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Renzo Barbera Stadium

FC Internazionale won with a score of 2-1 on his visit to Palermo, in an exciting encounter of the third date of the Italian A series. Inter, champion of the highest Italian League title, arrived at the Renzo Barbera Stadium with a lot of motivation. The match started with both teams are attacking and defending very evenly. As the meeting progressed, both Inter and Palermo left defend themselves and began risking their lines. Both teams were trying to create as many occasions to score a goal. This situation gave him a fun game tone, since there were several interesting moves. In the middle of all the action, two midfielders were responsible for directing the show.

Good moves for Inter came by leave Stamkovic, while Javier Pastore dealt with pace of play of Palermo. The two teams not ceased in their attacks, on the one hand striker Diego Milito was which sought the annotation for Inter, while Abel Hernandez did the same for the local computer. In the Middle a fast-acting, Palermo made a powerful and well executed counterattack which surprised visitors. Fabrizio Micoli, Captain of the premises, baffled Julio Cesar, goalkeeper visitor, with a dangerous shot. Josip Ilicic took advantage of the decline to finish off a ball that was to give the 28 minutes of play at the bottom of the inter networks right. After this annotation and until the end of the first half, both teams tried to find the annotation.

Both teams had a couple of good opportunities to equalize the score, but failed to realize. Palermo started the second part trying to seize control of the game with a rain of direct launches toward the opposing goal. As the clock progressed, the meeting became a little invariable, almost boring, since Milito and Hernandez were still wasting balls and both teams were committing many mistakes. Rafael Benitez, the Inter coach, tried to vary his team’s situation by making various technical changes. In this variation, Benitez gave greater importance to Samuel Eto’o or who responded in the best way giving you push your team. ETO or toward the opposing threw a ball that hit against the post. A few minutes later he recovered the ball and in the midst of a move from high level equaled the marker after 62 minutes. Palermo players felt affected by this annotation, then went to look for his second goal. They had the opportunity to do that, but his bad aim did not allow them. Here also stands out the good performance of Julio Cesar. On reaching the 70 minutes of game, Eto’o or mark the second annotation that Inter manages to be awarded a victory that places them temporarily in first place in the Italian League. About AutorStephen Lars is an excellent sports writer of international football for Instant Action Sports. You can make use of the total of this article content, provided the links remain intact and the content is not modified.