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What is strange is that's what All the inhabitants of planet Earth are arranged roughly the same: every two arms, two legs, one head, two eyes and so on. The human body in all latitudes is subject to the same laws movement. When running legs move alternately, bringing forward and up, then one knee, then another, arms bent, torso tilted forward. Representatives of different nationalities and races equally walk, jump, swim, squatted, pulled up, tumble But where did such a variety of martial arts? The explanation for this phenomenon can not find so difficult, if to reflect on the causes of any kind of fight with weapons and without, especially without. The main reason, perhaps even unique, in the desire to oppose his enemies something unexpected, bringing them to the most disconcerting. When, say, the head of the South-Japanese Satsuma clan, Iehtsa with the permission of the Japanese emperor, with 3 thousand samurai, armed with guns, in a hundred ships carried out the seizure of the island of Okinawa, overlaid with the population of heavy taxes, bound set of prohibitions, one of which was a ban on the possession of weapons, residents had no choice but to invent a system to combat the deadly unarmed – Okinawa Te. In response to the principle of the invaders 'trial of the sword' (permission to try out the samurai sword on the head of any commoner) there is the principle of 'kill with one blow' (a system of techniques and strokes for an unarmed man, allowing molneenosno hit the vital points of an armed enemy).

Most likely, the same way there many kinds of martial arts in all corners of the globe. Greco-Roman wrestling is no exception. Originating in a primitive tribe, where everyone had to fight for the slain beast, a plot of land for his family, not only with people, but with predators, the fight is becoming a way of upbringing of a strong, strong-willed fighter, capable, and no weapons have a fitting rebuff to the enemy. In ancient Greece, many prominent military commanders and political leaders were famous wrestlers won multiple Olympic Games. Gradually, the struggle becomes a sport, while leaving some branches of combat used in special military and police units. These semi-martial are subject to one principle – to neutralize the enemy at one stroke or seizure or a cast that is trying to solve the most complex combat mission – one hand clapping beat the butterfly

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