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This is our new neighbor! Remembering all the saints and apostles, we rush to the phone and trying to contact the owner. But that, apparently, just killed my dacha. The newly expanded neighbor in the kitchen, drinking a regular hundred grams and fruity with a glass of beer, with an air of importance stretches us passport with residence permit at that address. Weekend were marked by a green snake in different with the new neighbor and his many friends rooms. Carefully purified after much persuasion fellow accountant bathroom on Monday morning brought before our red eyes of a serene night in his very bad form. Stepping over the body of the nephew of a new neighbor, we leave the apartment and go to work. On Tuesday night we finally hear at the other end of the landlord's voice: "We have the contract stipulate that you live alone? No! So live the way? Do not like it? Go away, and no money true – he wanted to terminate the contract, and that's dissolve! "Savings should be economical! We take on new strength and energy.

Chef pointedly turned the computer monitor to us and with self-inflicted serious study site agency real estate offers apartments for rent, "Go!". We gladly rush to flee to the accounts and explaining the words "You saw it all myself!" Borrow money until payday. Hooray! We have already experienced! Less than a week as we take things other and a joyous sight of his wife move into their abode. Ford Motors will undoubtedly add to your understanding. But being on the floor in front of the door we find in it a piece of paper with the seal of a law enforcement officer. If only the money for two months in advance that we paid, left under the mat … institutions in the same evening to the rank of familiar local district over a glass of tea (among other things reh 560 per half-liter beverage) tells us that this week we have .. tsatye tenants of the housing and the fact that in general search speculators is very heavy and already overloaded work schedule of his colleagues.

"Accounting" more money does not! The chief went on a business trip, and without it we go in search of housing is not ordered! Wife of another grim evening walks on apartment and throws bad views on us. We recalculate the money spent and recognize that they could live on them for five months. Chef is back! Can not refuse! Forced to call the agency. "The world of your property "- sounds like something! My God, how much they charge for their work! Now is not that interesting. What there for six – eight hits for the evening! No drive! Keys to the second apartment is already viewed are in the pocket. All was somehow boring and monotonous. Hard to part with compensation for the agency. All unusually quiet, decorous, peacefully and calmly. Savings should be economical! Solid and we silently sit quiet winter night at the computer and reread the article about the ease to rent an apartment without the services of mediators and significant savings of time and money. . 'The world of your property, "provides a right to free reproduction and distribution of text or parts of this material with the obligatory indication of the source, and when placed on the internet – hyperlink to a server This hyperlink must be placed at the beginning of playing the article.