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The focus your marketing plan is established website on Internet search engines like Google or Yahoo Bing. for search terms that your market. Venture into this basic analysis of the existing market opportunity for this company of production or marketing of fruits, Through the Web or Internet. A brief analysis on Google, we reported an average of searches made by people interested in the related terms, and a tropical fruits exotic in an amount of more than 80 700 searches for just these two related phrases. (Data provided by). a “These data demonstrate a very important commercial viability, in fact we found a very interesting market AQI in this example.

If the company intends to reach is existing network market, insurance may market their products to these potential consumers. What is interesting is that this market is not forbidden by any means, but is available on the Internet, open to any entrepreneur with vision, can market their products or services to this audience of people interested in a specific market and all with minimal investment. Calculate how much you dear reader of business contacts and potential sales that the company may reach only through this means of communication with more than 80 700 searches for just two search terms in the hundreds of other terms they become available. This brief example shows clearly that the Internet, unlike television or radio, allows us to create, develop and focus on results our market and potential customers effectively, quickly and without major investments. This does not happen on TV for example, displaying advertisements for seconds, the entire audience focused, more as if hearing schedules. Something very limited and insufficient time to obtain the real customers for a specific market, let me tell you.

Of course, any publicity is good, but consider that the Internet was created aiming at empowering the weak, giving a way of expression and unfettered freedom to ordinary citizens of the world. Helping entrepreneurs find any real space broadcasting market. Ecuador can not waste this historic opportunity to emerge in this field and to compete on equal terms with any company or business worldwide! It is the responsibility of professionals, students and ordinary citizens that this new gateway to the development is open and is operated at full capacity, or perhaps we will wait for the Government or the ministries to show us the way? The Global Internet has arrived and is the most real of development that has given us much.

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