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Olympic Games

What is strange is that's what All the inhabitants of planet Earth are arranged roughly the same: every two arms, two legs, one head, two eyes and so on. The human body in all latitudes is subject to the same laws movement. When running legs move alternately, bringing forward and up, then one knee, then another, arms bent, torso tilted forward. Representatives of different nationalities and races equally walk, jump, swim, squatted, pulled up, tumble But where did such a variety of martial arts? The explanation for this phenomenon can not find so difficult, if to reflect on the causes of any kind of fight with weapons and without, especially without. The main reason, perhaps even unique, in the desire to oppose his enemies something unexpected, bringing them to the most disconcerting. When, say, the head of the South-Japanese Satsuma clan, Iehtsa with the permission of the Japanese emperor, with 3 thousand samurai, armed with guns, in a hundred ships carried out the seizure of the island of Okinawa, overlaid with the population of heavy taxes, bound set of prohibitions, one of which was a ban on the possession of weapons, residents had no choice but to invent a system to combat the deadly unarmed – Okinawa Te. In response to the principle of the invaders 'trial of the sword' (permission to try out the samurai sword on the head of any commoner) there is the principle of 'kill with one blow' (a system of techniques and strokes for an unarmed man, allowing molneenosno hit the vital points of an armed enemy).

Most likely, the same way there many kinds of martial arts in all corners of the globe. Greco-Roman wrestling is no exception. Originating in a primitive tribe, where everyone had to fight for the slain beast, a plot of land for his family, not only with people, but with predators, the fight is becoming a way of upbringing of a strong, strong-willed fighter, capable, and no weapons have a fitting rebuff to the enemy. In ancient Greece, many prominent military commanders and political leaders were famous wrestlers won multiple Olympic Games. Gradually, the struggle becomes a sport, while leaving some branches of combat used in special military and police units. These semi-martial are subject to one principle – to neutralize the enemy at one stroke or seizure or a cast that is trying to solve the most complex combat mission – one hand clapping beat the butterfly

Things Gas

What things are dragging with them the travelers, when going on the road? First of all, think you need to take a tent, pack knapsack, buy food at the right time. And rightly so, but what or even what to do with food? Perfectly when the path goes to places where there are no difficulties with woodfuel. Now, suppose what the group moved on a journey, and the forests there does not exist. Assume that this is a minor mountain where is still possible to find some firewood, or high snow-capped mountains, where there is nothing combustible and do not find it. For such situations, when the dilution of the flame will not work either very time-consuming, the company has come up with the perfect solution – portable camping stoves, metal, it is when you can find at least some combustible material and stoves (gas burner), hiking in the case of extreme or close to it conditions, when not anything else to make a fire. Once in the mountains with him took the primus on gasoline. However, in this case had to carry petrol in steel tanks, which under prolonged use may not always be tightly shut or they might break if dropped rucksacks. And in this case, all fuel was poured in a knapsack.

It was a bad story, is not it? Burner is popular among every traveler, who did not survive the day without an expedition to the steep snow-capped mountains. The device is its simple, burner, gas burner and gas capacity. But there is one nuance in the long journey is not always fall at the necessary quantity of gas, much less that this extra weight and additional material costs. Field ovens are ideal in travel with less threatening conditions. When can I collect at least some amount of solid fuel (wood chips, cones, tree branches, pieces of turf, brushwood, moss and so on). With their relatively large weight and volume of positive moments from them more than on a gas burner. They do not just work on each solid fuel-based, their wish, it is permissible to use and as a barbecue. Them something holidaymakers and is prepared to travel food, cook tea, baked kebab and mushrooms.

In other words, all that is required. Another plus of portable stoves is that the precipitation rain can not get any food that is prepared either by burning in a furnace fuels. So for the stove is not terrible, "neither rain nor the storm." In a recent trip to his experience made sure how successful solution was to take with a steel furnace in this particular case it was a portable camp stove "smoke." She was a valuable assistant in the cooking in our hike. In addition to general to the use of its scale, portable stove can be used in autotravel, the production work of builders, as well as longevity in the field or out of town. Compact furnace allows easily make the first and second dishes, roast meat or fish, make a kebab for example stove "smoke." With this stove, you will no longer have any trouble with food in situations of remoteness from the traditional cuisine you.

The Benefits Of Aikido

Aikido as a martial art appeared not so long ago by its founder, Ueshiba. This martial art was the subject of processing thoughts and developments of the great masters of M. Ueshiba many styles Jiu-Jitsu (non-rigid battle) and ken-jutsu (fighting for skating). The main essence of the art of Aikido is a departure from the attack. Subsequently, the essence of this lies the essence of all subsequent life aikidokas. In our time there was a lot of types of Aikido created by many followers, and followers of the followers of O-Sensei Ueshiba M. and his sons and grandsons – the custodians of philosophy of aikido.

Many of the Aikido synthesized with different varieties of combat Arts, becoming the new types of martial arts. To one of these types of martial arts include aikido real la Vrachevicha – masters of Serbia, the student son Bruises Kessimaru Ueshiba. Real Aikido L. Vracarevic differs from many branches of aikido lightning exits to the attacks, a large number of controls. In this type of aikido is a European color, along with Eastern philosophy and aikido L. Vracarevic characterized as a street style of aikido. In any case, regardless of the schools of aikido, the fascination with this single combat noticeably transforms aikido. Aikido practitioners begin to think and behave in an entirely different rhythm. In contrast to the enthusiasm, for example, swing muscles, which aims to build pull up the body shape, Aikido improves flexibility, enhances the ability to quickly assess the situation in any situation, boosts self-confidence, develops endurance.