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Chronic Diseases

Due to higher content of proanthocyanidins and antioxidant per 1 gram of fruit (which is greater than in any other fruit), cranberry "reflects" the bacteria and strengthens the body's defenses against antiradikalami, which are the cause of many chronic diseases, including heart disease. Cranberry lowers prothrombin in the blood, increase flexibility, strength, the walls of blood capillaries. In addition, as it turned out, cranberries bind and excrete heavy metals. Therefore, the cranberries are used to create drugs healing effect of excessive doses of radiation. And it is useful to those who live in industrial areas with a high content of heavy metals in the atmosphere and soil. Cranberries – good germicide. She has detrimental effect on the coccal flora, E. coli, Proteus, retards growth and development of Staphylococcus aureus increases the effects of antibiotics and other antibacterial drugs pyelonephritis, gynecological diseases, prevents the formation of kidney stones, stimulates the secretion of the pancreas.

Soda cranberry yield to increase appetite and to increase vitality in severely ill, as well as appetite, secretion of the salivary glands. Therefore, cranberry juice is used in the nutrition of patients with inadequate secretion and low acidity of gastric juice. Cranberry improves digestion, metabolism, activity of the intestines, eliminates toxins. The berries are widely used in gastritis with low acidity of gastric juice, colitis, obesity, and the appointment of salt-free diet, they reduce headaches, heartburn, they also facilitate the state of the liver. Blueberries – one of the the most popular berries. Many studies of the properties of the berry point to its benefits for almost all systems and organs of the body – it strengthens eyesight and memory, and lowers cholesterol, and is opposed to cancer.