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How To Teach My Dog

Does your dog ignores you, breaks especially when left alone, barking all the time, frantically pulling on the leash? Do not worry, it's time to give a final cut at all this. Do not miss this information may change forever your dog and your relationship with him. Secrets for how to educate your dog to know how to educate a dog must first understand the dog must know that their behavior is influenced by certain basic instincts should always be considered. How to educate my dog: Secret 1 The survival instinct is common to all living creatures. Along with this instinct is the instinct of procreation, or the mating instinct. It is usually very strong but varies for reasons of health, hormonal balance, timing, and more rarely, psychological inhibitions. How to educate my dog: Secret 2 The need for companionship is a common instinct of dogs and man.

Many canine behavioral problems have no other cause than the solitary confinement imposed by man. Studies show The critical period, when a puppy becomes attached to humans is between 3 and 10 weeks. If experience "printed" about relations with men during this period is pleasant enough tend to remain attached to humans and live with them without problems, but if it is confined in a kennel with other dogs and never deprived of human contact will have a good relationship with people. Like humans, dogs are vulnerable to popular psychology. Most dogs want to please their owner. But once you begin to live with human beings do not have these natural instincts.