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Carlos Mora Vanegas while remain alive in this dimension, we must know to take advantage of the time that we granted stay. We must be careful, know how to intelligently handle our emotions optimize results that benefit our personal and spiritual growth, not to remain passive but know how to maximize the opportunity that we been living. We must maintain this enthusiasm be the best of the best, do not correspond to the heap, not to identify co this revived, must be special, knowing an optimally energy power than are us has otogorgado. Try to be the best. Manuel Rodriguez points out, the Larousse dictionary, defines the word better as more good, or that it is good, but it is the most good of all, the word art defines it as a set of rules of a profession, also says that art is virtue, power, efficiency and ability to do one thing well. As well as simple as you can hear.When it comes to purchasing any item of consumption, most of us prefer to buy it from mark, as we say popularly good brand, recognised brand, prestige, because buying brand is guarantee of quality, and well done, flawless, with a variety of models, colors, styles, sizes, designs and prices. Mean that among the best, selected the best, able to leave satisfied up to the most demanding customer, brands which does not provide in any way mediocrity and piracy.

Clearer the water.The art of being the best then consists of a set of rules that must be followed and that are characteristic of good brands. Be okay good, but being the best is going on the right path to excellence.The virtue of doing one thing, well as the dictionary tells us is something that already brings one, but which can also be learned. But it is a whole. It is not only one thing.

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