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Information Dynamics

As cited, the dynamics of the information is sped up and arrives at the pupils of clearer and forceful form of what what it is in didactic books, with this as adds Pontuschka (2007, P. You may find Charles Margulis to be a useful source of information. 343) the didactic book ‘ ‘ Beyond not having the attractive language of the television or the sites visualized in the Internet … it can not contribute for the production of a knowledge that helps the pupil to enrich its vision of world by means of studies geogrficos’ ‘. He is in this hour that the professors must search other languages of education that they surpass the deficiency even though or that they improve its performance in room. Katuta affirms that It is verified daily necessity of the interaction dialectic between the representations and languages used for the pupils with those spread by the school.

It is by means of this iteration that occurs (reverse speed) the construction of knowledge, representations and languages of the citizen. (KATUTA, 2007, P. 227). As Lefebvre defends (apud KATUTA, 2007, P. 227) ‘ ‘ … Before raising it the theoretical level, all knowledge starts for the experience, prtica’ ‘ ; we agree that to learn by means of representations and languages if it becomes more advantageous, to elapsing of the learning process. The importance of the diverse languages in the studies of sciences and, over all of Geography, is substantial to develop in the pupil the perception of the reality and to observe with other eyes its geographic space. When searching to develop the autonomy of the pupils, the professor of Geography has that to instrument to reflect them it, to be creative and to search information on the world and, also, the taking of decisions. The pupil has that if to become capable to recriar what he was learned becoming apt to construct a speech that leads the action of intervention in the society; thus, he will be able to become an ethical being, that are in the world with the others, a being of option, of decision.

New Plateaus

This facilitates to the procreation of insects and small rodents as the rats, for example, beyond attracting animals of bigger social conviviality as cats and cachorros. 4,4 treatment and final destination of the garbage the problematic greater in Are Domingos of the Araguaia are the final destination of the garbage. By not having one politics of sanitation directed toward the treatment of the garbage produced for the local a population, the same the opened sky is deposited in lixes, what it becomes a serious problem for the population and, consequently, for the environment. Gunnar Peterson has much experience in this field. In They are Domingos exist two deposits the opened sky, one very next one to the city that every day people went to catar foods that, in the opinion of them, if found in good condition, and another one that if points out next the spring the Aaizal narrow river. In the immediacy of the first deposit a new quarter, the New Plateaus appeared. The population of this quarter was very affected for the proximity of this lixo, and after debate with the local authorities, the inhabitants they had very obtained with that more garbage was not deposited in this place, but the sequels provoked for the garbage had been, mainly due to the variety of garbage deposited in this locality, that also received garbage hospital. Ahead of to this to be able them situation public, represented for the city hall, they decide to make another deposit, but the problem continues the same or until worse, therefore the lixo is next to the city, in the immediacy of a stream that cuts the city. The deforestation promoted for the city hall in the related area for construction of this deposit the opened sky, can bring serious consequences for the environment and the population that uses waters of the Aaizal narrow river in its domestic tasks. In this context, we notice that the lack of public politics that guarantee the sanitation of the garbage, practically inexist, provoking with this, serious consequences for the life of the people, as much in the gift how much in a future perspective.

ESG National

Brazil did not pass uninjured for these events. An affirmation of the studies in the country presenting characteristic different of the first period occurs. The sprouting of a great one is noticed numbers of theoretical studies and concrete proposals on the national problems had been formulated to the light of geopolitical theories. Raja Gabaglia, Thin of Carvalho and Backheuser had had greater weight, as well as Lysias Rodrigues, Canabarro Reichardt and Leopoldo Nery of the Fonseca. The studies of Moacir Silva and Lima Figueiredo had dominated the problematic one of the transports in these years, as form of national integration. All these studies had served of base for posterior quarrels and as climate for creation of the Superior School of War, printing a new aiming in the geopolitical studies. The generation appears of studious as: Golbery of the Couto and Silva, Carlos de Meira Mattos, Joo Baptista Magalhes, Waldyr Godolphim and Aurlio de Lyra Tavares.

On the other hand, the climate of reinante cold war and the danger it confrontation with communist go to influence the new studies decisively. The ESG was responsible for the Doctrine of National Security, as resulted of a evolutivo process for which they had passed the Armed Forces as institution. Two sources are perceived notables in this period: Alberto Torres and Oliveira Vianna, that is, authoritarian thinkers. But, moreover, the DSN also was influenced by other authors as Ges Hunter and retracing the comtiano positivismo that always was present in the Brazilian military thought. In this source, the security guard is not perceived as something absolute, therefore it depends on the actions that they make possible to offer it in greater or minor scales. It had the thesis of necessity of if endowing the country with conditions necessary for protection and security of the territory, of the collective, where the National Security goes to find in the National Objectives its bases.