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The Benefits Of Aikido

Aikido as a martial art appeared not so long ago by its founder, Ueshiba. This martial art was the subject of processing thoughts and developments of the great masters of M. Ueshiba many styles Jiu-Jitsu (non-rigid battle) and ken-jutsu (fighting for skating). The main essence of the art of Aikido is a departure from the attack. Subsequently, the essence of this lies the essence of all subsequent life aikidokas. In our time there was a lot of types of Aikido created by many followers, and followers of the followers of O-Sensei Ueshiba M. and his sons and grandsons – the custodians of philosophy of aikido.

Many of the Aikido synthesized with different varieties of combat Arts, becoming the new types of martial arts. To one of these types of martial arts include aikido real la Vrachevicha – masters of Serbia, the student son Bruises Kessimaru Ueshiba. Real Aikido L. Vracarevic differs from many branches of aikido lightning exits to the attacks, a large number of controls. In this type of aikido is a European color, along with Eastern philosophy and aikido L. Vracarevic characterized as a street style of aikido. In any case, regardless of the schools of aikido, the fascination with this single combat noticeably transforms aikido. Aikido practitioners begin to think and behave in an entirely different rhythm. In contrast to the enthusiasm, for example, swing muscles, which aims to build pull up the body shape, Aikido improves flexibility, enhances the ability to quickly assess the situation in any situation, boosts self-confidence, develops endurance.

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