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Identification Anger

The fact repress our emotions and especially anger can cause a number of psychological, physical, sociological havoc that can end our lives and literally to finish it. He taught many people that if they push the IRA outside his conscience, simply will go. But the truth is there is only one way of doing that anger will be, and let it out. When someone represses rather than express it, the anger remains buried in the unconscious, and as time goes on more and more and more mental energy is needed to keep it buried. But by much energy invested in repressing it or many drinks, drugs, cigarettes, mass or kilograms of ice cream are consumed in an attempt to anger opens step and will manifest itself at any given time. When this happens, usually anger erupts in a way that can cause serious and lasting damage to personal relationships. Anger that is not open and direct expression can also express themselves in disguised form. Covert anger is aimed at the right target, but a very subtle and disguised manner.

When not directly expressed, it can also transform into physical symptoms. The eruptions, the neck and back aches, ulcers, chronic digestive problems, insomnia, may result from accumulated anger. Anger against oneself is in particular, which is more likely to transform into physical symptoms. And unfortunately those physical symptoms caused by restrained anger can put an end to our existence, because you can develop us a lupus, cancer or any disease of the immune system by attacking us ourselves. So as you can see our decision that is what we want to do with those emotions repressed as the ira, either leave it out either assume the consequences of not dealing with our emotions and possibly end very badly. Identify the Ira.

To identify anger, it is important that you feel and identify the causes of it and make sense. The objective is to complete their understanding and increase their Control. Anger is a feeling that is part of life, surely will not be completely avoided, but if you learn to handle it with naturalness this will not weaken. Consider the following questions, take a notebook and a pencil to write down answers to the following questions: what is the reason for his anger? Has he previously expressed this anger? When? Why it solves not the problem? Who has hurt it? Do said it was to the / her? If not did it why is it? The person will allow you to freely express their pain or you will have to pay for it? Why he tolerates a relation that limits it? Listen to the voice that describes the anger is expressing all the feelings experienced by the Narrator? What part of sentiment is hiding? Why? What is afraid this person to express themselves: rejection, loss of control, ridicule? How real are these fears? Be specific. Then consider these points: is especially repeated some cause of anger? If so, why does allow to continue the pain? What prevents it act to protect themselves? What I would say or would do if he could do exactly what you wanted? What would be the consequences? Are you sure? After answering these questions, analyze if it is really worth getting sick or lose to those who love you for not dominating those emotions such as anger. You friend, Mary Davidson M.

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