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The article I am about to write is preceded by a long and thoughtful night of inner reflection, in the willful attempt to explore the boundaries of the human mind, which in the case referred to my own-The ability discernment of the mind and human will know where are the limits of that will-is put into question in this sensible article. It is the duty of man to explore inside to overlap the other stuff around him, "that surrounds him, and we must double our capacity to stimulate rational-irrational, expand it, release the bonds imposed by humanity itself to keep it always under control , stagnant in the narrow and obtuse thinking. I assure you that meditation is the exercise of those happiest man can make, and the only one that really takes us. It is our duty to question everything he learned, all the theories, philosophies, religions, ideologies, must be placed on the disparadero because know what are the limits of our mind, we ignore the plausibility of the ideas, or at least its authenticity. Is it safe to take advantage of what I call the maximum set as possible makes us superior beings, no one will reveal the "truth-falsity" if we do not go to meet him, if we do not the media. Cornering the everyday to reinvent a possibility of humanist thought. The possibility has to deplore the mediocre and turn them into an object of reproach, because we still do not seem to be incapable of making the most of the set as possible, what I call talent psyches asleep, or conformist.