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Brazil did not pass uninjured for these events. An affirmation of the studies in the country presenting characteristic different of the first period occurs. The sprouting of a great one is noticed numbers of theoretical studies and concrete proposals on the national problems had been formulated to the light of geopolitical theories. Raja Gabaglia, Thin of Carvalho and Backheuser had had greater weight, as well as Lysias Rodrigues, Canabarro Reichardt and Leopoldo Nery of the Fonseca. The studies of Moacir Silva and Lima Figueiredo had dominated the problematic one of the transports in these years, as form of national integration. All these studies had served of base for posterior quarrels and as climate for creation of the Superior School of War, printing a new aiming in the geopolitical studies. The generation appears of studious as: Golbery of the Couto and Silva, Carlos de Meira Mattos, Joo Baptista Magalhes, Waldyr Godolphim and Aurlio de Lyra Tavares.

On the other hand, the climate of reinante cold war and the danger it confrontation with communist go to influence the new studies decisively. The ESG was responsible for the Doctrine of National Security, as resulted of a evolutivo process for which they had passed the Armed Forces as institution. Two sources are perceived notables in this period: Alberto Torres and Oliveira Vianna, that is, authoritarian thinkers. But, moreover, the DSN also was influenced by other authors as Ges Hunter and retracing the comtiano positivismo that always was present in the Brazilian military thought. In this source, the security guard is not perceived as something absolute, therefore it depends on the actions that they make possible to offer it in greater or minor scales. It had the thesis of necessity of if endowing the country with conditions necessary for protection and security of the territory, of the collective, where the National Security goes to find in the National Objectives its bases.

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