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Russian Tennis Federation

Truly honored include the annual celebration from 6 th to 8 th June, which this year was celebrated in style by all tennis fans. This anniversary on the occasion of 100 anniversary of the establishment of the All-Russian Union of lawn tennis clubs. The Union was registered in St. Petersburg, back in 1908godu, namely, on June 2. First tennis tournament between the members of the regional federations.

winners were also rewarded with cups, but the main reward of this competition was awarded to it for the huge contribution in the self development of tennis at the final dinner. greatest reward in the evening the Russian Tennis Federation – a commemorative medal A. MacPherson – its owners, it’s such famous person, as Boris Yeltsin and Moscow Mayor Yuri , and Anastasia Myskina. Olympic champion who won many tennis tournaments of different levels, winner of two tournaments tennis ‘Grand Slam’ in singles and four doubles discharge – Yevgeny Kafelnikov, the coach Larisa , the first Soviet tennis player, winner of the tournament ‘Grand Slam’ Olga Morozova and honored in Moscow and Russian tennis, Emeritus Chairman of the Tennis Federation in Moscow, Oleg Kornblit. This event is summed up all of the most remarkable achievements and to express great gratitude to the people is respected. It is through their common efforts we can proud of the victories of Russian tennis players at tournaments around the world. Russia occupies a leading position in Top tennis players in the world.

We can rightly say that our tennis players are among the most talented in the world, and tennis. As a kind of Sports, one of the most exciting and rapidly developing in our country. Such momentum in the development of tennis in our country, we must first prezedentu Russia Boris Yeltsin. That’s tennis was his favorite sport. He he played tennis and it is this set an example to others.

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