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The Choice Of Material For The Construction Of A Cottage

The inhabitants of towns, tired of the bustle, noise, cars, dust and nervousness streets, crowds of people want to buy a cottage. Indeed, many want to live in the city, among the blooming flowers and the rustling canopy of spreading trees, enjoying the chirping of birds and nezagazovannym air. And if you close to home – a crystal clear pond, then to have nothing more to dream! But, unfortunately, get klyucheg not everyone is on the pocket. Therefore, people often acquire land outside the city limits, on and start building. Some build their own, while others-are turning to contractors.

Cottage, usually built taking into account the fact that he will operated year-round for many years. Therefore, you must first select the location on the site. Once the development plan is ready, is to decide from which to build a house. The optimal material for erection of a house is, of course, wood. It is well to retain heat in winter and in summer – cool. In addition, it is – a modern and environmentally friendly material. Most often to build houses in Russia has long used a pine tree.

and it is now widely used for construction of houses. This is understandable – Pine is a fairly durable material, it is dense and resistant to cracking. In addition, building materials made of pine wood is almost dry out, rot. Pine is resistant to wear, chopping, easy and . It was a pine optimal price / quality ratio. Comparing the building materials made of pine and cedar, it should be noted that the cedar, although slightly more resistant to cracking and rotting. Larch is also about a third more durable, and the oak is more resistant to abrasion. But do not forget that the pine stands less of these rocks. Currently, common home of larches. This tree has a number of useful features for building. In the first place, built of larch durable, resistant and durable. Houses do not darken in the sun. In addition, the larch is a fire-resistant building material and practically is not subject to rotting due to its aseptic properties. Larch has a beneficial effect on health – highlights volatile, prevents colds diseases. In the houses of larch advised to live pensioners, children and persons suffering from bronchial asthma. Construction of a cottage with cedar be much more expensive, but worth it. Cedar is one of the best materials for construction. In addition, the wood of this tree is well protected from the heat, it still highlights a delicate aroma, disinfect the air in the house. Scientists have proven that the air in the homes of cedar is practically sterile. Thus, Today once again revived interest in the construction of houses made of wood. Tree – a living material. It continues to breathe even in the wooden house, exuding the aroma of tar and vitality. What kind of tree you choose to building a house – you decide.

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