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Ventilation Of Houses

In recent years, increasingly common in homes receive sealed fiberglass windows made of plastic, wood or aluminum. Solgar helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. This process is irreversible and will continue to grow more, because These windows are much more warm and allow to achieve significant savings in energy used for heating homes. In addition, modern windows greatly increase the comfort of home: greatly simplifies their maintenance, are easy to use, in flats is getting warmer and quieter drafts disappear. Unfortunately, practice shows that along with the obvious advantages, the use of modern sealed windows leads to a number of specific problems sanitary nature, not previously encountered. Modern window usually has four modes: 'closed', 'open – door wide open', 'open – door thrown' and 'slit aeration', in which valve moves away from the frame on the 1-3mm, forming a gap around the perimeter. During warmer months, residents may be without too much trouble to open casement windows for ventilation at home. At the same time to dust the room, and an increase in noise levels have tolerated, with the penetration of insects cope mosquito netting on the window. It should be noted that in the summer because of the alignment of internal and external temperature of air decreases abruptly thrust channels ventilation of the house and even with the windows open air is very small, it can be normalized only with mechanical exhaust system. In winter, to dust and noise added to the problem of drafts and cold. Modern windows are deprived of the traditional small air vents at the top, and swing and hinged opening doors for ventilation of the house leads to ingress into the room in winter excessive amount of cold air, reducing temperature and the formation of drafts.

Metropolitan Museum

Required temperature can be set between +6 C to +26 C. Ability to control air temperature in the bedroom need and summer, as sometimes it is pretty hot. For this task an excellent job with air conditioning, allowing not only to maintain the desired temperature in the room, but also ensure effective ventilation. >The Metropolitan Museum of Art. Choosing a split system, you need to make sure that it did not make much noise. One of the quietest are air conditioning Electric, the noise level does not exceed 21 dB, Daikin (22 dB), as well as Toshiba, Panasonic, gree (25-26 dB), and others. If the installation of a stationary split-system is complicated, you can use the mobile (or outdoor) air conditioners: Jax, Dantex, Croll, gree, Elektrolux etc. The design of these devices can freely move them around the room. To put an area of 20 m2 is sufficient air conditioning capacity of 2-3 kW, which is included in the regular household outlet.

Decorating and furnishing By providing opportunity to create a favorable climate for a dream, you can proceed to finish and furnishing a bedroom. The first thing to pick the proper color palette. Keep in mind that different combinations of colors can have different influence on the nervous system. For example, green color helps to calm and yellow – inspires joy and optimism. Red is the color of old passions, but for the rest room is not the best choice. According to the designer's : "The color palette of the bedroom should not be bright and sharp colors and transitions between them, because the color of the walls helps to tune in to a relaxing holiday." It is advisable to divide the bedroom in several zones.