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Santa Lucia Beach

After leaving Camaguey it was recommended to him, before arriving at Santa Lucia, making stay in the port of Nuevitas, in the North coast, to continue towards Levante (the east) of Cuba. It must to that still it has left to visit two interesting places in the north of the province: the Mountain range of Cubitas and one of the islands majors of the archipelago of Gardens of the King: Sabinal. Later it will continue towards the Eastern provinces, on which we will later give general information them before going towards them. But before starting off for these two places to visit it is recommended to reserve to him in a hotel in Nuevitas, thus must make the reservation from Camaguey. There is one in that locality: the Hotel Blue Island Caonaba (two stars). There are almost 94 km from Camaguey to Nuevitas.

There is a single route to arrive at Nuevitas: it takes the highway that goes until the town of Mines. Without entering this one it continues until the population Relationship of Villager. There there are several branches: it takes the one directly takes that it until Nuevitas. It always takes with himself Guide of Highways (Road guide) who recommended itself to him from first articles. Nuevitas is a port located in the bay of the same name, one of the majors of Cuba. Continue to learn more with: actress. There there are several places that are recommended to him to visit, which are protected areas: the Whale calves and the Mountain range of Cubitas. In previous articles we informed to him that the Ministries of Science, Technology and Environment (CITMA) and the Ministry of Agriculture, in their section of Flora and Fauna, (ECOTUR), is the ones in charge of regulating the visits to the protected areas.