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Water Fibers

Speed and quantity of output moisture directly become dependent on the cost and the cost of such fiber. From the conservation of heat, a similar picture: everyone is trying to make something warmer wool. The results are impressive. But if you do not climb into the mountains and did not win the pole, then the wool is fine. The only exception is – are allergic to wool. But here, come to the aid of the latest technology of its processing (easy care, super wash, aquaduct, etc.) It remains the case for small – to be able to bring these two layers into a single canvas, using progressive equipment and technology of weaving, which allows to maintain breathability of the material, with relatively good heat preservation.

In fact, Indeed, this "small" – the biggest problem for Russia. Water transpiration fibers are not produced in any country in the former Soviet Union. Polypropylene is produced in Russia and Ukraine, has the same resemblance to the water transpiration fibers, as Flint Axe and a microprocessor. Silicon, at first glance here and there. Thread of such a polypropylene, suitable only for road workers clothing or packaging. Imported tissue, automatically raise the price issue. Not to mention, on the import of manufactured goods by foreign manufacturers. Only a few factories have been able to procure the necessary equipment and to master the technology. Russian "Lefty" and "Kulibina" not only repeated overseas miracle fabric, but also able to create a number of paintings, meet the needs of Russian consumers.

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