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The Child

The beginning was wrapped in a distress impossible to hide. Ruth did not want to think about anything. I tried to keep his mind blank at the time imagining that his son rediscover. The first thing I would do is apologize for being so intolerant and did not understand it. In these moments of anguish, Ruth was accused did not attend the wedding.

a "How could I forget that's all I have left in life? How could I not understand that love is stronger than many other things in life and that sometimes blinds us enough to prefixing the religion? Do not understand that if the decision was made, nothing could change things. I would have supported his love. How could I miss in this very important day in the life of a person? It is my only surviving son and she the woman he chose. What right do I have to stand in their way? He does not cease to be Jewish by marrying a Protestant, nor did she cease to be for marrying a Jew. The child will at some point and that was the cause of all my ranting, have time as an adult to freely choose to be a Jew or a Protestant such as had tried in vain to make him understand Gladys at the time. Who was she to unilaterally designate an address? Each person believes in their religion and think it is the only one that counts and today, with the fear in which I am embedded, I realize that family is most important in life and I failed, it should have been the first to support and understand.

Cleve That

We must go forward. He kissed her on the lips and left. Cleve That day was very strange at work but everyone thought he was not feeling well. When he went home, dined very frugally and went to bed. Received the summons to go to testify the next day. They repeated over and over again the script in front of Bob, to learn that too. Everyone had to say exactly the same to make credible what they were telling. The next morning, before leaving for the station, re-read the newspaper to see what's new, but found no reference to the accident.

They thought that the lack of news could be good news and more animated were to testify. Both were fitted tightly to the script. Again and again, the agents returned with the same question but presented with different looks. Again and again insisted on letting them know that they would become accomplices. They knew that Alex had not gone with any sect, but was fleeing. Kelly, who was a believer, he asked God to help find the right words that would make these police stop harassing her.

He said quietly and closing his eyes, as he always wanted in his words, talking to God. – Please help me find something that allows us to break the deadlock and help Alex in this situation. It was not right what he did, nor is it what we're doing, but the parents do anything to help a child in distress. Many times we are able to do incredible things for them, things I never would have imagined that we would be able to do for ourselves, and this is precisely our case.