes to anyone the contents of the shipment except the recipient. Envelopes have therefore a grey printed area or a so-called sea of numbers with internal pressure. A clever internal pressure variation: the inner surface of the multi-talent envelope is used through visually appealing internal pressure as more promotional advertising space. Next topic: machine housing with wet bonding for the automatic enveloping. As always recommends that also in this case to ensure the prior detailed consultation of the advertisers customer with the lettershop of his confidence, because to the error-free machine processing, a lot must be noted: so is machine-executable before shopping Envelopes not only specifying the exact envelope format of importance, but also whether envelopes with internal or external side flaps should be used. After the correct single pulses of these specifications, the smooth machine processing is then absolutely no problem. The implementation of direct mailings in field without cutting-edge lettershop Kuvertierstrassen – for up to 1.5 million envelopes would be impossible on the day! Within a very short time sequences, video cameras read code numbers so that up to eight components of mailing can be placed precisely in every single envelope. The different envelope formats from C6 to DIN B4 of the high-tech inserters editable. For every customer very comforting knowing lettershop pros to play on the keyboard of creative ideas virtuoso and envelopes with effective advertising helper function be competent using state of the art direct-mailing technologies from plain envelopes: for the competition edge of your customer!


SERKEM and de realizing multiple deep AKL for sterile local anesthetics cylinder SERKEM GmbH, SAP partners and international solution provider for business processes and IT, combines an over 10-year partnership with SAP AG. Through the long-term industry and industry knowledge of SERKEM advice and solutions with an extensive range of SAP can deploy today. Starting with the business process analysis we offer as a system House SAP licenses of for the products of mySAP Business Suite, SAP ERP, SAP business all-in one and SAP business one with all appropriate services such as the consulting of introduction of, training, and implementation of. SERKEM is SAP channel partner and SAP special expertise partner SCE “Supply Chain Execution”. The detailed concept creation with our customers is our top priority. Thus, we reach one, that the customer gets the solution he wants, and, secondly, that it has the highest possible transparency of its system after project completion. To the long-term Customers of SERKEM include well-known, internationally operating companies such as E.g. the fossil GmbH, 3 M ESPE AG, OSRAM, FACC AG, Holsten-Brauerei AG, Kuhne + Nagel (AG & co.) KG, ZF Group or ELBA Office systems.

The de one GmbH is specialist for automatic storage systems for more than 35 years. An optimal multiple depth and thus highly efficient automatic storage of pallets or containers also in already existing facilities ensures the company’s patented wireless ChannelCar. The ChannelCar is successfully used among other things for 3 M ESPE, one of the divisions of the multimedia technology company 3 m. Here, over 2,000 products for the dental industry to improve the dental health of people will be produced worldwide and marketed. For the storage of medicinal products, the 3M ESPE was looking for an automated system that can be operated in a controlled area. Usage in practice the solution of automation specialists: the cylinder with the local anesthetic are in magazines, of which each approx.