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Constitutional Principle

If the classroom Brazilian politics had the ability considered for the president of the STF, which the reason, then, it takes that it to act of immoral form? After all, GMendes generalized Knew that the president of the STF, Gilmar Mendes, she was with Jose Ribamar Sarney, gentleman of the Maranho, Amap and aderredores during the morning of yesterday (02/07). After the meeting, comme d' habitude' , Gilmar Mendes minimized the crisis and affirmed that ' ' (sic) ' ' The Senate will have to soon surpass the politician-administrative crisis for which he is passando' ' e, as if it was not enough, continued: (sic) ' ' the classroom Brazilian politics is ' ' extremely competent and already &#039 surpassed other crises; ' It does not remain doubt shade any that the affirmation of Gilmar Mendes is frivolous and inconsistente. Crisis has much time cannot more considered being the practical reiterated one of acts that have forcene the native laws – and exactly for members Being able of them that they would have to respect them. As much have been the crises that Brazil, exactly because of carreiristas politicians whom if they judge above of the law, it reached the paroxysm of the bearable one, crossed the fine line morally separated that them of the intolerable one and of the legally unacceptable one. Errou Gilmar Mendes, therefore, doubly. To one: it tried to make – unfruitfully – to seem as being of somenos importance the deep chaos where if it finds dived ours ' ' Chamber of the Lordes' '. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with David Rothberg. It is primacialmente attempted against primacialmente for the fact to have exactly been Sarney, president of the Senate, the catalizadora figure of all the illegal acts and unconstitutional committed for its sobordinates, it does not matter if managing or not of the Senate. for the simple reason to have been notified that its relatives, contrarelatives, added and resembled had been nominated and such nominations had been made to esconsas, having left DOES NOT GIVE in it, disobeying the Constitutional Principle of the Advertising and Sarney ' ' not sabia' ' In thus being, such nominations are null of full direct and must be returned to the safes of the Nation all the received dinheiros illegally for the nominated ones, nor that they come to allege that ' ' not sabiam' ' , therefore this allegation, being unfounded, is unacceptable.

The two:Gilmar Mendes to affirm to be (sic) ' ' the classroom politics extremely competente' ' , it is to run away to the reality. Better and more adjusted it would be if S. Exa. it had affirmed that the classroom politics is skillful in trying to escape to its responsibilities. If thus it are not, as much as Severino Cavalcanti, Renan Calheiros, Fernando Collor and he himself, Sarneys and even though its son, would not have to be as senators of the Repblica.Cabe to transcribe here, for opportune, the affirmation of sir Richard Stone, eminent British, Prize Nobel de Economia of 1984 and known economist world-wide as father of the modern public accounting: ' ' The primary form of corruption, matrix of all the others, is the infiltration of people sabidamente imcompetent people in the administration of the public subjects and the private businesses. Only the safe corruption incompetentes' '

Transports Ministry

Dilma, in view of whom even though one of its ministers (exactly of the Defense, who command the Armed Forces), Mr. Nelson Jobim, admitted not to have voted in it, called it guarded way of ignorant and idiot and affirmed that one of the ministers of the president is ‘ ‘ fraquinha’ ‘ Exactly that it has the power to relieve it (what I believe that will finish happening, therefore everything I have a limit), its moral never more I will be the same one. As a minister admits that he voted in another candidate! This is the accumulation of the lack of command and authority. If this lady had some moral, the same one is disappearing. Coming back to the Republican Ministry of the Transports, the same it was fruit of biggest accusations of corruption of the republican government after-mensalo. the interesting one is that, although everything, and of the company of the son of the minister (established with a patrimony of 60 a thousand Reals) to have jumped for a patrimony of 50 million in five years, the Minister Alfredo Birth says not to know you are welcome is, this youngster son of it, been born in 1984, must be a genius to envy Mark Zuckeberg, the creator of the Facebook. As one met in similar situation to the one of ‘ ‘ Lipstick in the Cueca’ ‘ , known of the adultery ones, if it saw debtor to deliver its position and to come back to the Senate and the presidency of its Republican Party! Therefore it is, although all the indications that had dissuaded it a ministry, still could come back would caderia to exert it of Senator of the Republic (nothing more just). As the ministry was ‘ ‘ loteado’ ‘ for this party truily republican, Mrs.

Dilma was in an interesting situation: he would have to place in the direction of its folder of transports somebody of this party (such all governing which that must electoral favors the oligarchies politics, instead of searching the name most able to occupy the folder), but could only nominate who had a ilibada reputation. only sees: NONE of the controllers of the party would have the clean fiche of accusations and convictions. How sinuca of peak was the president! Ah! They forgive, I was not just. The PR, yes, had a person to indicate the president, example of honesty and worker, whose name also was quoted for the ministry: the TIRIRICA! For if finding without any another name that could indicate, not to be of a clown, the PR ‘ ‘ abdicou’ ‘ of its position in the Ministry of the Transports for Mrs. PresidentA, leaving it exempts it to feel a Head of Government that has the freedom to choose who will belong to its ministry. Therefore it is.

This, as I spoke, is a party that reflects the Reverse speed Publishes in which if it finds most of the Brazilian Republican State. Created for interests, composition for intelligent corrupt and illiterate unprepared, that divide land into parcels the public offices not of people prepared for such, but only taking care of to the interests eleitoreiros politician-partisans, commanded however for demagogues, however for puppets, saved rarssimas exceptions, that must be praised and recognized. It saves the Emperor. It saves Brazil.

Occupational Therapy

E to leave some ideas in open as sketch to think the politics of mental health. Capszao I believe that in the theoretical conception of the CAPS it has perhaps not previsible vieses in the theory, but that they go if becoming evidentes in the practical one. In the CAPS-AD they had been capszao . The institution works as a hospital day, where the patients, in accordance with the program of treatment considered for each one, can pass the day and come back at night toward the house. During the day, they participate of activities of Occupational Therapy, Workshops of Art, Groups of Therapy, Games, and Consultations.

The problem is that the criteria to define which patient ones go to frequentar such activities and in which days many times something is subjective. Many patients if accomodate, if they accustom, they start to like to frequentar the CAPS daily, after all, they take coffee, they lunch, they take snack, they practise sport, they participate of workshops, they receive attention and, while they are under treatment, generally they obtain removal of the work. It is much more convenient to continue moved away and to participate of all the activities of the CAPS of what> back in the patio they talk as to obtain removal or retirement . This comodismo harms the devotion of the patient to the treatment that, in secret, continues drinking, frequentando the CAPS and moved away from the work. A dependence of the CAPS is created. The criteria for high also are subjective. However, if the patient still drinks or uses drugs and has partner-familiar difficulties, the trend of the team is to keep it in the treatment program, which turns a vicious circle. He wants to say: the patient never receives high and if cronifica in the CAPS.