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The South Korean company kovea began its history in 1982 and more than 20 years pleases its customers the widest range of products for outdoor activities. Over the past five years, the company that manufactures products provide only for extreme sports, has expanded its product range so much that now it has a range of assets to a much wider range of customers. Its products are now used by climbers and water experts, amateurs mountain hiking and picnic enjoying the outdoors, hunters and fishermen, motorists and even grandmothers in the country. All equipment is so well lies in the range of interests of Russian consumers and has the perfect ratio of price and quality that the product practically does not require advertising. The range of available gas burners kovea, gas lamps, gas burners pistol, gas stoves, gas heaters, gas grills, barbecues, catalytic heaters, headlamp and hand-held electric lights, sets of dishes and a tourist yourself gas cylinders, with which all these devices are used. The company continues to work on expanding the range and since 2007 in Russia went on sale burner kovea, which can be used on gas and petrol.

The line range already includes new positions, such as a new heater with the possibility of cooking. Thanks turning a bowl, it is possible to install in an inclined position for heating and in a horizontal position for cooking. Also there was not blown system of cooking for extreme Alpine Pot – analog is acclaimed American Systems Jetboil. At the same time is constantly being updated and expanded line of gas burners, lamps, and is developing a new gasoline burner. The entire range of passes through the most severe system control in accordance with iso 9001. Even Russian certification authorities have issued a factory long-term certificate. Products kovea available in 25 countries around the world, and at its factory manufactured products and parts for such well-known Companies like Markill, msr, Primus, Snow Peak, Brunton, etc.

The success lies in the fact that each person can find a range of something to your taste, well, of course, the pricing policy of the company. Think about that, regardless of weather conditions and availability of firewood, you can cook a hot meal or a drink in 5 minutes and make it even a child can. You warmer tent and will be able to illuminate parking lot with no electricity to light a fire under a torrential downpour. Not to mention the fact that, when lack of firewood can cook a great barbecue even in his own balcony. Also, the range has authority over motorists when to warm up nut, just to unfreeze the lock or heat sump engine in a 30-degree frost. For this kovea a wide range of special burners pistol. In short, the scope of devices kovea limited only by human invention, and one can find the use of any device. Our company offers a full range of products that you may find helpful when traveling or on vacation, including in extreme conditions. Let your stay will be comfortable and impressions from a trip – brilliant.

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