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Historically Blue

Later this scheme was refined and supplemented by the work of many scientists from different countries. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Senator From Kentucky. Blue, brown … probably the most memorable feature of rights is the color of his eyes. Even after a cursory contact with a stranger, we probably do not even remember what the form, for example, was a person's nose or mouth, which was in his hair or clothes, but what he had eyes, we almost always remember accurately. In fact, all eyes are based on either blue or brown. Everything else is an infinite many different shades – just in between the mixed type, depending on the number of specks of brown pigment.

In addition, the eye color may affect the accumulation of drugs and toxins in the body. Historically It so happened that people from warmer equatorial zones of the earth had brown eyes, and people from regions with more temperate and cold climates – blue. Different climatic conditions of their ancestors in the distant past predetermine the characteristics of our organism in the present. In iridology people with pure light eyes (blue and gray) is considered to lymphatic type, they are representatives of the seldom occurring in the world such as iris. People with blue iris from birth are adapted to colder climates, where the main requirement was to generate and preserve heat. However, this leads to increased production and retention of food exchange, which, in turn, can cause inflammation. In addition, in order to keep warm, you need warm clothing, which protects a person from the cold.

Our Eyes Are

Our eyes – it's the first thing that gives information about our condition when we are worried, tired. When we are comfortable with – her eyes radiant with joy. It is therefore very important to pay particular attention to the skin around the eyes, it is precisely at this site skin is very thin and contains almost no oil glands, which leads to early wrinkles, dark circles and swelling. To help our skin look good must be properly and carefully look after her. First and foremost, you must thoroughly remove eye makeup, and do so strictly recommended for this purpose by means that must necessarily dermatologichno tested.

There is a special milk for make-up remover eye. The tool may be a liquid, oil or gel form. If you use waterproof cosmetics – must be purchased and the appropriate cleaners. All women who wear contact lenses, do not Fatty recommended cleaners and water-resistant mascara. Removing make-up, this should be done carefully and accurately. It is best to moisten the cotton tamponchik milk (emulsion) and place on eyelids for 40-60 seconds, and then gently cleanse the skin without stretching it.

Rinse off makeup must necessarily every night! By the choice of a cream or gel to the skin around the eyes should be treated very seriously, focusing on something which factor you want to eliminate. For young skin cream will not work with components that tighten and smooth out wrinkles. A mature skin requires special attention. Buying makeup, read the instructions carefully, paying attention to such moments: at what age group is targeted for cosmetics, which she has an action (removal of edema, dark circles, smooth wrinkles or wetting) the ingredients (very cool if the tool is composed of natural ingredients such as aloe, chamomile, cucumber …), dermatological and ophthalmologic control (cream should be hypoallergenic), and most importantly, working life. It is also very important to apply cream. It can not be rubbed into the skin, so as not to damage it, it is best to apply small polka dots and light, vibrant movement spread over the surface of the skin. In no case do not use expired makeup. And cosmetics in general, to avoid potential infection should be changed every four months. It is better to give preference to creams in tubes with a narrow tip – is not only convenient, but also protects the cream from oxidation and hit by microorganisms. To remove the swelling under the eyes, you can use special creams and gels, or try homemade recipes. It is recommended to use a mask of parsley root. For its manufacturing kink parsley roots through a meat grinder and put on eye area for 15-20 minutes, then rinse with warm water. Swelling under the eyes can be caused by disturbances in health, so do not interfere with medical consultation. To camouflage dark circles Eye can use special correctors, flaws that make the skin around the eye is almost imperceptible.

How To Choose Shampoo

Surely everyone knows that the shampoo must choose according to their type of hair. If your hair is dry, buy the one where does "dry hair", if fat – the label should read "for oily hair", etc. However, we must Considering that the type of hair in humans may vary depending on lifestyle, diet and age. Gunnar Peterson often says this. The second point: give preference to clear shampoos, without a strong smell. Pronounced aroma shows only the addition of some fragrances, does not affect the cleaning properties of the shampoo. Be sure to check the expiry date. If he comes to a close, it's best not to buy. It is also important presence on the package address manufacturer.

Carefully read the information on the composition of the shampoo. Many wonder how to strengthen your hair at home this will help the following components: Vitamin A stimulates the metabolic processes in the skin. Vitamin E struggling with the aging of cells. B vitamins regulate the activity of the sebaceous glands. Vegetable oils (castor oil, burdock, avocado oil or jojoba oil) contribute to the speedy growth of hair and strengthen their roots. Keratin restores hair texture.

Lipids added softness and elasticity. Protein opposes increased fragility. Glyukosil reduces hair loss. Ceramides prevent them from thinning. However, the main character component of any shampoo is detergent – a surface active agent (SAA), which when mixed with water and detergent leads to the formation of foam. Detergents differ in chemical composition. The most common are: Ammonium Lauryl Sulfate (Ammonium lauryl sulfate); Ammonium Laureth Sulfate (ammonium laureth sulfate); Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (sodium lauryl sulfate); Sodium Laureth Sulfate (sodium laureth sulfate); TEA Lauril Sulfate (TEA lauryl sulfate); TEA Laureth Sulfate (TEA laureth sulfate). Detergents are arranged in ascending order of their quality, which is the last three are considered the best. Do not forget to wash it after use of different aids. Balms, conditioners and air-conditioned cocoon hair surface across the length and protect against environmental hazards. They reduce the electrification of hair, make it easier to comb and styling. But just do not always use shampoos, combined with the balm of a series of "2 in 1" or "3 in 1" because the increase in the number of components reduces the effectiveness of each. Such funds are more suitable for short-term use, for example, on vacation or business trip. A good quality shampoo does not cause allergic reactions or irritate the scalp. With little secrets of dandruff shampoo is recommended to use the medical series, which are sold in pharmacies. Over time, the hair used to a certain type of shampoo, cease to respond to its constituent components useful. Therefore, it is desirable to every 3 – 4 months to change for washing hair. Never buy generic shampoos that claim to perfect for all hair types. Also, you must stop the words "shampoo for the whole family." Prefer product brands and manufacturers. Long hair is generally considered to be a mixed type: they are near the root of the fat, but at tip – dry posechennye. In this case, will help the gel-fluid or fluid-balm. Sprayed on his palm and then applied to the ends of her hair. Classification of major types of hair: normal (solid and sufficiently elastic to the touch, have a healthy shine), dry (feels like straw, the tips are often split), thin (almost weightless, looking weak, there seems rastrepannosti very strongly electrified), fat (no volume, Strands limply hanging down).

Dealing with Cellulite

What is cellulite? Cellulite – is common for women the change of adipose tissue, which is part of the skin, which manifests the development of hummocky cover the skin. In simple terms cellulitis appears as an orange cover. Before you say, what is cellulite, you want to identify what it is not: a simple fat. You can not lose it through diet or fitness. Retention of moisture. This is only part of the problem, but it is one of the the most important aspects involved in the retention of fat. Cosmetic problem. This is a physical problem that can not be changed using standard physical exercise or diet.

The reason for the poisoning of existence as its own and loved ones. Cellulite is not only a cosmetic disadvantage. Treating cellulite requires a very thorough approach. The disease, which should be treated. Summing up, it should say that cellulite is this: The situation in which fat is trapped in the body parts like thighs, legs and hands.

Collagen tissue in these areas are of the form 'honeycomb', and do not overlap, as in other parts of the body. These fabrics look like the cells are filled with fatty deposits, filled with toxins that are pushing the skin up and out (ie stretched). This stretches the collagen and makes the fluid motion. Stretching the collagen stops circulation. Hormones that derive from body fat, cellulite can not reach – the fat cells to trigger release of stored fat. As a result, cells accumulate fat and often can not effectively remove it from the body. Thus, the toxins found in body fluids, and especially in its fat, these cellulite – fat cells are composed of relatively large amounts of toxins. Studies conducted in University of Milan in Italy showed that the toxicity and the pressure of water over the years, destroying the cells. The cell walls become thick and hard (thick), more prepyadstvuet release fat. In fact, fat and toxins closed. The fact that cellulite – it is a cosmetic defect, which must be addressed, now aware of virtually every woman. Also, stores can offer a variety of procedures, avoid the 'orange peel' and 'breeches'. But as themselves to find out exactly what kind of procedures and medications needed for you, it's hard.

Ampoules For Hair Loss

The problem of hair loss is better not to bring up the point where they need serious treatment or transplant. In order not to resort to such drastic measures, use of prophylactic and therapeutic uses in the home conditions, anti-hair loss – Complex Pro Anti-hair Loss Ampoules of holding INFINUM. Special Lotion, contained in capsules for hair loss has active ingredients, it: * tones the scalp, gives vitality weakened hair * warns hair loss and stimulates their growth, * improves the microcirculation of the scalp, strengthens hair roots * absorbs quickly, does not increase the weight of the hair * dermatologically tested, does not contain fragrances. Extracts of berries and cypress Sophora – improve nutrition of hair follicles, complex B vitamins (B1, B5, B6, PP, biotin) – stimulates and tones the scalp, eucalyptol – regulates the function of the sebaceous glands, normalizes microflora of the scalp; Camphor – improves microcirculation, Menthol – gives a feeling of freshness. Shake vial against hair loss and carefully break off the upper part of the applicator. Apply the contents to a clean scalp by parting, gently massage 2-3 minutes, do not rinse.

Use every time you wash it rates using ampules for hair loss Complex Pro Anti-hair Loss Ampoules at least 8 weeks, if necessary, should be repeated 2-3 times per year. In addition to the ampoules for hair loss – a series of Complex Pro Anti-hair Loss Ampoules, recommend regular use shampoo and mask are prone to hair loss, depletion of hair. For beautiful and healthy hair, use kosmetsevticheskie funds from holding INFINUM – series Complex Pro Anti-hair Loss Ampoules, which allow you to achieve the ideal state of hair. Even William Shakespeare said: 'Health – worth more than gold'. The health of your hair in your hands. The choice of beauty care products and hair treatment should pay serious attention.