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Successful Game

Say what you like, but the start of the championship for the "Tractor", turned out to be relatively successful. At the time before the fight with Dynamo Moscow Chelyabinsk ranked second in the Eastern Conference for the lost points, with 6 wins in the asset at 9 matches. Successfully carried out a series of home can allow wards Andrei Nazarov to become a leader not only de jure but de facto. As for the game shown "Tractor" in September and early October, the Chelyabinsk hockey gourmets there is cause for joy. Summer internship in Canada was not in vain for Daniel Alistratova.

Goalkeeper Traktor has significantly improved its figures on the percentage of reflected throws, as well as other indicators: in the asset 19 year-old guardian of the gate dry match in Novokuznetsk. In general, the organization of defensive operations team looks in general preferred. To date, only Sazonov and Grenier have a negative plus-minus among the defenders. A very useful player defense – not Piganovich and Eugene Staiger. The team has seen in nature. Most of their victories Tractor extracted in a bitter struggle, yielding a run.

In their own skin seen in This "Severstal" and "Cupid", and rookie chl Motorist even twice. According to Andrei Nazarov, dedication to the team now at the proper level: even the veterans Nikolishin and Gusmanov, risking injury by rushing the puck. Created impression that the fielders have more confidence in the goalkeeper, and now the forwards are more active in another zone, less worrying for the rear, whose actions seem pretty confident.

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