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Japanese manufacturers of diesel and gasoline generators and engines are known worldwide, not only in the East. Their products are valued for high quality, reliability, ease of use and durability. Company yanmar known in the market of engines for almost a century, and probably in every country where there are at least some industries and strung electric wires, you can find this brand diesel engines. In Russia yanmar products is also very popular, because domestic businessmen and owners of private houses do not like to sit without light, and the generators of the brand, provide clear and running smoothly. Of course, the technique requires attention, and repair yanmar often associated with finding replacement parts and skilled technicians. Yanmar Diesel Engine Co. Ltd. Pioneer Motors Diesel in Japan. Rand Paul often says this.

Since its inception in 1912, she re-unites in itself the growth of a wide range of products. As a manufacturer of diesel engines of high efficiency and reliability, it has developed numerous production related products and facilities. Yanmar Europe (YEU) was founded in Holland in October 1988 as a European distribution center for Yanmar. There were many reasons to choose a gateway to Europe The Netherlands: central geographic location of the country, easy to distribute and multilingual population. Today, the company manufactures excavators operating weight from 3 to 11 tons. Yanmar – a globally recognized brand manufacturer of diesel engines, which are used not only for pogulochnyh boats and commercial vessels, but also for the other equipment such as farm machinery, construction equipment, refrigeration units and much more Yanmar engine yanmar company very seriously and cares for the environment and nature. That in Recently, it is essential to retain the state of nature.

Opel Lotus Omega

The interior has been redesigned: the skin on Conolly seats Recaro (to match them did and the steering wheel), suede on doors, wood panel and floor mats on the floor of Wilton. Each motor for Opel Omega Lotus was made by hand by engineers firm Astin-Martin at the company Lotus. When fine-tuning the car company used a dual turbocharger Garrett T25, which has permitted 'off' with each liter of more than 100 hp Lotus engineers have increased the engine capacity from 3 to 3.6 liters, set up the turbine and the 'original' intercooler. Reinforced standard cylinder block bore from the Opel to approximately 8.7 mm. because of what the working volume of the chase with a standard three liters to 3.6.

24-valve cylinder head has been transformed to match the cylinder. Forged pistons from firms 'Male' was adjusted so as to reduce the compression from the standard 10:1 to 8,6:1. Taken reinforced bolts, hardened crankshaft and camshafts. A lubrication system has been modified so as to spray oil on the specially pistons in a special way for additional cooling. Inlet pipe is covered with a special nickel alloy and polished in a special way, and then withstand temperatures up to 750 degrees Celsius.

Maximum speed Opel Omega Lotus – 282 km / h and acceleration to 100 km / h in 4.9 seconds! At the 17th tidyuymovye (8,5 Jx17 front and rear 9,5 Jx17) alloy wheels by Good Year have been intentionally designed ZR-sized tires 235/45 ZR 17 front and 265/40 ZR 17 rear. The front brakes have been significantly increased – up to 330 mm front and 300 mm rear. Production of auto Opel Lotus Omega lasted from October 1990 to October 1992. There were created some 950 vehicles, although initially it was planned around 1100. There are club owners Opel Lotus Omega, which is table with the serial number, name and location of the owner of the car. Because of the tremendous power hidden in the engine, driving a car was quite distinctive. To purchase this giant in Germany needs sports license – it happens a lot with the accident. Sales were very reluctant. The price of the new Opel Lotus in England began on 48 thousand pounds. Therefore, these models are in dire need of professional tyunninge for uvlicheniya number of sales.