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The imprint among the absolute mandatory information on the Internet. There, it is called finger away”! A more mandatory information is the so-called privacy policy. Describes what data is collected by visiting the website and what happens to them. Keep in mind: there is a special relationship of trust between you and your therapist and that of course already starts when your digital data. 5. finger off with promise of salvation! Naturopaths are usually very well trained, highly committed and able in many cases to help you but no one can provide you with promise of salvation or even cure.

Yet not even by telephone, on the Internet side and without reasonable investigation! Promise of Salvation are unsound and forbidden by law! 6 Association membership is a good sign the membership in an association practitioner no obligation, but a good sign. Naturopath associations applying mostly additional rules and criteria to your members, stimulate the collegial exchange and offer regular training courses. All this benefits the patient. 7 after anti-inflationary most supplementary insurance and private health insurance expenses payroll practitioner only within the scope of the rules relating to fees for health practitioners (fees). For this reason, ensure that your naturopath also settles after anti-inflationary. 8 on training dedicated naturopaths try ensure continuously to update your knowledge and expand.

Because training costs time and money, the most alternative practitioners indicate that proudly graduated from courses. The reference to training in practice or on the Internet page is typically a good sign. 9 call! The most alternative practitioners awarded by appointment only prior telephone arrangement. This is your opportunity to ask questions and to get a first impression. In a good practice one will treat you of course also always on the phone politely and with patience. 10. the personal contact the last and decisive step is of course always the first personal contact. Can trust Their gut feeling. You do not hesitate if it does not spark between you and the therapist”, to say this and finish the appointment. If your partner is sympathetic but you and makes a professional impression, you are on the right track.

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