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Wooden Windows And Their Advantages Over Plastic

Wooden windows have recently come into fashion. Despite the fact that the windows are wooden, plastic is cheaper, the consumer starts to think about comfort and beauty that can only give wooden windows. Unlike windows plastics, real wood is better to retain heat, he was not afraid of abrupt changes in temperature. In the window of natural wood can be inserted windows. Natural wood, in contrast to the windows of plastic 'breathes', pass moisture and air, while maintaining a pleasant indoor climate and providing a slow ventilation.

Plus a plastic glass only in the high resistance of combustion and performance protection against sound and cold. But they do not pass air, creating an impossible atmosphere in the home, have a large coefficient of thermal expansion. In a room with windows made of plastic are often formed perspiration on the walls and ceiling due to the fact that such windows do not overlook moisture. And this, respectively, and leads to damage of finishing the interior. Cons wooden windows enclosed in that tree not decay and fungus infection (but new treatments can not prevent these processes), there need for additional care. Plus, wood windows are more of metal, but they serve their owners over a long time.

Thus we can say that wooden windows would certainly be better windows made of plastic, they more environmentally friendly, can keep your house healthy climate and natural beauty attract the attention of his material, compensating for its merits the price difference with the plastic. From which the same varieties Wood windows are made of wood and what is the difference between them? In the first place in popularity are the windows of the pine wood. Pine windows are cheap enough and still differ all the benefits of wood windows – well look environmentally friendly. The pine box is not as durable and resistant to external influences than the window of oak and larch. However, they are no worse than the plastic glass and a little more worth it. And this difference in price they compensate with a vengeance for its advantages over the plastic windows. The windows of the larch expensive windows made of pine about 30 percent. Larch – a perfect material for the production of wood glass – it is solid and durable almost like oak wood, fireproofing, stand in the influence of moisture, and durable. Fiberglass windows of the oak are 2 times more expensive than windows made of pine. However, they compensate for this difference in price its own advantages – a huge strength, beauty of wood and especially energy. Oak wood over the years, becoming more beautiful, getting darker and noble shade. The windows of the oak – a worthy choice – they will serve you long and will create a special atmosphere in the house. Production of wooden double-glazed windows are now – an elaborate and high-tech process. Modern wood windows, unlike windows our childhood, not not swell, the paint on them is not cracked. And all this because of today's specialized tools and technologies that are used in their manufacture and painting.

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