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Marilyn Monroe

A couple of years or so I got my hands on a disk espa ol sima Mala Rodriguez, who was actually post here and I think Elegant Sport have a podcast of that disk and the same time I find that if I’m going to go . The point is that one of its subjects, it appeared that it sparked a verse so deep in me that was designed as a rule of life the verse read “… and since I do better to stop hating”. If not completely lost my ability to hate but I admit I had a fairly long period of constant anger with anything. He was angry with my work, my friends, my colleagues, with my wife, with sports, with my parents, my brothers, everyone. When I observe from the here and now that situation, try to think why and I notice that the place of the constant warrior “is very comfortable. Let’s review some characteristics of some champions of the action movies where there are bold and brave detectives, pirates seductive or unsung heroes. They have no ties. Not only physical and wife or children who almost always kill monsters at the beginning of the film, nor espirutuales not believe in any god, no miracle and the only faith that is in their sword or his gun. Van then gaining support for the life that they envy, perhaps, the lightness that comes with it. This character is apparently adopted Diego Maradona, there is a book about one of my favorite authors is Charles Bukowsky called “Fighting the Contras. The coach of the Argentina seleci n thinks, and not alone nor will it be, that a pack of surly gestures and phrases when no strict authoritarian and contemptuous towards their partners, are more important than the rightful place when the ball Demichelis leads the rival right fringe.Maradona believes that hating and being intolerant power will be greater than his own legend and it’s not with anyone … it was so, Marilyn Monroe was not in itself larger than what we now remember it, or Lennon, or Gandhi or Che these people could not master the monster that his exploits achieved. Maradona, as they say Los Piojos, you’re the face of “no mug” and were the best player of all time, you got daughters and grandchildren, you have your father and your mother, you had a good wife, you have a good person as bride and I’m sure you have friends who love you really. As you will recall complete generations and millions of skins dressed with the ink 10 with this jump or those curls … to me was better since I stopped hating.I hope you win the World Cup.

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